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#2864766 The Ultimate "Where To Take Your Tank" Guide

Posted TheRoofis0nFire-x on 21 May 2016 - 05:21 PM

44 Pages.

41 Maps.

Over 1100 different Positions.

No excuses.




JustAnAce and TheRoofis0nFire 

proudly presents:




to download the whole Guide as a single .pdf-Document



with Players who are new to the game and/or in need for some help!









Arctic Region

Dragon Ridge
El Halluf

Fisherman's Bay



#5099028 Update

Posted John Arrowsmith-x on 15 December 2020 - 04:02 PM

I absolutely hate it,    not much else I can say really.



Sad times,   wish I had another game to fall back to,   perhaps I best get looking.

#5100680 Thanks, I hate it

Posted Joco3000-x on 15 December 2020 - 09:30 PM

In no uncertain terms, I fully believe that this "update" is a best a monumental failure, and at worst the final nail being hammed into the coffin that now surrounds the now-bloated corpse of this game. It's a massive travesty, and not one that can be fixed particularly quickly either.


Let's start off with the positives. Surprisingly, there are some. And by some, one singular example comes to mind.

I feel that the UI of the in-game battle is nice and fresh. It is in dire need of updates already (which I will get to), but it's a nice baseline to work with. Sadly, it's only a baseline, and the rest of the update is the type that looks to a dumpster fire as a role model.


Firstly, the crew system. If I could pick a single word to describe it, I must go with "Atrocious". To call it functional would be an insult to the dictionary.

Limiting to 9 perks is a dubious decision that I can see some thought behind, at least insofar that it fits into a box neatly, but I can work with that. Some of the parks are slightly redundant, some are practically mandatory and yet others clearly haven't had a rational mind look at them since their inception. The compression of vision perks and the like into a single perk is a good idea, but a stealthy build practically requires 5 perks to get running. Not helped at all by the fact that Sixth Sense is still a perk for reasons I cannot fathom.

Then you have the perks which give absurd bonuses like damage reduction, accuracy increase and a rate of fire increase.

That is, of course, a most questionable decision. However, this is nothing compared to how crews are assigned to tanks. Instead of selecting the crew that you want from the tank menu, as in the days of yesteryear (and yesterday), you have to go to the crew tab and assign the crew from there. This is explained about as in-depth as the HE mechanics. So not at all.

To make this easier, the UI in the crew section is as fast and efficient as Martian plate tectonics. Did I say easier, I meant infinitely more frustrating.

Oh, and you have to reassign all of the crews you had prior. Which is brilliant, as I apparently have 211 or so crews to go through. Took me about 40 mins to go through around 30. How am I even going to do this with the current jankiness?


Then you have the tech tree UI. The smaller trees honestly look fine, but the larger trees look like a conspiracy theorist's corkboard. It honestly looks like more time was spent sourcing the white Crayola crayons to draw the tech trees than thought was actually put into the update.

And then there's the premium tech tree. I do not know what thought patterns lead to such a aberration to be created, but if I wanted something easier on the eyes I'd just look though a telescope into the sun. 

It has no redeeming features. It's nigh-impossible to navigate and utterly nonsensical in their placements. You'd had thought that tier X is at the top, but they can honestly be found dotting around the upper third with no rationality behind it. I didn't even attempt to look at tank modules, as you can't see them for tanks you don't own (a fine decision).


The tank tab has plenty of issues as well. Forcing the platoon into the same tier as the leader is a good change. Everything else is a downgrade functionally.

The filter system is deceptive, as it works just like the previous one (at a tenth of the speed), except it gives you box showcasing what tanks you have filtered. It serves no function that I can see aside from being able to add to your favourites filter. It's deceptive and confusing.

And then there's the loadout section. As mentioned earlier, the crews are on a different tab (which is two tabs away. A petty issue, but with how slow the UI is it's a major point), but the other parts are intuitive on a face value. The aforementioned UI speed makes this a tedious issue, and the absolutely predatory feature of defaulting to gold is something that is made even more difficult to notice. Seriously, it is 2020, that should not be a thing and you should be ashamed of yourselves for that, and I have doubts on if that's even legal here.

Didn't even attempt to try out the more in-depth customisations, I could not tolerate that UI any longer than I had to.


Finally, the battle UI. As I mentioned earlier, nice and clean. It's also impossible to see what's actually going on.

Tanks require an actual LOS, even with the enhanced vision equipment. A massive change that I despise, but that could describe the majority of the update as a whole. 

It's also hard to actually tell what's going on. The UI is half the size it was prior, and as nothing is immediately brought to your attention telling what's been spotted and where enemy tanks are is not the easiest of tasks.

I also can't tell who I'm looking at, as names are no longer in an intuitive location (off to the side or bottom left, depending on if you're spectating or just viewing them in battle. The mini-map is also in the upper right for some odd reason, with zero option to change it to a more suitable location (IE, bottom right).

Sure, I could get used to some of this with time, but with zero customisation (aside from removing it entirely, which seems to be a bad idea) and a few other issues, I do not like it. Not one bit.


The only other thing that comes to mind is how the store page is naturally unchanged from the previous update, and that the new Keycards have a rather lengthy animation compared to the old chests. Yes, I brought one to have a look at them, and for reasons I do not understand that one became three, and then an E-25. I do not know if it was because I got the keycard in what was my last keycard, but the option to open another one instead of backing out was not there. Or hidden behind the horrendous UI.


I was looking forwards to playing the game today, what with the new tanks which I did want. Honestly, what's the point? If I wanted to play a borderline unplayable buggy mess of a game, I'd just load up Cyberpunk 2077. 

Thanks, WG, for giving me a reason to get through my backlog. I'm not uninstalling yet, as I have a shallow hope that you've realised just how badly you've ruined it and will attempt to make some changes, but it raises several questions of what you guys were even thinking. I'm actually insulted with how bad the game is now, and I wonder if the Supertesters even glimpsed at this update. And if they did, whether or not their feedback was once again ignored.


For shame, WG. For shame.

#5099145 I'M DONE

Posted M4ntiX-x on 15 December 2020 - 04:25 PM

I don't even want to play another battle. Maybe I will try again. Whatever. WG, you have the dumbest ideas I have ever seen from any Developer. Ban me, I don't care. That's what I think. This is your forum and you tell us you take criticism seriously. Well, here it is. You have ruined the game! You have changed EVERYTHING. This is no longer World of Tanks. I don't know what this is, but it sucks! Peace, I'm out.

#5136203 Update 6.0 announcement a month later

Posted M4ntiX-x on 16 January 2021 - 01:59 PM

Below are sections of the official update announcement published on December 14, 2020 that I want to look at. I figured it would be nice to see how the month-old announcement holds up to reality. Let's begin, shall we? BTW, WG reps I hope you're reading this.


Block Quote

World of Tanks Console Upcoming Update!
December 14, 2020
It’s one of our biggest updates ever. See what changes are coming to World of Tanks Console!

Are you ready for a sleeker, neater tanking experience? Our latest update is on its way, and it’s bringing massive changes to the look and feel of the game as well as some of the key game systems.


OK, there is some truth in that. This is the biggest change ever, but it most definitely is not an update. Even a month later the game is ridden with bugs that break immersion, economy and overall enjoyment. Where is the sleeker, neater tanking experience? Your "streamlining" only complicated things and took out game features that not only we were all used to, but were essential to playing and enjoying it in full. The massive changes you are mentioning are definitely there, problem is they are not changes for the better. Nothing in this generic part of the announcement matches what we initially received and what we have now.


Block Quote

Commander System

In place of Crews, the World of Tanks Console Upcoming Update will implement the new Commander system.

Existing Crews will be promoted to Commanders. The result: a system that’s simpler for new players to understand and easier to manage with only Skills to keep track of.


Commanders were an unwanted change, but the concept is not bad at all. Problem is, the Commander system implementation was awful and dishonest to the Community. There was no warning we will lose all our super crews and instead we will get a bunch of fully researched 9 skill Commanders. Aside from that, the Commander system is hard to navigate, not intuitive at all and quite frankly, it's more complicated to understand and manage than the previous crew system. Because Commanders can now be freely moved between tanks and nations and there is no way of telling to which tech tree tank the Commander originally belonged to when moved to a Premium vehicle, managing Commanders is an absolute nightmare. To make things even harder, you took out the ability of renaming them and changing their portraits, so we have absolutely no way of customizing the Commanders and making them stand out at all. Perhaps had we known in advance this will be the case, we would've taken steps to sort the crews out BEFORE THEY WERE TAKEN AWAY FROM US.


Block Quote


Get ready for new, more powerful Consumables that can be used by tanks of ANY nation! We’re streamlining the list of Consumable items and converting all your existing Consumables into their upgraded versions so that you can get the benefit of these updated items right away.


While this may be true, you failed to mention you will charge us even if we don't use them in battle and for every time we do! It's a blatant cash grab and it's simply disgusting. We were all excited for this change as we imagined it will work like it does on PC, now most people hate it and resort to not using consumables at all! Another awful idea and implementation that is borderline pay to win.


Block Quote


We’re also updating the types of Equipment available and the ways they function.

Our new Equipment list includes familiar items that have been updated and renamed along with all-new items.

Additionally, with this update, all tanks (new and existing) will have the new Enhanced Target Info automatically installed. This Equipment can be removed at no cost or credit to you.


This change is simply baffling. Yes, there are new equipment pieces (some of which have such vague descriptions in game no new player will know what they actually do), but the 4th equipment slot and the ability to remove one of the core game mechanics is beyond me. This is an arty/stationary TD buff, simple as that. It's silly, not needed and brings more imbalance to the already struggling game.


Block Quote

 Tank Skins

All you tankers who enjoy customizing your vehicles with Emblems, Inscriptions, and Flags will love this part of the update. Get ready for a new way to change the look of an entire tank: Skins!

The new tech we’ve implemented as part this update has made Skins a reality. How will you look when you roll out into battle?


Skins are cool and are a good addition to the game. Selling visuals is an honest way to make money and does not have an adverse effect on game play. What you have failed to mention is that some of the inscriptions and emblems will be removed, giving us less customization options than before.


Block Quote

 World of Tanks Console and the Next Generation!

Don’t forget World of Tanks Console will run at 4k/60fps on Xbox Series X|S and PS5. Get ready to tank away and enjoy faster load times on these consoles.


Ah yes, WOTC and the Next Generation. To boldly go where no one has gone before. Well, you have done that without a doubt. I don't think anyone has ever dug a hole that deep before. Joking aside, 60fps support for new consoles was only logical. Nothing to write home about and nothing we didn't expect. Gosh, old WOT would look and play gorgeous in 60fps.


Block Quote


Not only will the Heads Up Display (HUD) have a refreshed look; it will also contain new information to help you in battle.

The Post-Battle Results Screen (PBRS) offers new tabs and even a salute to the top three players in a match.


Now that is a straight up lie even a month later. New information to help us in battle? How about no information or much less than we had previously! What is the new information you speak of? Where is it? HUD has been changed completely and most of the critical battle information was removed or relocated to a spot that is outside of normal viewing angles. The PBRS has more tabs, it also has LESS information than before. Not only that, this part of the game is also riddled with bugs and feels unfinished, rushed... Leader board does not seem to follow any logical sense, MVP tanks are missing MOEs and player names, etc. Awful, just awful. Pretty colors though...


Block Quote

Customization System

When you select one of your tanks in the “Vehicles” tab (formerly known as the Garage), you’ll be able to open the Customization menu, a series of tabs that contain all the info you need to know about that vehicle and all the screens where you can customize it.


All the info we need to know? Really WG? So, we don't need to know the terrain resistances, gun elevation and depression figures, shell velocity, etc... Oh, bite me WG!


Block Quote

 Linear Vehicle Progression

To make the upgrade process clearer and easier to understand, we’re implementing Linear Vehicle Progression, a single path to reach Elite Tank status, with checkpoints along the way where you can fit your tank with different modules.


There was absolutely nothing wrong with the old progression system and IMO it was easier than the new one. Besides, now we are restricted to what tanks we can research first if there are more than one in the tech tree. Calling something that's restrictive "easier," is a fallacy. New system is horrible and is yet another aspect that takes away from enjoyment of playing this game. In cases of some grinds, the progression makes no sense and forces the player to drive their tank with stock gun or engine until the very end. It's simply stupid. Yet another example of breaking something that didn't need fixing!


Block Quote

 Profile Tab
The new Profile Tab contains a ton of info about your gameplay experience: your stats in all your vehicles, medals you’ve earned, account activity (Store purchases, Commander recruitment, etc.), and more.


Define a "ton" cause even a month later we still have LESS information than prior to the downgrade. Damage standing is gone, hit ratio, etc... Filter on the stats tab STILL DOES NOT WORK and displays multiple tiers when only selecting one. It's a mess.


Block Quote

 Portal Store Discontinued

As of December 8th, the link to the in-game Store will no longer be available on the website portal.

Don’t worry; the Store will still be available! It will continue to be accessible in-game, where you can get your game content the moment you need it.

Log in on your console for limited-time tank bundles, exclusive deals, gift-giving, and more!


Now this... this is simply mind blowing. I am no marketing expert, but giving players LESS options to BUY things from you sounds like a brilliant move. Did your analysis really show that the web store brings less money than it takes to upkeep? I am baffled and I can't imagine anyone is happy about this change. Sometimes when I was away from console I would use the on-line store to buy tanks and gifts. Now, I simply cannot do that. Hey, it's your profits so do whatever.


Block Quote

 The World of Tanks Console Upcoming Update is a huge undertaking. We can’t wait to see what you do with new systems, new tools, and an overall refined experience.


I guess this sums it up perfectly... "an overall refined experienced." Yes, so refined the game was pretty much unplayable on day one and is barely playable a month later. Refined economy, refined HUD, refined UI, refined Garage, refined web store... I think you should substitute refined with "ruined." Yes, you are making changes that will improve the game slowly but given how much "refinement" there was, it will still take you months to get it to a truly playable state.


Long story short, this announcement was mostly a lie and written by someone who doesn't understand the game nor its players. Shame, as we were really looking forward to it. Sadly even a month later not much has changed to fix this mess. It's all form over substance and it does not work in a highly technical game.


RIP WOTC and shame on you WG! :(

#1160965 The Great DPM Projekt

Posted Uranprojekt on 24 December 2014 - 02:53 PM

Important, please read; I cannot add another tech tree to the OP. There is simply not enough space to do so. As with the German tech tree, the American and Soviet tech trees will be added as a reply. I realise that it means splitting up the tech trees and possibly making them hard to find but my hands are tied. Again, I cannot stress this enough, there is no space left in the OP for another tech tree. To find links to the tech trees not included in the OP, please read the very first reply to the OP.


Here's the skinny. Someone asked for a DPM stat to be added for every gun in the game. I decided to go off and do it myself. Now, I can't add these stats to the game but I can create a forum post listing every gun and its DPM and that's exactly what I'm about to do.


I've only done tanks that are available in the tech tree, including premium tanks. If it isn't in the tech tree, it won't be on this list. (Forgot to say this next bit so thanks to YoDatsNice for reminding me) All values are stock values. Equipment, crew and consumable modifiers to reload speeds have not been included in the calculations.


If you think I've made a mistake, feel free to correct it and I shall add the correction to the list. Without further ado, let us begin.


French Tech Tree.


Heavy Tank Line (AMX 50 B)




Light/Medium Line (Bat. Chât. 25t)




Tank Destroyer Line (AMX 50 Foch (155))




Artillery Line (Bat. Chât 155 58)




Premium Tanks




British Tech Tree


Heavy Tank Link (FV215b)




Medium Line (FV4202)





Tank Destroyer Line (FV215b (183))





Light/Artillery Line (Conqueror Gun Carriage)





Premium Tanks




#593774 Youtubers and Videos to watch for those newcomers or players that want to edu...

Posted SkyStalker on 15 June 2014 - 09:54 PM

Hey all,

I thought I would post this because I have seen too many people incorrectly using their tanks or the game mechanics. I am also hoping that the WG admins pin this thread so that it doesn't get lost in the archives. I will continue updating this so if anyone thinks of someone that I have not then please post them on here and I will take a look and add them to this post


Of course you can also check out the WoT wiki here: http://wiki.worldoftanks.com/Main_Page

or if you have an android tablet then you should look into an app called WoT Knowledge Base as a reference for maps and tanks:



First of all I suggest watching the WoT Xbox tutorial videos that can either be found in the tutorial section of the garage or on the WoT 360 Youtube channel they don't give you all the facts and leave much to be desired but they can still give you a breif overview of the game mechanics and how to use a general tank class. The PC WoT channel is also good but they mostly post videos about their team battle mode (called the Science of Victory) and other good series like RNG: No Comments, Best replays of the week, and 8-bit tales


WoT 360 Channel: https://www.youtube....4-JTnhtG8swnwoQ


WoT PC Channel: https://www.youtube....Y-jGGQe3inlqfiA


Wot Mechanics Playlist link: https://www.youtube....jy3K6Ugg1nUCNrP


WoT Tank academy playlist link: https://www.youtube....1QYxvuugusToqkk


WoT Team battles and Strategy channel (new "Science of Victory" home channel):



Secondly try watching other PC youtubers for now as I can't any xbox youtubers that post good videos regularly.


The Mighty Jingles (BohemianEagle on Youtube) is pretty good. He does some great, in depth and (be warned) long Tank review videos as well as a good series called "the good the bad and the ugly". He also has two videos about the Camo Mechanics of the game that a really in depth and quite amusing to watch called "How not to suck". If you are looking for the tank reviews look under his playlists they are split into playlists by nation. WARNING: He can swear like a Sailor at times because he is Ex-Royal Navy.


Mighty Jingles Channel: https://www.youtube....zxhbNJuGNo_TxkQ


How not to suck Part 1: https://www.youtube....eature=youtu.be


How not to suck Part 2: https://www.youtube....h?v=xKeNC2jAqvI


Capt Canada also does a few good videos but he is yet again fixed on becoming a pro so he will throw out word and phrases that mean nothing to a lot of you


Capt Canada channel: https://www.youtube....6jMVlGmNK0-1JkQ


Maxwell does some pretty good videos and does subscriber replays, and sometimes he will post the odd Xbox video as well. He also does a series called "World of tanks Dream Team" where 15 youtubers get into a platoon and play Team battles and do some great and funny games once a month. The Dream Team series is a great way to get introduced to other great WoT youtubers.


Maxwell's Channel: https://www.youtube....xSRGames/videos


Nether Vvoid does some tank reviews but hasn't done any recently, however he has found an ingenious way of finding the tank review that you are looking for with videos of Tank trees with annotations of the tanks he has done reviews on just click the annotation and it will take you to the review. I will post the link to his playlist of those vids.


Nether Vvoid Tank review playlist: https://www.youtube....D318CE9421F6FE1


There are many others like Quickybaby, Sir Foch, and Circonflexes. but they are mostly just videos of them play and nothing really educational. ProersHD is the only good quality Xbox only youtubers that I have found so far but he doesn't do videos regularly.


Quickybaby: https://www.youtube....hN268yjgYq-0hNw


Sir Foch: https://www.youtube....a_7yx0PKNtSSrNA


Circonflexes: https://www.youtube....j6NZKXxOQffuClw


ProersHD: https://www.youtube....SjkoQJFSAPW4juQ


The Marine0341: https://www.youtube....PqFmvl4vLg/feed (Refered to me by Smalltalkjava: http://forum-console...567#entry803567)


The Lost Legion (AKA: JackTh4RiPPa): http://www.youtube.c...kmkHKqcR8Ug5ZRg


Edit: Forgot to another Xbox 360 youtuber that I have had in my sub box for along time. He is LILMikeeh and he is reviewing most of the mediums and has videos detailing each and every Crew perk and skill.


LILMikeeh: https://www.youtube....Mikeeh/featured


Also check out the many live streamers on twitch: http://forum-console...n-live-streams/


Edit 2: A good video that explains how to properly Side Scrape: https://www.youtube....h?v=omivVQOM_zg


If there are any that I may have missed please feel free to post others and I will check them out and update this OP.


Oh and if you are getting shot at, please at least point your front armor at me if you won't angle it to about 30-40 degrees. I feel guilty and awful taking advantage of those nice juicy sides and rears. :playing:


Edit 3: A few more Xbox 360 Twitch streamers and Youtubers that I have found


Soviet Death

Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/rtgnsovietdeath


Devil Brigade (I have personally platooned with him while he was streaming)

Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/devilbrigade

Youtube: https://www.youtube....GrR43ZZISU9fhsQ


Wizard Ken

Youtube: https://www.youtube....ser/EMKnights55


Cosmic Carrie

Youtube: https://www.youtube....VYTQjg/featured


Rush Dodge

Youtube: https://www.youtube....xxrushxxdodgexx



Youtube: https://www.youtube....ns3fnKliHA/feed


The Beard Guys

Youtube: https://www.youtube....ysFilm/featured

#5099148 This is the worst update in WoT history, by a very large margin.

Posted FusionStar287-x on 15 December 2020 - 04:26 PM

I'm just going to get straight to the point: This update is terrible. I hate saying that since I love this game and there are a few details of this update I really like (I actually like the crew, module, and equipment changes, for example), but the negatives of this update completely and totally ruin the game. The new UI, while pretty, is absolutely terrible in a ton of different ways, including (but not limited to):

  • Trying to move commanders between tanks
  • Trying to equip a tank with ammo, consumables, and equipment
  • Attempting to navigate the tech tree
  • Trying to tell who's spotted in front of you and their relative location
  • Trying to tell how damaged your own tank is
  • Trying to read the map at all
  • Attempting to see how much health enemies have remaining (and if you hit them in the first place)


And so on. Of course, that's just some practical parts of the UI that's terrible, and beyond that there's details like the fact that you can't see you MOE percentage unless looking at a post battle results screen, the post battle results screen in itself is awful with much less information than before, you can accidentally play tanks without crews in them at all, you can't switch crews between other nations without spending gold (even between premiums), the upgrade system is somehow even more convoluted than packages were, and even more minor details that would take far too long to mention.


Seriously, the WWE update made the game worse, but at least it was still World of Tanks. This update takes everything bad about the WWE update and adds so, so many negatives that not only is the game vastly worse than it has ever been, but it doesn't even remotely feel like World of Tanks anymore. Simply put, this update had a few good ideas, but ultimately fixed nothing, broke everything, and has ruined the game to the point that even I (someone who tries to remain optimistic) may quit playing entirely. This update is so bad that I would have preferred True Vision, and that's a system that would also completely ruin the game. Please, please revert this update, as to be frank it would be easier to add the good changes to the previous version than it would be to fix all of the issues added with this update.

#1029020 Remove

Posted Turboclicker-x on 10 November 2014 - 02:28 AM



I have seen others make things like this and decided to make my own.

So here goes, might be long.


PLEASE leave a comment if you think this has helped you in any form. Thank you.


All generalizations I make are to make sure newer players understand the concept that a vehicle's class does not determine its playstyle outright. My generalizations may or may not cover all roles a particular class can fulfill. 


Edit: I believe all pictures are fixed now.


Note that I ask the mods to keep this in this part of the forum, as I feel this is where most newer players will go to first.



Table of Contents:

1.Tank Types

2.Map Awareness

3.Angling your armor

4.Hull Down Tactics

5.Side Scraping Tactics

6. Ammo Types

7. Perma-Tracking

8. Tanking Vocabulary 



1. Tank Types

     A: Light Tanks


There are three types of light tanks:


Fast and No armor, scouting lights


Slow, heavily armored, brawling lights.


Medium speed, combat orientated, supporting lights. 


Scout Lights:


SCOUT MATCHMAKING is a huge part of the game and you should know that ALL light tanks at tier IV and higher will see tanks THREE tiers up instead of the usual TWO. Here is a list of ALL tanks that get scout matchmaking as of now:


M5 Stuart, Chaffee, T21, T71, Luchs, Leopard (VK 16.02), Vk 28, Awf. Panther, T-50, ELC AMX, Amx 12t, Amx 13-75, Amx 13-90,


You should make sure not to platoon with SAME TIERS when using scouts, as you will drag teammates into games they can not do much in. For example:


Platoon of ELC AMX (Tier V Light, see's to tier VIII, +3), M4 Sherman, T1 Heavy.


This platoon is not a good one due to the T1 Heavy (Tier V Heavy, See's to tier VII, +2) and the Sherman (Tier 5 Medium, same deal) can potentially get dragged into a Tier VIII game where they are not supposed to be.


IF the Sherman and T1 Heavy were replaced by say their next tier counterparts, the T1 Heavy turns into a M6 Heavy and the M4 Sherman turns into a M4 Easy Eight, then this platoon is fine because all the tanks see up to the same tier (VIII).


The fast lights are meant to light up the enemy for your teammates. The enemies will get shot and you will receive compensation in the form of assist damage. These tanks are usually VERY fast and are not very big. They do not usually get big cannons though, and will most likely not be able to pen most tanks from the front. They are meant to, when engaging enemy tanks, get around the enemy tank and outpace the turret. A enemy tank will not be able to spin his turret fast enough to keep up with you. This is called the "Circle of Death". There are two types of scouting.


1. Passive scouting.


This is preferred by most scouts because it is usually, but not always, the more profitable way to scout. This involves you having your tank built around improving your view range and camouflage so you can outspot the enemy before they spot you. You will rush to a predetermined spot on the map and put up your binocs and throw your camo net on, usually behind a large bush to improve your camo rating. You should never fire on enemy tanks unless you are sure they will not see you when you do. When and If the enemy gets too close and you are in danger of being spotted, you should fall back to a safer position and began passive scouting again.


2. Active scouting


This involves you putting OPTICS on and instead of hiding from the enemy, you use your speed, good evasive skills, and small size to evade enemy fire and light them up for the enemy. This is USUALLY the worst option of the two because the enemy, if good enough, can still hit you while you are spotted. You should run from cover to cover or poke over ridges when doing this, NOT run in front of enemy guns.



Brawling Lights


Brawling lights only exist in the realm of Tiers I through IV.


These lights play more like what people imagine a Heavy should be playing like. They are slow, lumbering tanks that have high amounts of effective armor and can go on for a long time before dying. However, not always, but most of the time these tanks do not have very good guns and will have trouble penetrating some tanks, especially other Brawling Lights.


Examples of this type of Light are: Pz38H (Micro Maus), H35, AMX 38, AMX 40 (Duck, Quack), Matilda, Valentine I-II



Supporting Lights: These are only found between tiers I through V.


These lights really act more like the frontline tanks at this tier, as there isn't much class distinction at lower tiers. There are rarely any heavies and mediums are rare-ish as well. 


These lights are basically just used as frontline tanks until later tiers where Mediums and Heavies can take this role over.


Examples are: Pz 35(t), Pz38(t), M2 Light, M3 Stuart, Cruiser I-II-III-and IV, Covenanter, T-26, T-46, Crusader


Note that I'm only placing the Crusader here as it doesn't really fit the other two categories. It is a supporting light but is the last one before this type is fazed out.



Tank Destroyers:


There are two types of tank destroyers. There are fast, stealthy, small tank destroyers that excel at staying hidden and shooting the enemy from afar. There are also heavily armored and slow tank destroyers that excel in leading charges and playing more like a stereotypical heavy.


In a fast, stealthy TD you should be doing something similiar to passive scouting, where you find a nice cozy bush to plant yourself behind. You will use your camouflage to not be spotted while sniping enemies that either you (If you have the view range, not all do.) or your teammates spot for you. A light tank is a Stealthy TD's best friend because of this. It should be noted that your speed is to get into a position quickly before the enemy gets there, and to relocate yourself when in danger. Examples of this type of TD are but not limited to: StuG III, Hetzer, Jagdpanzer IV, Su85, Su100, Hellcat, Wolverine, M8A1, T49.


In a slow, heavily armored TD, you can still do what the above TDs do, but you lack the speed they have. You should still play a support role, but if the time calls for it, you should spearhead assaults with your armor and gun. Examples of this type of TD are but not limited to: T28, T95, Jagdtiger, AT2, AT8, AT7, AT15, Tortoise.


Sometimes both of these types are mixed to create what usually happens to be a really good tank destroyer. Examples of this include the entire traditional TD line from the Hetzer to the Jagdtiger.



Medium Tanks


Mediums entire purpose in life is to be the most versatile of the five classes, and to fill in roles that are left unfilled during a battle. These take the most skill out of the three main combat classes (Meds, Hevs, and TDs) You should flank, snipe, assault, defend, spot...ANYTHING that your teammates are not doing. You can do it all! You have speed, "enough" armor, a adequate gun at the least, and view range on your side. You should not rely off your armor but it can save you at times depending on what medium you are driving.






There are two types of heavies as well! (Isn't that a pattern?)


1st Line Heavies: 


You are a well armored, large gunned machine. You are probably slow and don't get anywhere that fast, but hey! You're a heavy, you're the toughest of em all. You have the biggest guns apart from TDs, and have the most hitpoints out of all the classes. You spearhead assaults with your armor and HP pool and take chunks out of the enemy every time you fire!


Examples: T1 Heavy, KV1, T29, Black Prince, IS7, E100, E75


Support Heavies


You aren't as well armored as the 1st liners, but you are better armored than mediums. Your gun is arguably better than the 1st liners apart from maybe alpha damage. You should be right behind the 1st liners but playing more cautiously than them. You support them as they are your shield to the dangers ahead of you. You still have a lot of HP but the lack of armor means you should be letting the more well armored tanks on your team go first. You should however, be right there behind them and make sure they do not get flanked.


Examples: Tiger, Conqueror, Caernarvon







You support your team with death from above! You should always be firing at the most dangerous tanks on the field, and firing at tanks that are putting your team in danger. Don't be afraid to shotgun anybody who gets through the lines either! You can oneshot the tanks of your tier with a well placed shot and are a pure support role.




2. Map Awareness


You should be checking the map approximately every 30 seconds if not more to judge how the battle is going. If it's going well then continue what you're doing if it's working. But if it is not you should look to seal that flaw in your team's plan. Otherwise you might end up letting multiple tanks through on a flank, or let the base get capped.


Not only that, but it can prevent you from dying. You can see tanks starting a flanking approach much sooner by using the map then just by seeing them coming. You should do well to make sure you are always aware of what's going on.




3. Angling your armor


The effective thickness of your armor is determined by it's base thickness and the angle it is presented at to the enemy. The more sharp of a angle, the less armor the enemy shell will be able to penetrate.


Look at this diagram:




In the picture, the first Tiger is not angled, and thus, his armor is only around 100mm thick at the front and LESS on the lower plate.


The second Tiger, however, is angled pretty well and both his side armor and front armor are better protected because of it. The shell will have to penetrate more armor to get into that soft core of your vehicle where all those mushy Hoomans sit.


Some tanks you should NOT angle however. There are not many tanks that have this as a thing but they do exist.


(It  should be STRONGLY noted that these tanks are rare and are only at the higher tiers)

Look at this IS tank for example:




If you look closely, you will see that the front of the tank forms a "Pike Nose" and is what we call, "Pre-Angled".


In practice this just means you should point the "Pike" directly at the enemy gun as it will angle both plates away from him.  If you were to angle the armor, he would have a flat shot at one of the plates.




4. Hull Down Tactics


Getting hull down is a tactic where you find a object (Dead tank, rock, hill, whatever) to cover up the hull of your tank and only show the turret. This allows you to cover up a lot of vulnerable weakspots on your armor, as well as make you a smaller target. It will also increase your chances of bouncing a shell as most tanks' turrets are better armored than their hulls.






That is one of the last things you want to see in a battle! A T32 hull down like that is something close to invincible and will be unstoppable while he's in that position unless arty can hit him.


This is what you should do at all times if possible, even if your turret isn't the best armored, it's still a hell of a lot better than just showing your entire tank. Tanks that are especially good at this are: T29, T32, Black prince, Comet, "The Jumbo", IS3, IS7




5. Side Scraping Tactics


Side scraping is the act of coming around a corner in such a way that the only thing the enemy see's is your side armor and the front of your turret. This makes it where your side armor is incredibly thick due to "Angling" *<-- Hint Hint,* and will almost always autobounce the enemy shells. Note that not all tanks can do this well but most can.


There are three types of side scraping in my opinion:


1. Traditional Sidescraping


2. "Track" Eating


3. Reverse sidescraping




1. Traditional side scraping is when you like described above, use your side armor at a extreme angle to bounce all incoming shots.


Here's a picture:




The First tank in the picture is angling his armor like a good chap, but is not using that corner to the best of his ability. He might be penned in the side due to the extremity of the angle, or the guns might be able to pierce his lower plate.


The Second tank is sidescraping in the "Traditional" format. He is using his sides to deflect incoming shells and will proceed to throttle forward into the building/obstacle when he is reloading so he no longer gets shot at.




The second type of sidescraping is what I call, "Track Eating (TE)" (Note this term is completely made up by me and is not official)

This only works against tanks that have a longer reload than the time it takes to repair your tracks WITH the repair skill.

You use the tracks of your tank to absorb damage that would otherwise have been directed at your hull, and thus, your health.

Tanks that are especially good at this are actually ALL tier 10 american tanks (Excluding arty).  Their hulls don't actually extend to their tracks and thus, the enemy will never see your hull doing this unless they are reloading.


You do this by backing out just enough so that they can see your tracks, but not your side armor. They will most likely shoot your tracks, and which case you will repair first, back out, and take a quick snapshot, then go back into cover to do it again. You pretty much need the repair skill fully trained AND have a vehicle that repairs tracks pretty quickly to do this. Small vehicles are pretty good at this since they don't take long to repair their tracks.




3. REVERSE sidescraping.


This is done with only FORWARD mounted turrets (Very prominent on the IS series of Russian Heavies)


You do the same thing as traditional sidescraping, but you put your backside towards the building instead of your front, and proceed to come out of cover like this. You would think this would be foolish due to your rear armor being towards the enemy but in reality it is effective because with your turret being so far forward and your rear being hidden by the obstacle, you can actually do this better than traditional sidescraping. Note that again, this can ONLY be done and SHOULD only be done on front mounted turreted tanks.


Picture: (Pretend that the turret is on the front of the tank and that the back side is facing the building.







6. Ammo Types


There are many different types of ammo in WoT. Some are named differently but act the same as others, an example being HEAT shells and the German GR shells.


1. Armor Piercing Shells (AP)


These are your bread and butter, your workhorse shells. You should be carrying at the least 75% of these in your ammo selection.


Without getting into the hard to explain and understand details, AP shells work like this:


They have high penetration and travel at a good speed. They only do damage when they penetrate the target and do not produce splash damage. You should use these on most targets youi will face.They do moderate damage and will always do roughly the same damage (25% in either direction of the average damage) It should be mentioned that these shells lose penetration over distance and you will not always be able to penetrate a tank at long range even if you were able to penetrate it at close range.


2. Armor Piercing Composite Rigid (APCR) shells. (Also known as gold shells, premium shells)


These shells work more or less just like AP shells. They, like AP shells, must penetrate to do damage, and do no splash damage. However, these are much more expensive than standard AP rounds. They can be bought with Gold OR SILVER (Very important, hit Y in the garage when equipping these to change the currency). They have a great deal more penetration than their standard AP counterparts. They have a MUCH faster speed when fired as well, and will reach the target much quicker, you must compensate for this. These shells lose penetration at a greater rate than AP shells though, and while they will not ever have less penetration than AP shells, they aren't worth using at maximum range. These should be used when you can not flank the target or have difficulty penning the enemy tank. They are expensive though and should NOT be spammed willy-nilly unless you have the silver bank to back it up. They are a last resort when all else fails.


3. High Explosive Shells (HE shells)


These shells are only bought for silver and are cheaper than AP shells. They have much less penetration however and will not penetrate often. You must aim at very weak spots on a enemy tank for these to penetrate. They do not lose penetration over distance and also have a splash damage effect. You do not need to actually penetrate a tank to do damage with these shells. Tanks that have light armor (Like Scouts, Arty, The German Glass Cannon Line) are very weak to these kind of shells due to not having any armor to prevent penetration. You should use these shells in many situations:


When you can't pen a tank and want to contribute, you can his exterior and you will almost always do at least SOME damage as well as wrecking the outside modules on his vehicle. (Like the gun, turret ring, observation port). You may even break some internal modules and kill some of those Hoomans on the inside of his vehicle!


These are also great for resetting a base capture. In a clutch moment, it is better to fire a HE shell and have a assured reset on a base capture than potentially bounce your AP shell and not reset in time. Remember: You only need to do ANY kind of damage to a enemy capper to reset him! This means even blowing his track off!


They are even good for tracking a enemy. When you want to permamentely track a enemy so your friendlies can work him over, you should use HE shells. They are better than AP shells for tracking.


4.  High Explosive Squash Head (HESH) shells.


These shells are only used by the British.

These act almost exactly like HE shells except they have much higher penetration. This is good because if you can pen a vehicle with these, it will wreck their tank and do massive damage! (Compared to AP shells)


Note that HESH shells absolutely hate spaced armor and will not penetrate it easily. (Will add a section later talking about spaced armor)


5. High Explosive Anti Tank (HEAT shells)


Don't be fooled by the name, these shells act more like AP shells than they do HE shells. They are fired as the premium ammo of any vehicle that uses APCR and all Howitzers as their premium ammo. These NEED to penetrate to do damage. These shells ALSO do not like spaced armor and will not penetrate spaced armor often. (Will add a section later talking about spaced armor) These are basically a high pen round avaliable to high caliber guns. These shells also do not enjoy penetrating ANGLED armor. So fire these at the flat plates of tanks that are facing you.


6. Premium HE shells (Arty Only)


Simply do a good amount more splash damage.




7. Perma-Tracking


This is a tactic where you catch an enemy in a position where he can not get his gun on target to hit you but you can still see his tracks. You ideally should load HE and keep firing directly at his "Drive Wheel" (This is the wheel in the tracks that is sort of seperated by the others, it usually looks more like a asterisk than a actual wheel, all tanks have one)


You should do this when you know teammates are around to support you once you start perma-tracking the enemy. This is ESPECIALLY useful when you're bottom tier because you can do this to ANY tank and earn loads of XP.


If it isn't clear, you get XP by doing this because you are awarded 50% of the XP somebody gets when they damage the enemy you have tracked. It is the same thing as spotting the enemy for your teammates.


This works especially well in a coordinated platoon.



8. Tanking Vocabulary


This is a rough guide on what the terms I have used thus far mean:


1. Alpha Damage - The average damage your gun does per shot

2. Damage Per Minute (DPM) - The highest average amount of damage your gun can do in a minute.

3. Gun Depression - How far down your gun can lower itself. Measured in degrees.

4. Gun Elevation - How far up your gun can elevate itself. Measured in degrees.

5. Gun Mantle/Mantlet - The shield around the base of the gun on the turret that most tanks will have.

7. Upper Glacis - The top part of the frontal armor of the tank. 

8. Lower Glacis - The lower part of the frontal armor of the tank.




#849149 The Ruthless math of WoT.

Posted XxDAFFYxxDUCKxX on 05 September 2014 - 05:56 PM

Alright, before I begin, I want to credit Zinegata for making this absolutely wonderful guide. I looked everywhere for it here, and EVERYONE needs to see this, plus, I don't want to be a jerk, so, thanks again Zinegata. http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/227903-the-ruthless-math-of-wot-and-why-every-tank-matters/

For the original.


The Ruthless Math of World of Tanks

One of the major "debates" that rage in the forums is the ability of a single player to affect the entire course of the match. In general, the concensus is that a single tank can in fact affect the course of an entire match (often termed as a "carry&quot;).

However, the problem with this "debate" is that it invariably boils down to what I call "win-rate makes me right" argument. We have some players who play solo and yet have very high win rates. Ergo, it is possible to "carry" a team all by yourself because the high win rates cannot simply be explained by "luck".

The problem with this approach is that it does very little to actually explain how such "carries" are actually possible. Often, we just get some pretty vague (and often bordering on mythical) explanations, usually centering around "skill".

This thread attempts to answer the "how". It will not be a discussion about skill or tactics (although it will reveal why some tactics are so vital). It will instead simply show the unbending gaming principles behind how WoT battles actually work - the "ruthless math" of the game, if you will.

The Key Concept: The Hitpoint Mechanic and Critical Existence Failure

To begin to understand the "math" of the game however, one crucial concept needs to be understood by the reader: "Critical Existence Failure" (henceforth abbreviated as "CEF&quot;). And yes, I'm using the TV Tropes terminology; because it's more fun this way.

Basically, CEF is the model used by most games that use the hitpoint mechanic. Under this model, a unit can function at same level regardless if it was at full hitpoints, or if it was down to just 1 hitpoint. In WoT, it means a Sherman tank at 1 HP will still deal as much damage as a Sherman at full health. (And yes, I'm ignoring the module damage factor for now. See the side bar below)

What this means is that a 1 HP Sherman tank can potentially remain as effective as a Sherman with full HP. In fact, if the Sherman at full HP is an utterly bad player (whose shots keep missing or keep hitting spots that will just bounce the shell) it is entirely possible for a 1 HP Sherman to utterly demolish one at full health. I'm sure that most good players have done this one time or another, and it should already serve as an indication of how superior player knowledge ("skill&quot;) can lead to a decisive difference on the field.



The Myth of 15 vs 15

However, in reality, most matches are not won by a 1 HP Sherman duelling a full HP Sherman to death. Many will in fact point out that matches involve 15 tanks on both sides. Cue boohooing about how one tank can't carry 14 others.

But in reality, matches are not actually grand battles of 15 vs 15. Instead, most matches are actually a series of smaller (sometimes inter-related) fights - which I will term as "skirmishes", with often just two to four tanks of either side fighting for a particular section of the map.

As an example, take your average Lakefield battle. Let's assume there's two arty per side, and relatively competent players on both sides. Each team will probably send 2-4 tanks into the valley, 1-2 tanks into the mid, and the remainder (7-10) going into town.

But even in the case of the town, that big group often actually gets divided into a bunch of smaller skirmishes - with some tanks going to the lake shore, the others going to the church, and some hugging the map edge - none of which necessarilt interact with each other.

In fact, it is actually quite rare to see an outright slugging match involving more than 5 tanks from each side. Hence, the old excuse that "I'm just one tank out of fifteen" rings very hollow. You almost never actually fight 15 enemy tanks at a time at the point of contact. You will, in general, be fighting 2-4 enemy tanks, and you'll have about as many allies with you too.

And really, what tends to happen in a match is that the 15-man team will win some of these skirmishes, and then lose a couple of others. Your lake-shore team might overwhelm their counterparts, but your map-edge team might have similarly folded. Afterwards, the survivors of their respective skirmishes will make contact with each other into a series of new skirmishes; and the process is repeated until one team is wiped out.
Sidebar: One of the "skills" lacking in many players - yet few people seem to be able to articulate - is their inability to recognize that these small, localized skirmishes are actually happening. Most players will understand the Valley-Mid-Town dynamic of Lakeville for instance, but they don't further subdivide and understand that the town actually has multiple different areas of conflict. In part, I blame the minimap for this, which tends to be rather bad at representing how these skirmishes are actually seperated by buildings.

The Anatomy of a Skirmish, as Dictated by CEF

When people think of a 4 vs 4 match, they tend to think that it should result in a "fair" fight, wherein both sides essentially wiped each other out. And indeed, this is what sometimes happens - with only 1 or 2 badly damaged survivors emerging from the furball of 8 tanks.

But the reality of most skirmishes is actually different, especially if it involves players of different skills levels.

To demonstrate, let's construct a thought exercise. Let's assume we have two teams of four tanks apiece. Each tank has 450 HP and inflicts 120 damage with each shot (so 4 shots to kill an enemy tank). Let's assume both sides hit and penetrate 100% of the time (a bit unrealistic, but bear with me).

However, let's give Team A a small but crucial advantage. Let's assume that Team A knows how to focus-fire, while Team B does not. Team B's tanks will only shoot their opposite-numbered tank, until that tank is destroyed.

Given this setup, the following will happen:

* At Start:
Team A Tank 1: 450 HP
Team A Tank 2: 450 HP
Team A Tank 3: 450 HP
Team A Tank 4: 450 HP

Team B Tank 1: 450 HP
Team B Tank 2: 450 HP
Team B Tank 3: 450 HP
Team B Tank 4: 450 HP

* After First Volley:
Team A Tank 1: 330 HP
Team A Tank 2: 330 HP
Team A Tank 3: 330 HP
Team A Tank 4: 330 HP
Total Damage Done: 450

Team B Tank 1: DESTROYED
Team B Tank 2: 450 HP
Team B Tank 3: 450 HP
Team B Tank 4: 450 HP
Total Damage Done: 480

* After Second Volley:
Team A Tank 1: 330 HP
Team A Tank 2: 210 HP
Team A Tank 3: 210 HP
Team A Tank 4: 210 HP
Total Damage Done: 900

Team B Tank 1: DESTROYED
Team B Tank 2: DESTROYED
Team B Tank 3: 450 HP
Team B Tank 4: 450 HP
Total Damage Done: 840

* After Third Volley:
Team A Tank 1: 330 HP
Team A Tank 2: 210 HP
Team A Tank 3: 90 HP
Team A Tank 4: 90 HP
Total Damage Done: 1350

Team B Tank 1: DESTROYED
Team B Tank 2: DESTROYED
Team B Tank 3: DESTROYED
Team B Tank 4: 450 HP
Total Damage Done: 1080

* After Fourth Volley:
Team A Tank 1: 330 HP
Team A Tank 2: 210 HP
Team A Tank 3: 90 HP
Team A Tank 4: DESTROYED
Total Damage Done: 1800

Team B Tank 1: DESTROYED
Team B Tank 2: DESTROYED
Team B Tank 3: DESTROYED
Team B Tank 4: DESTROYED
Total Damage Done: 1170

Rather different from the expectation of mutual annihilation, isn't it?

Indeed, by simply focus-firing, Team A was able to inflict 50% more damage than Team B, while preserving the life of 3 tanks which can now be redeployed elsewhere for decisive effect! How did this happen?

Well, I promised the math, and here it is. What we're witnessing is what is called the "snowball effect" - wherein something of seemingly minor importance suddenly balloons into something more dangerous and disastrous.

In this case, the disaster began when Team B lost its first tank during the first volley. Because of CEF, Team B lost 25% of its firepower at this moment - firepower that could have inflicted another 360 points of damage had Tank 1 survived to fire for the remaining 3 volleys. That's actually enough damage to destroy two of Team A's remaining tanks! (Tank 2 & 3 have only 300 HP remaining in total)

Thus, the loss of just one tank was the difference between Team A winning with 3 surviving tanks instead of just 1 surviving tank. It was, in all likelihood, also difference in winning the whole match overall.

And really, if you actually take a while to look at how skirmishes develop, you'll notice this pattern often when your team is winning: After your team destroys one tank, the second kill comes faster, and the third even faster, until the enemy team seemingly collapses like a house of cards. It's all because each and every gun matters in these skirmishes - once the enemy team has fewer tanks your team is now much more able to focus-fire and bring down enemy tanks in rapidity, while the enemy has much less firepower to throw back at you.

So when people stress the importance of focus-fire and target prioritization, listen. Because the snowball effect of losing just one tank can cascade to victory or defeat for a specific skirmish, which in turn can win or lose an entire match.

That being said, it must be noted that focus-fire situations are actually pretty rare. Most players are now smart enough not to just expose themselves and let themselves be shot at by multiple players at a time. With peak-a-boo tactics, even skirmishes of 4 vs 4 tanks may in reality turn into 1 vs 1 engagements.

Hence, the need to create situations where you can rapidly kill an enemy tank - a technique which I call the "isolation".
Sidebar: The above math should also demonstrate to people the utter folly of camping at the base cap. Yes, it is okay to camp at a good firing position as long you're actually firing and dealing damage to the enemy; thus helping win some of the skirmishes. No, it is totally NOT okay to camp at the cap circle where you will not be shooting at anything 90% of the time, and the remaining 10% you're just shooting at scouts when it's already too damn late. Burn this reality into your brains: Every tank matters. Deserters will be shot!


A Game of Isolations

"Isolation" is the art of bringing as much firepower to bear on an enemy tank - with the intent of rapidly destroying it - while at the same time preventing your own forces from being exposed to lethal fire from the enemy.

As I already noted before, most players don't sit out in the open anymore shooting at each other. They'll often use cover and try to at least make themselves a harder target for the enemy. The 4vs4 example I showed above should not literally play out that way in real matches (hence why it's a thought exercise).
What instead happens is that good players are constantly moving and maneuvering, looking for a way to create a situation wherein they can quickly gang up on an enemy tank without suffering much return fire - preferrably only from the target tank.

In fact, a well-played isolation is how "skunks" (matches wherein one team loses no tanks, while the enemy is wiped out) actually happen. Again, let's do the thought exercise thing, but this time with Team A doing isolations instead of focus fire...

*At Start:
Team A Tank 1: 450 HP
Team A Tank 2: 450 HP
Team A Tank 3: 450 HP
Team A Tank 4: 450 HP

Team B Tank 1: 450 HP
Team B Tank 2: 450 HP
Team B Tank 3: 450 HP
Team B Tank 4: 450 HP

After First Volley:
Team A Tank 1: 330 HP
Team A Tank 2: 450 HP
Team A Tank 3: 450 HP
Team A Tank 4: 450 HP
Total Damage Done: 450

Team B Tank 2: 450 HP
Team B Tank 3: 450 HP
Team B Tank 4: 450 HP
Total Damage Done: 120

After Second Volley:
Team A Tank 1: 330 HP
Team A Tank 2: 330 HP
Team A Tank 3: 450 HP
Team A Tank 4: 450 HP
Total Damage Done: 900

Team B Tank 3: 450 HP
Team B Tank 4: 450 HP
Total Damage Done: 240

After Third Volley:
Team A Tank 1: 330 HP
Team A Tank 2: 330 HP
Team A Tank 3: 330 HP
Team A Tank 4: 450 HP
Total Damage Done: 1350

Team B Tank 4: 450 HP
Total Damage Done: 360

After Fourth Volley:
Team A Tank 1: 330 HP
Team A Tank 2: 330 HP
Team A Tank 3: 330 HP
Team A Tank 4: 330 HP
Total Damage Done: 1800

Team B Tank 1: DESTROYED
Team B Tank 2: DESTROYED
Team B Tank 3: DESTROYED
Team B Tank 4: DESTROYED
Total Damage Done: 480

In this case, not only did Team A come out without losing a single tank, but they not inflicted more than 3x the damage of the enemy team!

And really, this is how the "unicums" actually achieve most of their wins. It is not about some mythical "skill" requiring better gunnery or whatnot. Instead, it revolves around the ability to pick out vulnerable (but important) enemy tanks in the pack, rapidly destroy them, which starts a snowball effect wherein the missing damage from the destroyed tanks rapidly adds up to their team's advantage.

More importantly, this can be achieved outside of platooning, so long as you remain constantly aware of how the game revolves around isolation. As a final thought experiment, let's do our Team A vs Team B thing again... only this time let's assume that Tank 1 of Team A is a skilled player who knows how to focus-fire...

At Start:
Team A Tank 1: 450 HP
Team A Tank 2: 450 HP
Team A Tank 3: 450 HP
Team A Tank 4: 450 HP

Team B Tank 1: 450 HP
Team B Tank 2: 450 HP (Focus-Fire Target)
Team B Tank 3: 450 HP
Team B Tank 4: 450 HP

After First Volley:
Team A Tank 1: 330 HP
Team A Tank 2: 330 HP
Team A Tank 3: 330 HP
Team A Tank 4: 330 HP
Total Damage Done: 480

Team B Tank 1: 450 HP
Team B Tank 2: 210 HP (Focus-Fire Target)
Team B Tank 3: 330 HP
Team B Tank 4: 330 HP
Total Damage Done: 480

After Second Volley:
Team A Tank 1: 210 HP
Team A Tank 2: 210 HP
Team A Tank 3: 210 HP
Team A Tank 4: 210 HP
Total Damage Done: 930

Team B Tank 1: 450 HP
Team B Tank 2: DESTROYED (Old Focus-Fire Target)
Team B Tank 3: 210 HP
Team B Tank 4: 210 HP (New Target for our unicum, who assumes Tank 2 will target tank 3)
Total Damage Done: 960

After Third Volley:
Team A Tank 1: 90 HP
Team A Tank 2: 210 HP
Team A Tank 3: 90 HP
Team A Tank 4: 90 HP
Total Damage Done: 1320

Team B Tank 1: 450 HP (Last target, everyone is going after him now!)
Team B Tank 2: DESTROYED
Team B Tank 3: DESTROYED
Team B Tank 4: DESTROYED
Total Damage Done: 1080

After Fourth Volley:
Team A Tank 1: DESTROYED
Team A Tank 2: 210 HP
Team A Tank 3: 90 HP
Team A Tank 4: 90 HP
Total Damage Done: 1800

Team B Tank 1: DESTROYED
Team B Tank 2: DESTROYED
Team B Tank 3: DESTROYED
Team B Tank 4: DESTROYED
Total Damage Done: 1410

So despite Team B doing a little more damage than in the pure focus-fire example, and our unicum being the only casualty on Team A, his focus-fire efforts was actually enough to make his team still do 50% more damage overall, while leaving 3 of the 4 tanks intact. Heck, if Team A's Tank 2 had shielded our unicum, they would all have survived.

My own thoughts:

In addition to the above, you can also add in spotting damage to the mix, by having one tank go out and spot, and if said spotter is unseen, you effectively gain free damage without receiving enemy fire as well. This is a HUGE part as to why an unseen TD and a good spotter can utterly destroy a flank, and should be your go-to plan in part of playing well. (Not camping, but doing damage without getting damage in return.) 


So in summary, the "ruthless math" of the game, thanks to CEF and its snowball effect, revolves around the rapid destruction of enemy tanks to reduce the opposing team's firepower; while preserving your own team's damage-dealing ability. Keep even your 1 HP teammates alive because they can pump out damage that is the difference between victory and defeat. Just one tank out of four knowing how to focus-fire can lead to huge swings in a match.

Of course, real WoT matches involve much more than just the thought experiment highlighted above. It doesn't take into consideration things like tier mismatches (e.g. a Tier 6 skirmishing two Tier 5s), nor does it account for more random things like bounces, no-damage hits, or misses. The number of volleys to kill enemy tanks also isn't as neat in the game, with different tiers and different kinds of guns.

But what it does show is that if everyone is playing consistently, then each tank does matter. It's time to give up on the notion that you're just one tank out of fifteen. 


Thanks for reading this guys, and I hoped it helped. Once again, cannot credit Zinegata enough here.


Also, check out Gestapofish's add on in the second page.

#5132555 Nearly one month out, and still years away.

Posted anonym_O5qYQx424ePe on 10 January 2021 - 05:42 PM

This will be my last post on these forums. I've spent enough time and energy expressing my intense dismay and dissatisfaction with 6.0, and I feel it's time I take that time and energy and invest it somewhere else more productive. I've spent more time on the forums in the last month than I have in my prior 6 years combined. To put it plainly, this game - this studio - is just not worth my time or energy anymore. It's been made abundantly and painfully clear that Wargaming has no regard for their players, other than how much money they can squeeze out of them. So without further preamble, here's my final thoughts....




It's been nearly one month since 6.0 irrevocably changed this game, and to possibly undo the irreparable damage that it's done to this game, the reputation of the studio, and its player base will take years assuming the game is still around that long. Honestly, I'm not entirely sure they can recover from this, but I'm certainly no authority here, and despite my long years of gaming and having seen the outcome of disastrous mismanagement in other games similar to this one (e.g. Trion Worlds with Defiance), Wargaming may yet somehow pull this out of the fire. But I have neither the time nor the inclination to continue supporting this awful game while waiting for any of that to happen, and I'm loathe to endorse a studio for its greed and incompetence with my playtime or my money.


Maybe this will be a watershed moment for their studio. Maybe they'll come to finally understand that without their players, they are nothing. Without industry standards such as a fully integrated QA and UAT process in their SDLC, the most well-intentioned development will wreak all manner of havoc in their game and amongst their player base. That understanding their own game, intimately, and their customers, and being fully transparent through open and honest communication about design decisions are foundations for success. That making the game good, or better, will do more for the longevity of the game than any myopic, short-term goals of surreptitious design intended to soak more revenue from their players. And the humility to accept that they, the developers, don't always know what's best for the game. As obvious as some of that sounds, it seems to have eluded them completely, or perhaps intentionally. Yet the cynic in me highly doubts anything will change with this studio until its forced upon them.


To the developers at Wargaming who are directly responsible for this unmitigated mess, you are literally your own worst enemy. Your failure to connect with the players, your open and blatant disregard for your customers beyond how much money you can make from them, your unwillingness to solicit and listen to valuable player feedback, your deceptive business practices to obfuscate your design intentions and to ostensibly steal money from your players that they wouldn't have given you otherwise, your inability to truly understand what was working in your own game and what wasn't, and your arrogance and pride that are even now preventing you from accepting accountability for the profoundly terrible mistake you have made here and realizing that your only course forward is to return the game to its 5.0 state and start over, will likely in the end be your studio's undoing.


Since you refuse to listen to your players, maybe you'll actually hear them when more of them vote with their wallets and withdraw their financial support from your game. Trust me when I tell you, more will quit and/or stop giving you money in the months to come. The consequences may not present themselves immediately in your next quarterly earnings report, but eventually, the fallout from 6.0 will reach your bottom line. And then, after it's too late to do anything about it, someone will be held accountable in your company as you have some very difficult discussions trying to explain what went wrong and how it got to the point where the console revenue dried up and the game became financially unsustainable. That's what I see happening in your future. I've seen it happen before for other studios that made the exact same mistake you are making right now. At the very least, if you don't learn anything from this, you'll only make the same mistake again down the road, perhaps with update 7.0, if you manage to limp that far. History has a tendency of repeating itself when those lessons are ignored and not learned.


That all being said, I want to make a few things clear. I absolutely loved this game, even at its lowest points, and I've spent countless hours and money (more than I'd like to admit) supporting WoTC over the past 6+ years. I've had a lot of good times with my friends in this game. I've had some amazing, crazy fun matches in this game. I've also had quite a few profanity-laced frustrations. I've advocated on these forums for positive changes, such as with matchmaking and balance issues. I've slowly but surely improved as a player over the years from "Average" to "Great" according to WN8, and was nearly at "Unicum" level right before I quit. It's been a long, sometimes hard, but ultimately enjoyable road I have travelled with this game. But that journey has now come to its inexorable end. That unavoidable decision is a consequence of 6.0, which bears no similarity to the game I loved to play in 5.0 and earlier, other than the fact that both versions have tanks in them.


I don't wish any ill on the players who continue to play this game for whatever reasons that compel them to do so, whether that's Premium time you don't wish to leave on the table, or Gold you don't wish to leave unspent, or simply because the prospect of having to find a new game to play is just too daunting. But that's where my good will ends. For the vapid fanboys - those who blindly support the game - you do yourself and the game a disservice. It's only through critical and meaningful feedback that positive and productive change can be facilitated - though I'll concede that Wargaming has certainly made it clear that they are uninterested in player feedback. Nevertheless, simply endorsing the changes because you set the bar for quality and value far lower than anyone else doesn't help anyone, not Wargaming, nor your fellow players for whom you indirectly rely on to keep the game alive and solvent. While you're fanaticism is not unique to this game, it is a cancer that eats away at every game on the market.


To the rest of my fellow tankers out there in this community, many of whom I've come to respect for your modesty, your sportsmanship, and your skill, I thank each and every one of you for all the good matches you've given me over the years, and even for some of the advice along the way. But I do not think any less of any of you who have suppressed your dedication to this game in the face of the sobering reality that it's not the same game anymore, and it's worse for it in nearly every way. It's unfortunate and sad, but when faced with extreme situations such as this, the only logical, reasonable choice left to most of us is to move on. If you've already done so, you should be commended for your conviction, not vilified for it.


For anyone else still on the fence, or for those who are new to the community and either just curious what all the drama is about or who are trying to research the game before you dip your toe into the murky waters of WoTC, I invite you to watch the videos below. The authenticity of the outraged reaction, the abysmal changes that were made to the game for reasons that no one fully comprehends or asked for, and yet nearly everyone hates, all of which continue to ring true nearly a month out from 6.0. For those who find themselves in agreement with the sentiment of the videos and decide to leave the game, maybe one day, we'll meet again on the other side.


World Of Tanks Console Update 6.0: Heartbroken, Disgusted, Dissapointed | Quitting WoT Console - YouTube


(1) An Update on World of Tanks Console Update 6.0 | Going Nowhere - YouTube



God Bless and good luck to all of you. Audentes fortuna juvat.

#5100562 Action Heroes Season - Feedback Thread

Posted CrucialCrossout-x on 15 December 2020 - 09:06 PM

I am one of the best players on this game and love our community and the game! Today I was lie and rob by WGC! I've grind crew's for 6 years and spent money on x5 crew experience just for it all to go away! All premium tanks are rendered useless now other than having one specific for credit. One crew can be used for all your tanks. I like the system but we definitely deserve a huge compensation from WGC or change the system in a way that benefits the veteran players!

#5178133 I miss World of Tanks.

Posted FusionStar287-x on 09 April 2021 - 03:53 AM

WoT has never been a perfect game by any means and has had plenty of ups and downs over the years, but even so it has pretty much always remained my favorite multiplayer game. There have been times where I would burn myself out and would need to take a break, but every time I returned to the game afterwards I would find myself enjoying it as much as before. Shortly after the absolute disaster that was 6.0 I felt the need to take another break and after not playing for the last few months I finally felt up to giving this update another chance. Unlike every other break I've taken, though, I could still barely force myself to play more than a few matches before I had to shut it off in disgust. 


I was hoping that (against the odds) WG might fix the game back to a somewhat playable state, and to be fair there have been more "improvements" over the last few months than I initially expected (namely the ability to put the minimap into the right corner, changing the colors back to red/green, and a few other miscellaneous changes that restored features that already existed before 6.0), but in the grand scheme of things these have been nothing more than minor fixes to a massive downgrade. More than 100 days later even little things that should have been fixed are still massively worse than they were before 6.0, like the post battles results screen still being devoid of most stats/information, the "linear progression" system still requiring you to research every tank/module before being allowed to research the last tank (as well as not sharing researched modules between tanks), tanks not having their numerical health displayed above them, the proxy-spotting distance not being visible on your minimap, the full screen map not being condensed back into one tab instead of two, or the lack of ability to quickly and efficiently move crews between tanks like before.


And those aren't even mentioning the more debatable visual and gameplay downgrades from 6.0 that haven't been fixed (like the global damage nerf/pen buff still remaining, maps that had useable slopes replaced with rocky cliffs, crew skills allowing every tank to have significantly more accurate guns, and the awful visual changes to all of the UI, the garage, and even many tanks). Even worse is that, despite everything I've mentioned so far, these only account for a fraction of the total negative changes that still haven't been fixed or improved to a level that would leave them at least equal with the pre-6.0 version of the game. The worst part (the "nail in the coffin", if you will), though, is that I recently learned that WG are focusing on implementing an entirely new and separate mode with new tanks, items, mechanics, etc. Under even the best circumstances this could easily be seen as diverting resources from the main game to work on side modes (similar to how the War Stories and Commander modes were viewed), but when this is being done while the main game most players at least used to enjoy is still lying in a state of ruin it sends a very clear message that WG don't feel that the core game is broken enough to warrant their full attention.


So what is the point of this thread? Honestly there really isn't one; I'm just venting out my frustration and sadness about the state of WoT. This is a game I used to love, and even at its worst times I could still be fairly certain the core gameplay would remain fun, but now it has been left in a state where I can't go back to it. The same tanks are in my garage as before, sure, but those tanks have been put in a foreign game that is simply not any fun to play. It saddens me even more since this was the one main game I would play with many friends online, and since 6.0 I've found myself online less and less often since there are very few other multiplayer games I own. I would like to continue holding out hope that the game might be fixed up to a somewhat enjoyable state some time in the future and that my criticism/advice might actually be noted, but considering both how much remains broken and the fact that WG will be splitting their focus between the main game and another side version I just can't get my hopes up again.


Anyway, thanks for reading. I will keep monitoring changes going forward just to see what happens and I may post more often on the forums going forward (after all, I do still appreciate the community here regardless of the state of the game), but as a whole I can't really see myself playing the game much at all unless some notable improvements are made in the future. 

#5136962 Facebook is brutal!

Posted M4ntiX-x on 17 January 2021 - 04:35 PM

WG posted a link to a newsletter with trending tanks, within a few hours hundreds of comments appeared, here's some of them:


* My whole crew left the game they think it's garbage i been try to play it but can only play about 8 game at the most then got go to a new game. I used to play every day about 6 to 8 hour but you screwed this game up.


* No thanks! To be honest, I'm only following your Facebook page in the hope that you will admit mistakes and bring back the old commanders as far as HUD shows. If that doesn't come, I won't play it anymore. I won't try anymore either. I can't cope anymore like this. Your hope that the players will get used to it over time won't work that way. You have it in your own hands what becomes of it. As it is now, there is no need for me to even start it.


* Played everyday coming up to 6 years. No more. Premium tanks that use to earn 100k per battle on average in silver. I now lose -100k per battle. Nothing has changed from pre 6.0 in my load outs; same perm ammo load out at 20%. Same perm consumables. 2x Food/Repairs. Can live with the hub, but I’m not returning until the silver costs are altered!


* Played this game for 5 years and I Uninstalled this game after the last updated. Hopefully some people are still enjoying it.


* I really tried to give it a shot with the new downgrade. Just can't do it anymore. Haven't played a single game in over 2 weeks. This coming from a daily 20+ game and 100+ per day on weekends. To be honest I really don't miss it as much as I thought I would. Then to hear them say they basically did the "upgrade" for own personal achievement instead of customer benefit. Like seriously? Now I have zero desire to go back and play.


* I hope you guys realize that you have probably crippled the game permanently, Not a single change you made was asked for, or needed, and none of them are positive changes. Thank you for ruining one of my all time favorite games


* Nobody cares WOTC you screwed up the game I don't know what you were thinking we have had our whole clan quit playing because of your stupidity listen to the people (AKA the people who put money in your pockets) your going to alienate your player's not a very good idea but I guess you know better if you want to run this game into the ground we do all know that your player base has gone keep this up and your going to go broke and close down then all of you are going to be out of a job


* do I have to wait a long time until you want to add a new update so I can play too? I haven't played since you made this terrible update, I hope you can bring everything back to normal once you enjoy players !! It's sad to have 55 X Tanks and not play after you've worked so hard to make them ... thank you for taking us away


* I stopped playing your game. I miss it, but it's gone. And, so is me giving you any more of my cash, nice business model.


* Uninstalled after 5 years. I cannot play the game anymore. I even cannot watch the streams with the new hud design.


* The game is more less dead for me . Think ihave playd 30 to 40 battels after the up date not fun any more and still the same maps over and over again impressive how bad the game are !


* Return the game before update...we can't play anymore with this..I play crossout now and its better than this.


* You’ve ruined a good game I won’t spend anymore money on this once good game


* I deleted this game 3 days ago. It’s not the game I love anymore, I used to play 3 or 4 hours or even more


* Game is absolute garbage now and I along with tens of thousands of other gamers refuse to play this trash. Stop acting like you know your players if you ain't going to listen to them to actually know what they want.


* Why are you wasting time on this? Fix your game!


* reduced playing time after the update and now losing interest to play at all , i liked some of the changes but playability of the game took a huge step back ! the game has become a last choice to play when it use to be the go to , oh and wont spend money on this any longer , not worth it


* What u have done with this game. The producer of this update should get bring to criminal court. This update is even more corrupt then the whole EA fifa ultimate pig workers. You literally lost 40 percent of the community u will see..


* 100% negative comments and you just keep pretending like the house isn't on fire lol.




PS. The five or so guys on this forum that enjoy 6.0 and are defending it, you are really needed over on WG's Facebook page. Lol!

#909527 Describe how a tank feels in one gif.

Posted Grimbru on 27 September 2014 - 09:58 AM

When everyone's camping and no-one's spotting.


#5099268 Protest strike - just stop playing

Posted I_Want_A_Forge-p on 15 December 2020 - 04:47 PM


for all of you who are not satisfied with the current update, there is only one way to make WG react!

This is if you just stop playing it. Do not turn the game on for at least one or two weeks....


This is the only way they will take notice... sad, but true.


The more player just stop...the higher the odds will be that WG might change it back.

If you keep playing there will be no turnig back from WG's side.

#907000 Describe how a tank feels in one gif.

Posted Quintett Feuer on 26 September 2014 - 05:42 AM

TOG 2* rowing through the enemy team.

#5099045 Update

Posted desmojen-x on 15 December 2020 - 04:05 PM

I am beyond disappointed. 5 years I've been playing this game, and I hate this update beyond anything I thought possible. I normally laugh at gaming drama queens, but honestly, I feel like weeping right now :confused:

#4383563 NA West and NA East Datacenters Combining for a Better Player Experience

Posted R35T NO MORE-x on 15 May 2018 - 11:57 AM

So in other words, population is getting that low that you're having to combine servers.. 

#4034771 Re-Skins / Non Re-Skins (GIVE US THE OPTION!)

Posted I x SiNz x I-x on 29 September 2017 - 09:55 AM



When a new premium tank enters the store, it all too often seems to be a re-skinned and/or renamed variant of a tank that already exists, OR a tank which has not been introduced in to the game yet, but is first introduced as the re-skinned/renamed version, rather than the original.


The reason for my frustration, as well as the community's frustration is that there are so many examples of this and judging by the recent release of the Swedish premium TD, this mentality isn't going to change any time soon.




T7 Combat Car - There's literally 5 different re-skinned versions of this tank.

Motherland - First introduced as "Motherland" as opposed to T-54 First Prototype, T-54 First Prototype was released months and months after Motherland first hit the store.

Fatherland - First introduced as "Fatherland" as opposed to IS-3A, IS-3A has not been introduced yet.

Glory IS-5 - First introduced as "Glory IS-5" as opposed to IS-5, IS-5 has not been introduced yet.

Skorpion G - Has random Scorpion emblems on the gun shield as opposed to just being introduced with the original skin.

Honor T-28E - First introduced as "Honor T-28E" as opposed to T-28E F-30.

Skoda T-40 - First introduced as "Zizka", Skoda T-40 was introduced after the re-skin.

Blitzen MTLS - Before this tank was introduced, the MTLS-1G14 was considered a rare and very well sought after premium, now everyone has one and we got it for free (don't get me wrong, free tanks are always encouraged & welcomed, but keep the rare tanks rare? this re-skin nullified the rareness of the MTLS-1G14)

Vengeance T25 - First introduced as "Vengeance T25" as opposed to T25 Pilot Number 1

FV201 (A45) Black Edition - First introduced as "FV201 (A45) Black Edition" and could only be acquired by purchasing a 32,000+ gold bundle, as opposed to being released as the FV201 (A45). FV201 (A45) was released months and months after the Black Edition first hit the store.

HMH: FV305 - I understand that this was tied to the "Heavy Metal Heroes" event, but could it not just have been named as FV305?

HMH: M51Super Sherman - I understand that this was tied to the "Heavy Metal Heroes" event, but could this not just have been named as M51 Super Sherman / M51? This was also released months before the M4A1 Revalorisé hit the store (ok, it's a different tank) but we've only just seen the M4A1 Revalorisé hit the store...

HMH: ISU-130 - I understand that this was tied to the "Heavy Metal Heroes" event, but could this not just have been named as ISU-130?

HMH: Huntsman - I understand that this was tied to the "Heavy Metal Heroes" event, but could this not just have been named as Huntsman Centurion?

Centennial T/95 - First introduced as "Centennial T/95", Chieftain T/95 was released months and months after the Centennial first hit the store.

Cromwell Knight - Introduced before the Cromwell B, which was only released very recently (ok, it's a different tank) but the Cromwell B was much more sought after than what we were given at the time, we also now have 4 different variants of the Cromwell (Cromwell, Knight, Snakebite, Cromwell B).

Sentinel AC IV Experimental - First introduced as "Sentinel AC IV", as opposed to AC IV Experimental which was released after the Sentinel first hit the store.

STA-2 Black Edition / Senshi STA-2 - Now we have 3 different variants of the same tank.


Honestly, the list could go on, but I'd be sat here typing for a LONG, LONG time, and I think the examples I've listed do enough justice to the point I'm trying to make.


As a community contributor, I'm lucky enough to engage with the community on a very regular basis and we, as a community, feel like we should be given more choice when these tanks hit the store.


My suggestion is that when a re-skin hits the store, the original tank should enter the store at the same time and be sold alongside it, for the same amount of time that the re-skin will be in the store for. The prices, naturally, are up to you, but I would expect the original to cost less than the re-skin.


This will give EVERYONE the freedom of choosing the tank they prefer, rather than alienating us by making us feel like we're forced in to buying a re-skinned/renamed tank because we're unsure the original will ever be released... Only for the original to be released months later.


I understand a part of the community prefer the re-skins, but for a long time now, you've been neglecting the part of your community that do not. I also understand that you have to release new content to fill your pockets in order to keep the game going, but at present, you're creating a problem by not giving us the freedom to choose between the two, only good things can come from selling both variants at the same time, for the same amount of time and I actually think you'd see an increase in sales due to giving us the choice.


I hope you've found this suggestion constructive and will look to implement these changes in the near future.




- Joe/SiNz