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#3026254 Nice butt, my car has a WoT tramp stamp and my plates finally came in.

Posted giaka on 29 July 2016 - 05:11 PM

So am I a rolling ad for World of Tanks? LOL 1000 gold a week should be a nice payment WG. :trollface:


#4077315 Open letter @Wargaming

Posted I44I Warlock-x on 19 October 2017 - 09:14 PM

This is an open letter directly to you Wargaming. 


So you close the other forums. 

For me and a lot of other german forumers this is the first official step in the direction "Death of WoT Console" 

The beginning of the end. 


I don't know if it really is the first step, but it has a high symbolic character, a negative one. 


Not everyone is on social media or able to speak english. 

We have a lot of guides in the german forum, and we help everyone who has questions to tanks, game mechanics and everything else.

We have a Community!

All this will be lost if you close the german and other non english forums. 

We want a forum in our language, with Admins who take our feedback to the devs and with translated news. 

Yes, news. A lot of news don't even get posted in the german forum by WG. And when you post them, the half is missing or the translation is wrong.

I volumteered serveral times to translate the news for you, correct and within 24h. But i never got a response...



Honestly, this is a punch in the face of every non english speaking player and customer. 


A lot of players already left WoT Console, and not just "causal players". "Hardcore" players from well known (german and international) clans (from our Clan too) left the game because of all the bugs and a missing competitive mode. 

(Owl posted a statistic to this some time ago)


I love this game, i really love it! Thats the reason i played 27k battles and i want to play another 27k.

I want to grind new tank lines, i want to 3 mark more tanks. 

I want to tank on with the friends i made, in the forums!


But if you really want this game to go on, you have to hurry up Wargaming. 

You have to rid out errors and bugs before bringing new content. Listen to your community!

We forumers don't always give a polite feedback to you, but it's important yet. 

It will not end well if you keep going like this. 


Maybe this post is redundant, but i had to try it at least. 


Please, don't let this game die! :(



Warlock and the german Community. 

#760245 Frogman's Guide to Silver in World of Tanks

Posted JoeDaFrogman on 08 August 2014 - 11:02 PM

First, if the moderators feel this should be located in another forum location, please feel free to move it.  

Over the past few months, I have seen many, many, many people post both here as well as on my clan forums with comments about having lack of Silver.    Many people seem to have troubles with silver management.   I would like to share my own personal thoughts and strategies on the subject, in hopes that my personal strategies will benefit someone.   In this thread, I will be discussing both the incredibly obvious and well as some of the not so obvious ways in which people(previously myself included!) burn through Silver without noticing and then wonder why they are always broke.   Additionally, I will briefly provide information and my personal tips for ways to increase silver production.   

I am NOT an English major, so there may be some spelling errors or perhaps a few long winded sentences, as well as a liberal injection of my own personal brand of witticisms and humor.  I realize some of my humor may not be appreciated by some, but I ask that you stick with me and try to pick up nuggets of wisdom attempting to be imparted.   If there are those who wish to comment or provide some helpful criticism that would assist in readability, please feel free to comment and your thoughts will be considered.   And with that, I shall begin...


Silver Production, The Mechanics


Joining a battle

Yes, you get a small amount of silver just by the act of entering a battle.  This is a small flat bonus which scales by tank Tier and should really be seen as icing on the cake.   ie, if this is your only action, you will be very broke for a long time.


Spotting a tank for the First time

Yep... you get a bit of Silver just for being the first to see an enemy tank.  Double the amount if it's an artillery piece.  However, this amount is very small, so again it cannot be counted on as your primary income source.


Base Capture

This method of earning silver provides a very small flat bonus to EACH person within the base when it is captured.  


Damaging the Enemy

This is your NUMBER #1 means of earning silver and should be one of your primary goals in the game.   



The Joining a battle bonus is multiple by 1.85.  This is quite small bonus, so really is nothing that will drastically increase you Silver production.  Again,it's just icing on the cake.


Tank Coefficient

Each tank in the game has a hidden number which affects its Silver production income(ie, the tank YOU are playing).   So two different tier V tanks that both did 100 damage to the exact same enemy tank and no other actions have the potential to earn difference Silver payments.     Premium tanks almost always have a vastly higher Coefficient compared to "normal" tanks.



Earning Silver, the Details


Do damage, as much as you can

If you want silver, you should continue to seek out enemy tanks you can shoot as long as you remain alive, with the exception of the goal of capping to win when you feel you must to secure a victory.    Sitting in a corner somewhere will not earn you extra silver(I promise).   Doing damage is the single thing that you can do within the game that will drastically increase your Silver earnings. The fact is that the more damage you do, the more Silver you will earn(however, as we will discuss later, there is overhead that will reduce your NET Silver "take home pay".)


With that said, here is where it gets a bit complicated, because not all damage is the equal.  The current game mechanics provide different Silver(and XP for that matter) amounts depending upon WHAT you damage.   So, for example, if you are in a Tier V tank and you do 100 damage to a Tier III tank, you will earn less Silver than if you had done the exact same 100 damage to a Tier VII tank.  


There are those who prefer capturing the enemy base as a means of winning the game, however due to both the Silver and XP potential, I will rarely capture an enemy base unless that is the only means of victory within the battle.   In cases where I finish an engagement, I use the back button and plot the shortest route to the next engagement in an attempt to deal more damage and thus get more Silver(and XP), EVEN if it appears at first glance that I would not make it before the enemy is destroyed or someone might be capturing the base in the mean time.   Again, the only caveat is if I have a firm belief that capturing the enemy base is the only means of winning the game.


Likewise, in the case of hopeless situations such as your team was slaughtered on the other side of the map and it's not a 7 on 1 against you, I will not suicide my tank and will continue looking for something to shoot and to which I can attempt to deal damage.    It really does not matter what tank or what tier it is, the fight is not over until the enemy kills me themselves.   On a side note, not giving up can be rewarded with a bit of luck and skill with a nice shiny Koblanov's Medal, and I tell you with all honestly,  there is little in this game that will give you more pride than being able to say you singlehandedly defeated 5 enemy tanks to secure a win(yes... you can get a Koblanov's by cap will vs 5 or more tanks.. but personally, I would consider this a cheap way to earn the medal and would feel no pride in the medal earned that way... of course...that's not to say I would not consider capping if I really felt that I had no chance!  Both of my Koblanov's medals were in situations where I had no chance to even get to the enemy base, much less the 1+ minute to complete the cap!)


Purchase a Premium Tank

Remember above when I talked about the Tank Coefficient? Coefficient is a fancy word for multiplier(you can think of it like that.. it's can be a bit more complicated in the actual formula, but this is the easiest word for most people to understand to get the general concept).  And the fact is that Premium tanks have a larger multiplier(though they are not all the SAME multiplier!)   Premium tanks can earn you a GREAT deal of Silver income in a short amount of time.  


As an example, I have an IS-6 which is a Tier VIII premium Russian tank.  I typically get an average games where I earn 75K Silver per match.   I have had matches where I NET as much as 175k with Premium time(which we will talk about in a bit).  Though it is POSSIBLE,  I rarely lose money in my IS-6(yep, I have crap games sometimes... and occasionally I even get a streak of them).   You have to try really, really hard to lose money in an IS-6 when played even close to correctly.   With that said, the IS-6 is NOT A MONEY PRESS, it is still contingent upon you actually going out and doing damage!   Out of my almost 400 games in the IS-6(392 games and .078% of all games played), I have been in the red approximately 10 times WITH premium and approximately 20 times without premium.


I won't discuss which specific Premium to buy as I really don't know.  I will caution you though, to not purchase a high tier premium tank when your skills don't support play in it's tier.  Not only are you not realizing the full benefit of the tank, but you are also being an active drain upon your fellow teammates.   


I realize that there are people who can't or won't spend real world money on a free game though, so please read on as there are plenty of other strategies that will help both you and well as those who do financially support WGA.


Purchase Premium Time

This really depends greatly upon the amount of time spent playing WoT.  If you play quite infrequently, then purchasing premium time is likely not worth it for your.   However, I would hazard a guess that most people who read the forums have at least some dedication to the game and play as much as they are able.   One word of note here, Premium Time is a Subscription service, you pay for a block of real world time and it will never be paid for by time used.   Be warned!    This is critical for someone who buys one day, and then uses only 1 hour.  If you play to purchase premium time in small blocks, ensure that you do so when you can get the most possible benefit time.   If you purchase some tank specials, they come with Premium time.  


For example, consider a tank special where you get a premium tank and 3 days of Premium time.   It would be exceptionally silly to purchase the tank 30 minutes before you are to leave for a week long vacation as the premium time will run out and be used.   Your best value in this situation would be where you will have a substantial amount of time available to play the game and put the purchased premium time to it's best possible use.   


Note that Premium time purchases are similar to many other economies of scale in today's world:  The larger the block of time you purchase at a single time, the less you pay per time unit.   If you have the means to purchase the largest possible unit(right around 1 year), it will provide you with the cheapest "per hour" charge so to speak.   Again, as mentioned above, there are plenty of people who can't or won't spend money, so please continue to read on.   I provide the paid options near the top because quite frankly, they ARE the best possible methods.


Take advantage of Special Events

WGA frequently have special events that can increase Silver production.  These typically take the form of something like

  • +50% Silver earned increase on German and Russian tank Tier II-V, +30% Silver Earned increase on German and Russian tank Tier VI-VII
  • +25% Silver Earned for upon earning the following Medals: XXX


Check each day the News to see if there is a special event which can earn you extra silver.    For example, if there is an event that increases Silver gain for all Tier V vehicles on a weekend, forgo playing your Tier VIII and play more of your Tier V during the event time period.   This can really help you generate more silver.   


Likewise, many times events had DISCOUNTS on certain Tier thank.  If you were going to purchase a specific tank anyway, take advantage of that special. HOWEVER, please make sure to carefully read below.  Remember, just because something is on sale, that does not mean you need to buy it!


On the FLIP SIDE, it's very important that you do NOT SELL any tanks that are part of the special events!   When a Tank is offered for purchase for a discounted price, then the sell price is reduced by the exact same amount!   Add to that fact that all tanks only net you 50% of the original purchase price, and selling a particular tank that is discounted during the event is a want to lose MASSIVE amounts of silver, especially at the higher tier!   If you are following my guide, principles, you can wait a few additional days as you already have enough to purchase the new tank you just unlocked and still hold onto the "old" tank for a few additional days until it's not longer on sell and maximize your Silver losses.


Spending Silver


Buying tanks/Upgrading packages

This is why most people play the game.  Some want to get to specific tanks and work toward that goal.  Others want to have all tanks unlocked at some point(that's me).  Regardless, most people will at some point buy some different tanks from the one they start with.   I will detail what I see as both positive and negative approaches.


Many people I have encountered who have issues with Silver have lot's of tanks in their garage and they are actively playing every single one.   In my humble opinion, this is a mistaken approach if you are already having issues with Silver reserves.   This is made even worse by those who have purchased additional garage slots, either individually or via a parking pass block.  Personally, I recommend having 2-3 tanks on which you can grind hard. I also suggest staggering these tanks by at least one tier and perhaps 2 for a less adept player.  The issue is that upgrading tanks and packages costs an extraordinary amount of Silver and having to outlay money on a daily basis quickly drains your reserves faster than you can typically replenish them.    The reason I suggest a SPREAD of tiers is that each successive tier tank costs progressively more than the current one to purchase and upgrade packages.


Another thing I see people do is purchase child tank as soon as they have completed the research on it and it's been made available.   Again, this is a poor strategy for someone who is already running on low Silver reserves.   My personal approach is to complete research on a tank and then continue to play the tank for multiple days or in a few cases weeks.  I tend to play a tank for approximately 3-50 games more than required to get the tank to Elite.   There are a few exceptions to this rule though as there are some tanks that are just so incredibly bad that there really is not much point.  


Following this approach has multiple benefits.  

For one, it allows you to continue to hone your skills before you advance to higher Tier play.  


Secondly, and more germain, it allows you to build your Silver reserves to the point that you have more than enough Silver to purchase the new tank, fully equip it, and purchase a crew, WITHOUT being forced to sell the child tank to do so.  My personal rule of thumb here is that I must have a minimum of THREE times the purchase price of the tank and all equipment and consumables before I consider the purchase.    


Another benefit that I enjoy is the challenge of trying to obtain the 99% Mastery badge in "most" of my tanks.  Some, I can get within the normal play, while others I got after the tank was Elite and a few(that I tried hard for), I was just not able to easily obtain.... always coming up around 100-200 XP short.  Still.. it's a goal I strive for because I am anal.


My point being: Slow down... the tanks are not going anywhere and will be there.  Personally, I have roughly 18 garage slots with 4 of those free.  Out of that, I have perhaps 3 tanks that I am grinding on and the rest are Elite, between tier's 2-8.   


Special Note: One of the worst offenders in this category is the WG Tech Tree Specials(to be superseded by "Path to X" event) .  Stop... just don't.  Unless you are ready to give up a line for a good long while to start a new one, don't even bother with the Tech Tree specials... They will eat through your Silver reserves.  This is ESPECIALLY true if your garage is small and you have to sell a tank to make room because sold tanks only net you HALF of the original cost.   I used to chase them for the first 2 months.... I stopped and have not regretted the decision.  If you happen to really want a specific line and it becomes available AND you plan to play the line for a long time, then by all means take advantage of the specials, but don't buy something you don't want/need just because it's on sale(good advice for the real world also!)  As mentioned above, though, make 100% sure you do not see the "old" tank if it also is part of the special as you will lose massive amounts of Silver.   Just purchase the "new" tank, keep the old tank, and sell the "old" tank after the event ends.



There are two types of equipment that can be put onto a tank, Simple and Complex.  Simple equipment generally costs much less and more importantly can be removed and will gain your full silver price payed back.   Complex equipment on the other hand, typically is quite expensive( price scales depending upon tier, but consider ~500K in the VIII's) and cannot, be sold without spending Gold, to dismount first.    Spending Gold will allow you to recoup the entire purchase price of the equipment.  


It is critical to note, you should dequip all equipment PRIOR to selling a tank! 


IMHO, if you have limited money supplies, keeping a bit of Gold around solely for this purpose will save you an inordinate amount of Silver as you progress through that tank Tiers.   Some people drastically underestimate the impact having the right equipment on the right tank can have, but I highly recommend each of you to always put appropriate equipment on every tank you plan to grid as it really does assist in keeping you in the fight longer and thus able to generate more Silver in the long run.   Each tank has different equipment that is optimal for use on it and in some cases it also depends upon how the tanker plans to play the tank.   For example, if you are a scout but plan to play as an active scout, there is little reason to get a camo net.


As a general rule, I would suggest most people not purchase equipment for tiers III or lower unless it's a tank you plan to keep and/or play often.



This includes things such the critical ones such as Repair Kit, First Aid, Fire Extinguisher,  etc.  as well as Premium Ammo and Premium Consumables.  In general, I equip AT LEAST Repair Kit, First Aid, and Fire Extinguisher on most tanks I own.    However, with that said, some such as the Fire Extinguisher are FAR more important on certain tanks than others.  For example, many German tanks have a much increased chance of catching fire and thus you need to do your research as there are many tanks I would never even dream of leaving the garage without a Fire Extinguisher equipped.   There are also Premium versions which appear to cost Gold, but can be purchased with Silver instead.   The Premium versions cost 20k each, but in addition to the one time use, as long as they are NOT used, they provide a potential static boost.  For example, a Large Repair Kit provides a permanent decrease(ie, it takes less time) in the time to repair modules as long as you don't use the primary benefit(immediate repair).   A premium Fire Extinguisher decreases the chance of fire in the first place as well as speeds fire fighting when a fire does occur.


Alternately, some tanks (generally by nation) have other consumables which are also equipable.  Things such as Chocolate, Case of Cola, etc.  These also cost either Gold OR 20k Silver.  These items typically provide a boost to all crew skills for the duration of the battle and USED immediately when the battle starts.    In most cases, I would typically suggest avoiding these items except on specific occasions, for example, if you have an Elite vehicle and are trying to get an elusive 99% Mastery badge and want a bit extra umph.   However, I would never suggest using these items unless you have and extreme surplus of Silver to burn. 


Finally, there is Premium (or "gold") Ammo, for most tanks this is either APCR or in some cases HEAT or HESH.  Many people shy away from premium ammo on the theory that a) it costs to much and/or b) that it makes you less of a tanker.    IMHO, neither of those are true statements.   Many people STILL don't know that "gold" ammo can be purchased with Silver, but on average, it is 4 times more expensive than AP ammo that comes standard.  The key is in knowing WHEN to use premium ammo!    For example, if APCR costs 4 times the amount of your AP ammo, but you bounce 5 shots, which is would have benefitted you more to use?   A big part of this is knowing the tank you are in and the tanks you are facing.  Each premium ammo has different characteristics which you must study to understand their strengths and limitations.   For example, APCR has higher penetration compared to standard AP ammo, however it drops penetration over distances so you typically do NOT want to shoot APCR at someone 500 meters away.   


I typically carry a load out of 3-4 HE(High Explosives), and then 20-30% APCR(or HEAT or HESH as the case may be) and the remainder in standard AP ammo.   In general, knowing the target you are facing, your gun's penetration and the target's armor will help you decide when to switch to premium ammo or not.  As a general rule though, you would typically never shoot premium ammo at a lower tier tank and would consider it when facing a higher tier tank.   Also, in most cases, armor is weaker on sides or rear and premium is generally less needed compared to trying to penetrate an opponent from the front.


A situation where I will switch to APCR in a hurry is when I am facing multiple opponents by myself and they have better armor than my gun will penetrate easily.   This situation becomes even more desperate and needed when you're the last guy left vs 3 tanks, all on low health and you want to maximize your chance of winning the game.   One bounced shot could easily make the difference between living and dying.  


When you do NOT want to try using premium ammo is when you have a very large aiming reticle and only a small part of it on a part of a target tank.  Make sure if you're using premium ammo, you have the most possible chance of hitting(though premium ammo CAN BOUNCE and not penetrate).  For example, if they are behind a rock and their track is out but only fills around 20% of your reticle, don't fire premium or you're very likely to be throwing away money.   


Premium ammo will earn you money every time you hit AND penetrate so it's really important to use it wisely.



Taking damage and ammo repair costs eat into Silver.   It's a delicate balance of doing damage while not wasting ammo as well as being where the action is so that you can actually do damage but without taking too much in return.  


You also have to factor in a balance of "should I shoot something that is almost dead or do lot's of damage to this health guy right next to him.  In general, you want knock an opponent out of the fight AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, because dead tanks don't shoot back.   Likewise, if with a group, use this tactic to coordinate fire upon the same vehicle and get each opponent gun out of the battle as quick as possible to help mitigate damage taken and ensure long term survivability.  



Silver Challenges in Higher Tiers


Most people have challenges in higher Tier matches due to the much higher repair and ammo costs.    For this reason, many people elect to keep a few mid tier tanks.   The sweet spot seems to be in the area of Tier V -VIII for ensuring fairly high average Silver production.  Personally, I don't tend to have so many issues in my high Tier games, but I just got my first Tier X tank, so perhaps it's a bit too early to tell.  


I will note that as I was first getting into the mid tiers, I instantly fell in love with the with the Silver earning abilities of the T1 Heavy.  After the pure suck that was the M3 Lee(constant money loses), I was fairly giddy once I began playing the T1 Heavy.    I remember playing nothing BUT that for several days to finance other tanks and earning well over 1 million within a few hours of playing(the most Silver I had been able to achieve at the time!)    My lack of Silver was due to running too many tanks that had to constantly being upgraded, chasing Tech Tree specials, etc(all the things I mention above to not do!)


While the T1 Heavy was my first "money maker" tank,  there are plenty of them out there.   Find one you BOTH enjoy playing as well as makes you good average Silver earnings for you and play that tank... a lot.   Remember, WoT is a marathon, not a sprint.  It's a long game strategy to manage Silver reserves.   As a side benefit, if you find a tank that is both enjoyable to play as well as one you do well in consistently, this increases your free XP earned.   "Better to have 500 matches making 1000 XP in a Tier V tank than 1000 matches making 200 XP in a Tier X tank."  



I hope the information presented provides people with some assistance in gaining and keeping enough Silver and never feeling like you're broke.    The main thing is, you don't HAVE to buy something new just because it's available and it's often advisable to NOT make that purchase... Only do so when you feel comfortable with the Silver you will have left after the sale is completed.  


Thank you for your time.

#661342 Open letter to WGA - 1.3 Summary Opinion Pertaining to German Line

Posted PANZERsaurusREX on 09 July 2014 - 06:32 PM

Dear WGA,


This post is an amalgam of comments, presented as a summary interpretation of the German “rebalance” within update 1.3 based upon other posts I have made upon this subject. This is conclusive, so I don't need to post anymore on this subject after this as it is cathartic. 


As you may know, I am extremely disappointed and shocked at the level of unbalance within this feature release. It appears that you took the 8.8 PC release and followed it to the T for tanks such as the VK 36, but for all other tanks, you adopted the nerfs and omitted nearly all of the buffs. Perhaps this is the part 1 of a greater plan using the 8.8 as a template and you ran out of time? We don’t know because you do not communicate these things to us. All we have to go on are the incomplete release notes you delivered yesterday with no mention by your staff of a greater roadmap. 


·         Clarity

I want to be perfectly clear as to the purpose of this post. I understand the concept of refactoring. Tanks need to be changed for the sake of balance. The purpose of this post is to point out the half-assed implementation of these changes as they apply to the German line. There are two distinct categories of people within this community. Ones who say the PC is the working template for things to come (Team PC), and those who say the 360 has Carte Blanche freedom to choose their own path (Team 360). When Team 360 calls fowl, Team PC reads the stats from the 8.8+ release and starts throwing out Terms and Conditions in their defense. When Team PC cries foul, Team 360 claims that WGA has full license to do what they want. This is a recursive situation, only WGA knows their roadmap. We are all speculating the intentions and future of this game. All I am doing is pointing out the facts as given to us by the developers as they pertain to the German line in release 1.3.


·         Missed Opportunity

1.3 was an opportunity for you to take your own path, Team 360 or converge on the Team PC path. It appears you did both, but only with the downgrades effecting the German line. I offer you an analogy to chess and checkers. Chess contains unique pieces that all have unique performance qualities. That is one of the reasons it is a great game, diversity. No rational person would consider homogenizing functions on the Queen, rook or bishop like restricting their movement to one space. Tanks is filled with unique pieces. Yesterday you normalized the VK 36 and turned it towards the Jumbo side of town. You followed the 8.8 path towards mediocrity. But, when all pieces have been homogenized, you are left with checkers. Your journey towards the PC is not yet complete though, you forgot all of the balancing factors as they pertain to the German tanks. These include, but are not limited to: ROF increases, traverse increases, view range increases and gun depression improvements. If you are converging on the Team PC path, you missed a huge piece of the 8.8 update. If you are diverging towards the Team 360 path, the opportunity not to destroy the VK 36 was lost.


·         British Equivelent

Of course, most of the negative backlash came from the German tanker community starting yesterday. We would expect it when our entire garage was downgraded with a single update. But I would expect no different behavior if WGA happened to say nerf  the front armor of the entire AT series with no balancing buffs to counter the nerfs. Would the Brit Tankers be upset? Of course they would. For the sake of a great game I would support the in their cause because balance would be lost. Categorically nerfing an entire line is not fair play, nor is it good mojo. If you don’t understand the disappointment and shock we German tankers have, imagine your entire garage nerfed. 


·         Critical of the Release Notes

As stated before, the release notes are not the equivalent of the 8.8 release except where the nerfs are concerned. There are a handful of buffs, but in comparison, we are talking 95% nerf and 5% buff. In other places, the notes are just plain wrong, take the very first line of the German notes, Ammunition:

·         Pzgr. 41 StK armor damage increase by 30

·         Pzgr. 41 HK armor damage increased by 30

Right off the bat, this is wrong. Both of these shells are associated with the VK Konish gun, the correct term is "decrease", not "increase". The previous alpha was 165 and now it is 135. So telling us this is an increase is a major oversight.


·         VK 36.01 (H)

You guys destroyed this tank. Slower, less damage (see Konish notes above). Increased hit points are lipstick on this pig. Missing ROF increase and gun depression increase parallel to 8.8. Basically all nerf and no buff. You missed the opportunity to balance out the nerf they did in 8.8 but followed it to a T. But since we are using 8.8 as a template for the VK in 1.3...


·         Pz.Kpfw. VI Tiger and Beyond

There is a pattern here, but i will address the concerns most of us hard-core German tankers are experiencing. You guys nerfed all of the engines and tried to make up for it in weight reductions, some have increases. This tank is slower, therefore it has been nerfed. The armor decreases are an insult to an already poor-performing tier VII. Before the Great German Nerf, this tank was inferior in almost every way to the T-29. Making it slower and taking away side armor is ridiculous when you forgot to buff it with some balancing factor. No ROF increase, no gun depression improvements, no aim time improvements, small trade-offs in front and back turret armor. But lets not kid ourselves, this wasn't an OP tier VII to begin with.


The summary you gave us in the notes is basically one huge engine nerf to the entire German line. For the sake of balance, the 8.8 update included some buffs to the aforementioned specs. 1.3 contains almost none of these buffs and that is why people who run German tanks exclusively are pissed off. Categorically, almost every tank in my garage has been negatively effected with poorer performing engines. I don't know what the expectations were when you put these changes together? You guys followed the nerf of the VK 36 all the way and then only took the negatives from the 8.8 template and applied them to all the rest of the line. You categorically degraded an entire nation of tanks in the name of "balance", congratulations? This was neither Team PC or Team 360, this was Team Anti-German Tank.


·         What next?

I currently have 4,555 battles on WoT 360. That comes to roughly 25 battles on average per day. I would may be called a hard core WoT fan, perhaps even an addict. On top of that, I am the 1% Wallet Warrior. Guys like me pay the “free” bill for those who are unable or unwilling to shell out money toward this game. I have purchased all of the German Premium tanks to date less the Lowe. I have given financial support to friends of mine who wanted to dig into this game but were unable to do so at that time. Why? Because I believed this game, so far has been fun, fair and balanced. My time with WoT has been well spent, even if they turned my V/IV into a Pz. III, I would consider the money I spent to date as a very well worth it. I don’t want any sort of refunds nor do I think I am entitled to any. I do want my lost premium ammo to be compensated if I choose to continue to play, but that is a lesser concern of mine. My concern is balance moving forward. I am not going to play with handicapped tanks until the this balance is complete.


I am pausing now at 4,555 battles until I am satisfied that WGA has a viable plan to bring balance back to the tanks in my garage. If there is a plan to finish the parallel implementation to the 8.8 release, that is great, I want to know that this is the intention of WGA, to follow Team PC.  To tell you quite honestly, it would make everything much easier. We would know exactly what is coming. The limbo some of us are in right now, is that we don’t know. We speculate that they will finish the refactor of the German tanks, but no statement to that effect has been officially made by any WGA official. Team PC says yes, Team 360 says no. What is the truth?


·         Decisions

But one thing is certain, I won’t play until this is sorted out. I want my confidence in WGA restored. As of right now, my financial support for this game and company has halted. Until yesterday, I was ready to purchase the Panther/M10 and was going to convert available XP to the tune of $125 to jump right to the Waffentrager upon its release. But what is the point? Why pay money for these tanks if WGA can destroy their best qualities on a whim and without notice? If WGA is going to follow Team PC, that is totally cool, DO IT! Follow Team PC, give us the balance that 8.8 had in their equivalent release, not this half-implemented, glass half empty garbage you dumped on us German tankers yesterday. If 1.3 is WGA’s divergent path towards Team 360, and there is no plan to balance out the German line, I respectfully choose to walk away.


·         Conclusion

My vitriol has been expressed. I fell all of my opinions on this subject have been documented. I am cool with whatever comes next. Catharsis. Just fill this void with lovely, delicious bacon, at the very least, a picture of bacon will suffice.






·         10 July 2014 Update: Everyone Agrees, 1.3 did not BUFF the German Line

Since the update, there has been not one (1) serious, quantitative forum post that update 1.3. was a buff to the German Line. It is the overwhelming consensus on the forums and within the data given by WGA that this was a sum total NERF to the German Line.


The real argument is to what degree did this nerf effect the German Line?


Two opposing camps have emerged, one extreme side says, “You ruined all the German tanks.” The other extreme side says, “The nerfs were so negligible, the German tanks were virtually unaffected.”  The real truth is probably somewhere in between.


Make no mistake though, not a single valid post is claiming that the German line wasn’t nerfed.  The argument now is to what degree. Now that the quantitative analysis shows that the Germans have been nerfed, people are putting in place tank-by-tank descriptions of their qualitative experiences with each of these tanks.


As of right now, I still hold the position that WGA should round out these nerfs with the expected buffs that were put in place in equity to the 8.8 update for the PC. This would solve both sides of the argument:


1. People who believe that the German tanks were ruined would have consolation that the equity buffs from 8.8 are in place to balance out the nerfs.


2. People who claim that the nerfs were negligible will probably agree that the buffs are as well.


Simplest solution to shut everyone up is to follow through with the 8.8 transition and add the missing buffs.


·         11 July 2014 Update: Financial Embargo Still in Effect

WGA has chosen not to address this issue, despite this thread being on top of the forums for three days. There are still many unanswered questions and many people have put fourth very compelling arguments. But as originally stated, my faith in this company has waned. I will not be spending any money on tanks such as the Panther/M10, nor on converting experience for quick advancement to the Waffentrager, until WGA puts fourth the time and energy to analyze and respond in kind to the collective concerns put fourth in this thread.


·         11 July 2014 (Late Night) Update: Good News

Nyx WGA has responded and will be addressing this topic when he meets with the development team Monday. He will be digging into the details and has offered dig into the "why" these changes were made. This should shed light on the subject and hopefully put an end to this post.


·         17 July 2014: There is a very bright side. 


Without saying so, it appears that you (WGA) acknowledges that we are not crazy and that our voice on this thread had merit. The degree of merit perhaps is debatable, it has obviously been debated here for a week.  Regardless, you are looking into a solution. For that I am thankful you hear our voice on this subject. We live in an unfortunate world where the loudest complaints get the most attention. I hope that the presentation of our opinion was more useful than hurtful. Thank you for listening. 


The two solutions you are debating internally are both acceptable to me. I can see how this may be difficult to decide upon, a revert to 1.2 may be simpler and faster to implement now, but what is the long play? I think from a user, a merge towards parity with the PC would be easier to understand. Wikis would match up, future implementations would not come as a surprise, etc. But you guys at WGA may lose something, something very important, and that is the freedom to make decisions on the metrics that you believe in. What if in the future you don't agree with the nerf of the 183? What then? If you take the path to the PC you will be bounded by their decisions. If you take your own path, you may be forced with similar passionate postings like this one. Your situation is a really difficult one and I really feel bad about contributing towards it. But in the long run, I believe the game will be better for it.


On any respect, I am very satisfied that this is being handled.  My perceived balance will be achieved with either of your decisions. I am lifting my personal financial embargo and will be purchasing the Dicker Max and Animal Package this evening. 


I appreciate you taking this post seriously. Good luck with your split decision, either way it seems fair to me.


Good luck again and Thank You.

#2589549 Why Has Nobody Mentioned This Huge Issue?

Posted Avvakening on 13 February 2016 - 03:55 PM

This thought has been with me for months now and I have yet to see anybody post about it or even speak a word of it. Just today has been the only time I've ever heard anyone say anything at all about it.


The issue is with the tank name showing above an enemy tank's icon while playing.


What's wrong with it?


That right there is what's wrong with it. The padding space for friendly tanks is so much greater than enemy tanks. The game seems to prioritize being able to see the tank name of an ally over an enemy for whatever reason. If there was an ally to the left of this image as well, it would literally be impossible to point your camera at the enemy tank icons to see what tank it is. For all you know, that heavy could be anything ranging from an ST-I to a Tiger. This issue is amplified when you're in high-tier games trying to figure out what TD the enemy is driving; it could be a Deathstar or it could just be an SU-122-54.


The obvious fix is to make the game prioritize the on-screen name of an enemy tank rather than a friendly tank or at the very least give them even padding. I'd MUCH rather know if there's a Deathstar around the corner than know what my team mate is driving.


Prime example:

Just look at that tiny amount of space your camera needs to be in to see the name of that enemy medium tank compared to the space that will allow you to see a friendly tank. This seriously needs to be fixed.


What it should be like (I'm not going to go through the hastle of editing the name above the tanks, but you should get the point):

#4408885 We Aren't The Target Audience Anymore

Posted Turboclicker on 07 June 2018 - 11:54 AM

I've kinda known this for a long time now but this recent announcement really seals the deal for me. I think most of the players here who were around back in the early days around late 2013/early 2014 would agree that the original audience was majority one who enjoyed the historical aspect of the game and loved to drive around all the machines they grew up reading about or maybe even played to discover new ones. We loved getting new tanks and felt the game getting better and better as more nations and lines were being developed. Back then there were no reskins. It was just straight up tanks. 


The first intruder to this was the Freedom. It was really goofy and crazy but hey, it was patriotic and kinda fun to mess around with. It also made sense as it was like a parade tank or something similar looking. Then came the Liberte and eventually the Knight. They were in the same vein and were generally regarded as a positive addition. 


Eventually WG started churning out weirder and more out of place tanks. One of the earlier ones was the Hammer. It was a Tiger that looked more like a football jersey than a tank and was negativity received by the forum. However this did not stop WG. I guess they found a lot of new sales from this tank and continued on. Now we have over 80-100 tanks in the game that are simply reskins of already existing tanks that completely go against the feel of the original game. You can just look at the release schedule of premiums. They release the reskin of a vehicle not even in this game yet then wait half a year to sometimes a full year to release the regular vehicle. They don't care about the authentic feel anymore.


To cut this off before I go on too long, the recent Frankenstein tanks are just the continuation of this trend. Their target audience is no longer the vets that built this game up. The people who played the game for its authenticity and for the chance to drive these machines as if they actually existed are not here much anymore. A ton have quit, dare I say most. 


We are not the target. People who want regular tanks are never going to get that feeling again.

#2864766 The Ultimate "Where To Take Your Tank" Guide

Posted TheRoofis0nFire-x on 21 May 2016 - 05:21 PM

44 Pages.

41 Maps.

Over 1100 different Positions.

No excuses.




JustAnAce and TheRoofis0nFire 

proudly presents:




to download the whole Guide as a single .pdf-Document



with Players who are new to the game and/or in need for some help!









Arctic Region

Dragon Ridge
El Halluf

Fisherman's Bay



#2692614 Why I Haven't Been Playing And Why I Probably Won't Ever Play Regular...

Posted Turboclicker on 16 March 2016 - 09:43 PM

At one point, I was one of the most active forum users and players. I will not place a rant here.


My current and ongoing problem is three-fold. All three stem from a lack of balance in Public Matches.


First off, the more important one, games are incredibly lopsided more often than not with one side dominating the other. I rarely have games where both teams seem genuinely balanced and it comes down to critical moments. More often than not, one team just steamrolls the other, and that team could be mine one game, and the red team the next game. The problem with this is I don't feel like I'm contributing all that much either way. If I'm on the winning team, I can do nothing and still win, and if I'm on the losing team, I could get more damage than anyone on either side, get 6 kills, and still lose by 3-4 tanks. I'm not sure how to fix this, but I wish it was fixed regardless.


Second, the maps are not the best due to a specific problem. The maps are obviously tailored towards a tank class or two instead of offering options and viability to all five classes. We have plenty of city maps where artillery is crippled, lights are mostly crippled, mediums are not crippled, but are weakened, and heavies and TDs are King. We also have the opposite, field and open maps where Lights, Artilleries, and TDs are in their prime, but Heavies are scared like elephants to mice. That's right, the massive, heavy, well armored and well armed, breakthrough tanks are scared hiding behind bushes because they don't have a role on the map. 


I've heard Skorpion Pass is not like this, and that map is genuinely good to all classes, as they have places they can succeed. If so, we need more maps like that, and less maps that restrict how you can play.


Third, and this is also a big one, tank balance. This problem is only really present in problematic quantities at tiers VIII through X. The balance below these tiers are generally good. At these tiers however, the game is dominated heavily by specific tanks. The PC game has its own problems with balance, but generally I find it to be the far better game in terms of balance. The main problem tanks at the higher tiers are:


  • Certain artillery (M53/55, CGC) are too powerful.
  • TDs as a whole from tiers VIII-X are too powerful.
  • Mediums at tier X, to an extent, are too powerful.
  • Heavies, at tier X, are too weak.
  • Lights, at tiers VI-VIII, are too weak.


This creates an atmosphere that isn't fun to play in. Playing a heavy is an exercise in frustration as TDs run rampant in numbers and are not only your direct counter, but are also able to do your role almost as well. Lights, are pretty much replaced by mediums entirely as tier VIII lights don't do much a tier IX or X medium can't do. Mediums are a problem because they do the light's job too well, but also because of how good they are in general. Their penetration is second to only TDs and their playstyle and ability works better than any other class at this tier. I don't know how to fix mediums. Artillery as a whole I find to be a bad game mechanic, but they aren't unbalanced mostly, except for the M53/55 and CGC at this tier. 


Of course this is all my opinion, but I do find it to be entirely correct and informed.


This thread is only here to hopefully show WG what quite a few players are thinking, and to hopefully improve their game for the better. 


I also know this post won't do much, but I wanted to make it anyway.


Please show your support if you agree, it is the only way to make progress, even if it is unlikely.

#311261 I’m worried about the life of this game. Concerns: Packages, Communication, B...

Posted THAI V1P3R on 06 March 2014 - 11:16 AM

 I know WG wants to make this a very popular game on the Xbox 360, but they are not doing a very good job at making their game appeal to new players. The first problem, of course, is the awful package system. Many tanks would not even have close to the excruciating grinds that we have to go through currently. For example, the T29's first package costs 48,200 exp to unlock if you came from the Sherman Jumbo or 34,200 coming from the M6 because they decided it was a good idea to upgrade everything about the tank in one package. The T29 stock is quite useless, especially if you are fighting higher tiers. On the PC you can immediately mount the 90 mm gun coming from the M6 or grind out just 14,000 coming from the Sherman Jumbo. Here is a direct quote from the wiki for the PC about the T29: " The 90mm Gun carries over from the M6 (or if you previously played the T20) and should be installed immediately. The 76 mm is insufficient for anything at this tier. Free XP is strongly recommended if you came from the E2 Jumbo Sherman and don't have the 90mm M3." The wiki even tells you to avoid, at all costs, playing the T29 stock! I know some players have accepted the package system, but why should we when there is no viable reason for it. I have not seen one instance where they have put packages together intelligently. In fact, it is quite the opposite. The VK 36.01 H is a good example of this. Its first upgrade package gives you the Konisch 7.5 cm gun, which is by far the best gun for that tank. The last two packages offer two separate guns that are worse, but you now get the Maybach HL 230 P45 engine, which is the best engine. No one in their right mind would equip a tank with anything but its best modules unless it comes to a preference of gun choice; it seems that WG has done that though. Currently there is no possible way to play the VK 36 with its best configuration. If you think about it, the excuse that we could make "bad builds" for tanks if we had modular upgrading is really just a ploy for them to make more money; their philosophy is probably something like: More frustrating grinds means a player will be more likely to spend money to skip the grind. On the contrary, I think if we had modular upgrading there would be more players that stick with this game and more would spend money. I can see a player converting 1,000-2,000 gold to 25,000-50.000 free experience so s/he could get a high tier module for his/her tank that could make it decently playable. When a player sees that it would cost 4,000-6,000 gold to get the 100,000-150,000 experience to get a package full of expensive modules, his/her likely response is, "Nope! No way I'm spending that much!" That would be on a single tank! S/he would be more likely to just accept the grind or quit this game altogether. Now I do understand this could also have been influenced by Microsoft because Microsoft will get a percentage of all purchases made on this game. It's still a bad business practice either way. Which is would earn you more money, 1,000 players who spend $50+ on the game or 50,000 players who spend $10-15 on the game?

     The second thing is the bugs this game released with. Specifically the account lockout bug. This bug kept many players, beta veterans and newbies alike, from playing this game for hours or days at a time. I know many players on Xbox like to try new games when they release, but if the game won't even let them play it they move on. 

     The third issue is that we have an utter lack of communication from the developers. Patch 1.0.3 came out yesterday, and we only heard about it a day prior. We were given no information they were releasing the Super Pershing or the Jagtiger 8.8 on March 1. It would be nice if they would give us some useful information well in advance, so we're not kept in the dark feeling like we're in limbo the whole time. People want to know what's going on, or they may not stick around. Even if new content was not coming for another month or more, at least we would know and have something to look forward to, which brings me to the last issue.

     When are we going to get new content? I'm not talking about one map here, a two new premiums there, but the finishing of the American, German, or British trees, a new nation, or maybe a couple of maps. All I ever hear or see from the devs on the forums is the word "Soon", and a tweet they sent out yesterday said, "Good things come to those who wait, but we have no details about future content at this moment." Well, when are you going to have any information? A new patch came out with no new content. Players are getting bored here. This game has been virtually the same since the last two months of the beta, minus a couple of bugs. Let's face it, the players from the beta still make up the core of the dedicated community, and we're getting burnt out on this game. 

     In the end, a game should be fun to play in all aspects. It's not fun when a game becomes frustrating to play, has a game-breaking bug, and has a lack of communication about patches and new content. How is this game going to draw in new players when there are many other games out there that are fun to play from the start and stay fun all throughout.


Disclaimer: The paragraphs contained herein are my opinions and I have expressed them to the best of my knowledge and ability. If any person has a disagreement or issue my claims, please express your concern with respect and politeness.

#2514798 R.I.P. "Tankuvrymuch"

Posted K9ozzy on 24 January 2016 - 09:11 PM

It's with a heavy heart I want to tell you that we lost one of our best on Wednesday.  Ron Koaches or as many of you may have known him by "Tankuvrymuch".  Ron was one of the most avid tankers on WOT console with right at 42,000 battles and also a member of the supertest program.   He was good man and made friends with all who he played with.  He was the glue that held mutiple clans together.  I considered him one of my best friends in life.  He had been dealing with a brain tumor the last couple years but he never let it get him down.  He was the definition of a man and a role model, and I'm glad to have known him.  You will be truly missed my brother.

#2371953 secret WG interview about 'boosts'

Posted Red Five R5-x on 11 December 2015 - 06:28 PM

I just came across the posts about boosts and instead of getting angry, started laughing actually.

Wow WG! those are some big balls!


#2516116 By the Numbers: What is a "unicum"? I analyzed over 200k active pla...

Posted Gel4ssen on 25 January 2016 - 06:56 AM

This will be a short one.


A gentle soul asked everyone tonight:  "Why the [edited]are you not unicum"!?  Well, that's sort of like asking why doesn't everyone play basketball as well as Michael Jordan?  


Yes, unicums are that good.


Just what does it mean to be "unicum" anyway?  I wanted to know, so I ran the WN7 numbers on over 200,000 XBOX player records (with over 1,000 games played).  


Here's the breakdown (percent of population):


Super Unicum - 0.010658198795843617 (top 1.06%)
Unicum - 0.0231477842579347 (top 2.31%)
Great - 0.06943549274519359 (top 6.94%)
Very good - 0.1354990332164809 (top 13.54%)
Good - 0.30158929778504395 (top 30.15%)
Average - 0.5228333831135146 (top 52.28%)


Unicums are amazing at this game:  they win more, do more damage, kill more tanks, ad infinitum compared to the rest of the population.


I see lots of threads about "potato teams" and "idiot players".  Yes, compared to Michael Jordan, most people would look like idiots out on the basketball court.  Does that mean they can't enjoy playing the game?  I wonder if Michael Jordan berates people for sucking at basketball compared to him.  Next time you (unicums) see potatoes, maybe try to have some magnanimity -- by definition not everyone can be in the top 1%!  =)






#1116316 'Twas the night before Christmas

Posted UnkeptCanine96-x on 09 December 2014 - 03:29 PM


'Twas the night before Christmas


'Twas the night before Christmas, near Erlenberg's house

Not a vehicle was stirring, not even a Maus;

The artillery was camping by the green flag with care,

In hopes that the light tanks would not spot them there;


The TDs were nestled all snug in their bushes,

With visions of red team lemming train pushes;

And Matilida in her cammo, and Bert near the cap,

Hoping to hit at least one red team chap,


When a ways out from spawn there arose such a battle,

Because the red team was wandering like slow moving cattle

Away to the flank I flew like a flash,

Tore open the Nashorn using high silver Hesh


The moon on the breast of the slow falling snow

Gave the lustre of mid-day to the light tanks below,

So what do I see as I crest the hills apex ,

But a miniature French light tank, ELC AMX,


With a unicum driver, so lively and slick,

I knew in a moment I must aim real quick.

More rapid than Cheetahs he did try to flank,

While his shots whistled right by me, I blasted his tank;




Shoot the top of the hatch sticking over the wall!

Now blast away, blast away, ammo rack them all!


And then in my light tank while scouting Halluf

I was ducking and weaving because I was not bulletproof

I was lighting the reds for my team across the map

Hoping they would kill them before a green teamer capped


My tank was decked out in a cool desert cammo

And fully loaded with premium ammo

I juked and I dodged and I circled around back

Hoping to get a shot at the red’s ammo rack


The red teamer grew frustrated as I circled his tank

He fired shots at the ground at the sky and sand bank

As I took the last of his health, my eyes they did gleam

That last shell was courtesy of the green team


I jumped in my Patton on Mountain Pass

To impress RhymeswithN00bs, that pretty young lass

Unfortunately that was something that I did not do

I got one shotted by Violet Viper’s artillery crew


So I watched Youtube videos to improve myself

They were by a tanker named Jingles, a jolly old elf

He explained the do’s and the don’ts of the tanks I might use

After watching these videos, now I can’t lose


So I jumped in my tank and let out a yip

Cruising to the front lines for a tank I could clip

My teammates heard me exclaim as I drove out of sight



#793997 WG attention.

Posted RRP on 18 August 2014 - 03:35 PM

Hello everyone, I hope I can get everyone within the community aboard and show WG we would 

Iike this. WG announced they have no intentions of adding training rooms. For some players this will not effect you or your time playing WoTs. For others such as clans this will be a huge upset and disappointment.


wg I am making this post to show you that this is the wrong move and myself and many others would like you to change your plans for training rooms. Wether or not clan wars is being looking into or worked on clans would like training rooms, they do a multiple of things to further this game and help it get better. With training rooms clans will be able to learn set ups, spots to go on maps, what tank to run together, what players have the best chemistry, it also allows for us to see what angles to approach a situation and how to handle certain situations, it also allows clans to help other clan members and help advance there skills.


what does this do for the average player? This can do a multiple of things as well. It will allow for players to go into games with their buddies and maybe see why something they don't understand happened the way it did so they can learn from that mistake. It will also help the players not as skilled at the game go in with players who are more skilled and allow them to help that lesser player. They can also go in and learn how to use there tanks a little bit before heading right into a game not understanding their tank and then going against more veteran players blind.


what can this do for WG? WG will also benefit from training rooms. If a player has experience a issue they think occurred they may go and see why this may have happen. Maybe this was a issue on WGs side or maybe it was just something they didn't understand. This will help players understand your game better making it so players have a more enjoyable play experience which results in a bigger and better player base.


To all clans out there and even just players wanting to try and understand some of the aspects of the game. Please cast your vote and also please upvote this so it may become a popular topic and show WG that we as a community would like change.


Thank you from Amazing Royce and everyone in WAR.   



#4600135 MERCENARY OUTCASTS is a step too far !

Posted RetroJules-x on 14 November 2018 - 12:24 AM

Good Day Fellow Tankers...well actually it is not a good day!!

3 absolutely ridiculous tanks enter the game that have no place at all ! And I was angry when the manga tanks came out? That was nothing compared to how I feel about this tosh.

Please watch my video and put your vote in at the end using Thumbs up and down.

Sorry Wargaming. You take two very positive steps forward with the new Soviet tanks, improving the sounds to be more realistic and the introduction of Polish tanks............and then you bring this childish rubbish into the game!!

As Queen Victoria once said "We are not amused"

Retro out :angry: 

#1160965 The Great DPM Projekt

Posted Uranprojekt on 24 December 2014 - 02:53 PM

Important, please read; I cannot add another tech tree to the OP. There is simply not enough space to do so. As with the German tech tree, the American and Soviet tech trees will be added as a reply. I realise that it means splitting up the tech trees and possibly making them hard to find but my hands are tied. Again, I cannot stress this enough, there is no space left in the OP for another tech tree. To find links to the tech trees not included in the OP, please read the very first reply to the OP.


Here's the skinny. Someone asked for a DPM stat to be added for every gun in the game. I decided to go off and do it myself. Now, I can't add these stats to the game but I can create a forum post listing every gun and its DPM and that's exactly what I'm about to do.


I've only done tanks that are available in the tech tree, including premium tanks. If it isn't in the tech tree, it won't be on this list. (Forgot to say this next bit so thanks to YoDatsNice for reminding me) All values are stock values. Equipment, crew and consumable modifiers to reload speeds have not been included in the calculations.


If you think I've made a mistake, feel free to correct it and I shall add the correction to the list. Without further ado, let us begin.


French Tech Tree.


Heavy Tank Line (AMX 50 B)




Light/Medium Line (Bat. Chât. 25t)




Tank Destroyer Line (AMX 50 Foch (155))




Artillery Line (Bat. Chât 155 58)




Premium Tanks




British Tech Tree


Heavy Tank Link (FV215b)




Medium Line (FV4202)





Tank Destroyer Line (FV215b (183))





Light/Artillery Line (Conqueror Gun Carriage)





Premium Tanks




#750078 how to find your WOT 360 player efficiency...

Posted SmalltalkJava-x on 05 August 2014 - 04:05 PM

I'm not here to debate wn8, efficiency, or other statistical measures for player "skill" or tank selection biases. this is just a FYI. additionally I'm writing this in my phone so the formatting may be funky. If you go to wotxbox.ru it is a site made for Russian players bit it works for all xboxer tankers. Go to the website and click on the long word on the upper right. on the next page there is a text entry box. Enter your wargaming profile number in the box and click the button next to kt. Then in about 24 hours your eff stats will show up and you can get a forum dig picture like mine. to find your wargaming profile id number go to the main Xbox 360 wot site and look at your profile stat page. In the URL is number, that is the number you enter. For example look up my profile and you will see the number 538674 in the browser address bar.

#2249422 By the Numbers: I analyzed over 1 million XBOX player records. Here are a f...

Posted Gel4ssen on 04 November 2015 - 07:16 PM


Now edited to reduce hyperbole!


There's a lot of speculation and hearsay in World of Tanks.  But what do the actual numbers say?  I wanted to find out, so I analyzed over 1 million XBOX player records.  I'm still sifting through the information, but here are a few of the most interesting initial insights:


  1. Despite its popularity, the T110E5 performance is actually quite bad.  31 out of 32 in avg. damage, same for avg. vehicles destroyed (0.90), 22 in avg exp (868.18), 49% win rate.
  2. Whether intentional or not, Russian bias is very real:
    1. 5 out of the top 10 tier 10 tanks are Russian (as measured by win rate, avg. damage, kills, etc.)
    2. 5 out of the top 10 tier 9 tanks are Russian.
    3. 3 out of the top 10 tier 8 tanks are Russian.
    4. 5 out of the top 10 tier 7 tanks are Russian.
    5. 4 out of the top 10 tier 6 tanks are Russian.
  3. Published accuracy numbers are not reflected in the actual performance.  Tanks with stated very low accuracy perform just as accurately (sometimes more) as their peers.
  4. The IS-4 outperforms the IS-7 in avg. damage, vehicles destroyed, avg. experience, win rate, and hit percent.
  5. The 121 performs exceptionally well:  1st in wins with a 55% avg. win rate, 3rd in avg. exp (1148.96) (1st amongst mediums).
  6. Artillery is irrelevant to win rate (virtually none have a higher than 50% win rate).  The exception is the FV304 which has an avg. 53% win rate.
  7. The best tier 8 tank is the IS-6 (premium or otherwise).  1st in win rate, with 54%, 2nd in avg. vehicles destroyed (1.12 per battle).
  8. The Brazilian Bulldog performance is really, really bad.  It is dead last in avg. dmg. with 574.31, last in vehicles destroyed (0.43), 41st out of 48 in avg. exp., last in win percent (48%), and 43rd in hit percent.
  9. The Excelsior is actually pretty darn good.  3rd in win rate (54%), 2nd in avg. exp (984.90), 3rd in avg. vehicles destroyed (1.2 per battle).
  10. The T-44 is much better than people think, with a 53% win rate.
  11. The Löwe and T34 are average to low performers.
  12. The Pz.Kpfw. S35 739 (f) is a damn fine tank.  4th in avg. damage for its tier (298.75), 4th in avg. destroyed (1.3), 3rd in avg exp (708.42), 3rd in win rate (57%).


I hope to further detail and share my findings with you guys as I can.  If there is something specific you'd like to know, maybe I can query the data for you -- just post it here.

#593774 Youtubers and Videos to watch for those newcomers or players that want to edu...

Posted SkyStalker on 15 June 2014 - 09:54 PM

Hey all,

I thought I would post this because I have seen too many people incorrectly using their tanks or the game mechanics. I am also hoping that the WG admins pin this thread so that it doesn't get lost in the archives. I will continue updating this so if anyone thinks of someone that I have not then please post them on here and I will take a look and add them to this post


Of course you can also check out the WoT wiki here: http://wiki.worldoftanks.com/Main_Page

or if you have an android tablet then you should look into an app called WoT Knowledge Base as a reference for maps and tanks:



First of all I suggest watching the WoT Xbox tutorial videos that can either be found in the tutorial section of the garage or on the WoT 360 Youtube channel they don't give you all the facts and leave much to be desired but they can still give you a breif overview of the game mechanics and how to use a general tank class. The PC WoT channel is also good but they mostly post videos about their team battle mode (called the Science of Victory) and other good series like RNG: No Comments, Best replays of the week, and 8-bit tales


WoT 360 Channel: https://www.youtube....4-JTnhtG8swnwoQ


WoT PC Channel: https://www.youtube....Y-jGGQe3inlqfiA


Wot Mechanics Playlist link: https://www.youtube....jy3K6Ugg1nUCNrP


WoT Tank academy playlist link: https://www.youtube....1QYxvuugusToqkk


WoT Team battles and Strategy channel (new "Science of Victory" home channel):



Secondly try watching other PC youtubers for now as I can't any xbox youtubers that post good videos regularly.


The Mighty Jingles (BohemianEagle on Youtube) is pretty good. He does some great, in depth and (be warned) long Tank review videos as well as a good series called "the good the bad and the ugly". He also has two videos about the Camo Mechanics of the game that a really in depth and quite amusing to watch called "How not to suck". If you are looking for the tank reviews look under his playlists they are split into playlists by nation. WARNING: He can swear like a Sailor at times because he is Ex-Royal Navy.


Mighty Jingles Channel: https://www.youtube....zxhbNJuGNo_TxkQ


How not to suck Part 1: https://www.youtube....eature=youtu.be


How not to suck Part 2: https://www.youtube....h?v=xKeNC2jAqvI


Capt Canada also does a few good videos but he is yet again fixed on becoming a pro so he will throw out word and phrases that mean nothing to a lot of you


Capt Canada channel: https://www.youtube....6jMVlGmNK0-1JkQ


Maxwell does some pretty good videos and does subscriber replays, and sometimes he will post the odd Xbox video as well. He also does a series called "World of tanks Dream Team" where 15 youtubers get into a platoon and play Team battles and do some great and funny games once a month. The Dream Team series is a great way to get introduced to other great WoT youtubers.


Maxwell's Channel: https://www.youtube....xSRGames/videos


Nether Vvoid does some tank reviews but hasn't done any recently, however he has found an ingenious way of finding the tank review that you are looking for with videos of Tank trees with annotations of the tanks he has done reviews on just click the annotation and it will take you to the review. I will post the link to his playlist of those vids.


Nether Vvoid Tank review playlist: https://www.youtube....D318CE9421F6FE1


There are many others like Quickybaby, Sir Foch, and Circonflexes. but they are mostly just videos of them play and nothing really educational. ProersHD is the only good quality Xbox only youtubers that I have found so far but he doesn't do videos regularly.


Quickybaby: https://www.youtube....hN268yjgYq-0hNw


Sir Foch: https://www.youtube....a_7yx0PKNtSSrNA


Circonflexes: https://www.youtube....j6NZKXxOQffuClw


ProersHD: https://www.youtube....SjkoQJFSAPW4juQ


The Marine0341: https://www.youtube....PqFmvl4vLg/feed (Refered to me by Smalltalkjava: http://forum-console...567#entry803567)


The Lost Legion (AKA: JackTh4RiPPa): http://www.youtube.c...kmkHKqcR8Ug5ZRg


Edit: Forgot to another Xbox 360 youtuber that I have had in my sub box for along time. He is LILMikeeh and he is reviewing most of the mediums and has videos detailing each and every Crew perk and skill.


LILMikeeh: https://www.youtube....Mikeeh/featured


Also check out the many live streamers on twitch: http://forum-console...n-live-streams/


Edit 2: A good video that explains how to properly Side Scrape: https://www.youtube....h?v=omivVQOM_zg


If there are any that I may have missed please feel free to post others and I will check them out and update this OP.


Oh and if you are getting shot at, please at least point your front armor at me if you won't angle it to about 30-40 degrees. I feel guilty and awful taking advantage of those nice juicy sides and rears. :playing:


Edit 3: A few more Xbox 360 Twitch streamers and Youtubers that I have found


Soviet Death

Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/rtgnsovietdeath


Devil Brigade (I have personally platooned with him while he was streaming)

Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/devilbrigade

Youtube: https://www.youtube....GrR43ZZISU9fhsQ


Wizard Ken

Youtube: https://www.youtube....ser/EMKnights55


Cosmic Carrie

Youtube: https://www.youtube....VYTQjg/featured


Rush Dodge

Youtube: https://www.youtube....xxrushxxdodgexx



Youtube: https://www.youtube....ns3fnKliHA/feed


The Beard Guys

Youtube: https://www.youtube....ysFilm/featured

#1139600 Before you ask about WoT and Xbox One, please read me

Posted iScending on 17 December 2014 - 10:08 AM

One of the most frequent questions we get here on the forum is "Will World of Tanks be released for Xbox One?" and as there has been an increase in the number of new threads we figured we should make this post so that everyone can easily see what the scoop is.


We have not announced that World of Tanks will be ported to Xbox One nor have we ever said it will be. 

If we ever do, trust me, you will know :p.