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Announcement: Known Issues

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Hello, the following are known issues. Please check this list before posting a Bug Report. Thanks!


Known Issues

  1. Standard Consumables display a Cooldown time in the Loadout Tab
    • There is no cooldown on Standard Consumables.
  2. Changes the currency of Premium ammo while you have shells in reserve doesn't update the currency display next to the shell. 
    • A visual issue only. The currency does change and it displays the total cost using the correct currency correctly. 
  3. Gun and Mantle are out of sync by 1 frame when rotating the tank in the armor/module viewer.
  4. The booster UI sometimes stays on the screen when opening the Filter screen
  5. Applying an inscription to the Concept 1b will cause it to flicker for a moment and then will resolve itself. 
  6. The camera can't be rotated when in slot 2,3, and 4 in paint jobs.
  7. Stats Tank Filters do not currently Function as intended.
  8. When opening the Filter, the selector defaults to the first tank in the right-hand panel instead of filter options.
  9. The Elite Status does not update after being researched. It still displays as "Accelerate Research" until the page is refreshed.
  10. Tank Restoration feature is not working as intended.
  11. Pressing the up or down d-pad button while on certain upgrades in the upgrades menu can cause the information panel to grow or shrink in size.
  12. The average damage in the profile stats is not calculating correctly.
  13. Camo in the first slot does not appear upon loading into the Appearance tab.
  14. T69 has inconsistent camo scaling and appearance.
  15. FV4005 has inconsistent camo scaling.
  16. The log is missing information for Gold pack purchases, Skin purchases, and IPX rewards.
  17. The log doesn't display how much the ammunition resupply cost was for that battle.
  18. Multi-tank bundle only plays music during the first tank celebration.
  19. Having mics plugged in makes the mic icons disappear in the platoon player list. Icons display when no mics are plugged in.
  20. No indicator for how long it'll take for the broken component to be repaired
  21. Multi-tank bundles are showing a silver refund on the confirm screen instead of gold. 
    • The bundles correctly refund gold so this is just a visual issue.
  22. For some tanks, such as the M44, the upgraded gun will still display messages about it being incompatible with the current turret.
    • This doesn't prevent you from actually equipping it.
  23. Personal offers remain on screen after making the purchase. 
  24. Missing Clan Tag in various locations.
  25. Repurchasing a previously sold tank prior to action heroes and then selling again will cause an error. 
  26. When the Premium skin is equipped on the Obj. 277, the flag mounts inside of the tank. 
  27. Special camo icons missing.
  28. Players sometimes are grayed out as if they aren't connected, but are active.
  29. Opening the compare module widget causes it to get stuck on the screen.
  30. Dual nation crew trainers charging fees when it should be free.
  31. Personal offer and purchase celebration screens have visual issues and text overlapping text
  32. Cliff: Rock at E2 can been seen through
  33. Silver Boost have placeholder Icons on the pop-up celebration.
  34. Pilsen: Building missing collision
  35. Engine audio missing on the T-62
  36. Frostbite: Cable clips into model
  37. Armor Viewer displays incorrect tank
  38. [Japanese] Incorrect Translation in post-battle scoreboard screen
  39. Kaunas: Smoke/Dust trails on this map are blue
  40. Firing sound cut off when switching to third person
  41. Crosshairs move when premium food consumable expires
  42. Using filters displays last played tank
  43. Mercenary Crews aren't coming with the correct skill slots and assigned skills
  44. Boosters: Display is cut off in certain languages
  45. HMH Centurion. Mantlet clips through cover
  46. [Japanese] Incorrect Translation in post battle result screen
  47. Some Achievement / Trophies not working
  48. Cliff: New rocks around lighthouse hill can trap tanks
  49. Silver audio stuck playing
  50. Engine audio missing: T-54
  51. [Japanese] Incorrect Translation in Tank stats screen
  52. Whats New: Doesn't fit on the screen
  53. Mountain Pass: Rocks missing collision: C3
  54. Ops: Not showing the check mark upon completion
  55. Red and Green makes it hard to identify Platoon
  56. Cant access boosters after purchasing a tank
  57. TVP 50/51: Clipping in sniper view
  58. German: Unit for Hit Points incorrect
  59. Selling tanks: Displayed sell value is incorrect
  60. Garage is slow to update causing player to launch into battle with the wrong tank
  61. PBRS: Scoreboard: Unable to open gamercard
  62. PBRS: XP animation is not correct
  63. Camouflage. Unique camos aren't displayed correctly
  64. Crews with special VO are missing their special VO