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Announcement: World of Tanks Console - Forum Rules

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Welcome to the World of Tanks Console Official Forum of the Americas!


This forum is here to provide you with a friendly atmosphere where you can discuss ideas, participate in events, share and receive game play advice, and discuss any other aspects of World of Tanks Console with other players.


Community forums are at their best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy. Therefore, we ask that you conduct yourself in a civilized manner when participating in this forum and respect the rules.






2.1 Forum etiquette Users are not allowed to abuse others, make personal attacks or behave disrespectfully. This prohibition applies to both public threads and private messages (PMs).



2.2 Distribution of real-life information and real-life threats Postings and discussions which have users’ personal data - regardless of whether this is their own or that of other users - will be removed. Threats of out-of-game violence are never warranted and will be removed.



2.3 Advertising



2.4 Accounts, Gold/Credits, Pre-order & Promotional codes, Leveling services, Begging



2.5 Off Topic, spamming and trolling Off topic posting in an attempt to derail valid posts, or creating topics/threads for the purpose of causing unrest are not allowed.



2.6 Politics, Major Religions, or Religious Figures The World of Tanks Console forums are for discussions regarding World of Tanks Console. This is not the place for controversial topics, and the Off-Topic section shall not be used for these topics as well.



2.7 Law Violations



2.8 Discussing disciplinary actions




3.1 Language



3.2 Hard-to-Read Posts



3.3 Links and Images



3.4 Names (Players and Clans), Avatars, Images/Video, Signatures & Clan logos







Customer Support (both forum and in-game): https://console.wargaming.net/



All forum/game rules apply to the official World of Tanks Console EN Discord channel. 

Current player bans applied in the forums will be applied to players in the Discord channel. https://discord.gg/AGbzVZz

Players banned in the forums will have the opportunity to join the discord channel under the condition that they will be removed/banned at the first Discord offense. 



Community forums are at their best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy. Therefore, we ask that you conduct yourself in a civilized manner when participating in this forum and respect the rules.


Your access to the World of Tanks Console forum is a “privilege, and not a “right.” Wargaming.net reserves the right to suspend your access to the forum at any time for reasons that include, but are not necessarily limited to, your failure to abide by these rules. If a member is found to violate any of the forum rules listed on this page, the current Rules Violations policy will be followed.


Warnings and official notifications are set off in red, this font color is reserved for use by staff only. Once a user's post has been moderated, users are not permitted to edit the notes placed within the post by the staff. Similarly, the impersonation of Administrators in any way is not permitted.


Note that the following guidelines are not exhaustive, and may not address all manner of offensive behavior. As such, the forum moderators and administrators shall have full discretion to address any behavior that they feel is inappropriate.



All players will start with a clean slate, except for those accounts that are currently permanently banned.

Players posting content that violates our rules will receive 1 warning, and each offense afterward will count as a “strike” against the account.  However, there will be instances in which the offender will receive more than a warning and immediately be put in the strike system, or be given a permanent ban.


Each strike comes with a ban and restrictions increase with each strike.

  • 1st Strike: 1 day "read only"
  • 2nd Strike: 3 days "read only"
  • 3rd Strike: 7 days "read only"
  • 4th Strike: 14 days "read only"
  • 5th Strike: Permanent ban

Be aware that Strikes do not "roll off".


Banned Accounts

  • Once you have reached five (5) strikes, your account will be permanently banned from the Forums.
  • If you believe a strike was placed on your account incorrectly, submit a Penalty Appeal as a Support ticket and we will thoroughly review the issue.
  • Bans are placed on the user.  If a user attempts to circumvent the ban by using alternate accounts, that account will also be permanently banned.
  • If a user uses an alternate account to break forum rules, a strike will be placed on the user's main account and the alternate account will be permanently banned.
    *It is not allowed to create an alternative account to bypass the forum ban.
    *Ban applies to all posting and personal messages.


The administration reserves the right to update and modify these rules as the needs of the community dictate to ensure the smooth operation of this community.


Repeatedly violating any area of these Rules or EULA, including the areas detailed above, will result in permanent suspension from the game and/or forums. This policy is not language-restrictive. Language that falls under this policy will always be subject to the repercussions listed, whether it is inappropriate in English or any other language.


The bottom line is that we want World of Tanks Console to be a fun and safe environment for all players. World of Tanks Console is a Massive Console Multi-player On-line Game with a mixture of genres, and the keywords are “Massively Multi-player.” While playing this game and posting on its forums, you will encounter thousands of other players who share different experiences and come from vastly different backgrounds.


While certain actions may not be offensive to you, consider the fact that that same actions may have a completely different effect on someone else. We’ve done everything we can to make this a great game but now it’s up to you, the players, to breathe life into the world.