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Probably the Best Battle in a While, and on Malinovka, Too!

Top Gun Chi-ha Malinovka

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Tracker214 #1 Posted 30 August 2015 - 09:39 PM


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I've had some great games, but they've been kind of far between, but lately I've been having some consistently good matches. Not "one team wins 13-2" landslides; those are boring, but I've had some games where both teams actually slug it out and do pretty well. I think my favorite was last night, though. Me and some friends were playing, trying to help one get to his Tier IV, since he really didn't play much. I had started using the Chi-ha about two days before, and loved it (I regret not using it more sooner. I thought the Chi-to and Chi-nu were where it was at.), so I decided to use the Chi-ha like I always did, and we got standard battle on Malinovka.


It was a close match. I sat on the roadside, in front of the big field with the village, under the cliff side, near the church. My first friend, who had his Panzer IV A, tackled the cliff with our Tier III friend in his Panzer 38(t), and the rest of the team fanned out, as did the enemy. Both teams were Tier III all the way, too, and pretty close in types of tanks, so it really came down to how well everyone played. I managed to not be spotted much, and bounced shots when I was spotted, as I tore away at enemy Panzers, Marders, and Valentines. We lost everyone at our base a few minutes in, and the enemy team remained silent for a long time. The match was played out in small skirmishes in the cliffside field, and small charges by lights across the "No Man's Land" between bases, and after some time, I decided that I had secured the field, and decided to go meet my friends on the hill so we could flank around. On the way up, my newer friend got finished by a Marder II, which I tore up, as well as a Panzer, until we noticed that a Stuart and a Valentine AT had gotten to our flag, and had just killed our last guy there. It was me and my friend against four more enemies.


I turned and ran down the hill, across the field and into the view range to both enemies. The Valentine hit me and did a hefty bit of damage, and the Stuart started trying to intercept me as I went to the right. I fired on the move, which thankfully worked, and had a little high-speed shootout with the light, while the TD tried to hit me. While I did this, my friend attacked and killed another enemy medium at their base, as well as their one artillery, leaving two on both teams. I luckily took care of the Stuart, and charged the TD, while my friend lobbed rounds at it across the map. The TD hit me again, but I kept firing on the move. My friend his it once, and I got around it and fired two more rounds into its side, killing it and winning the game. My friend had 5 HP left, and I had 3. I ended up getting a top gun, too, and we both got a good bit of silver. It was a really close match, and probably the funnest I've had in a long time. I'm kind of surprised I could get those last two kills on the move, though. That usually doesn't work out so well.

Surrounded? Me? Never! I got the enemy right where I want'em!


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