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How to set up your Soviet TD

TD Guide Soviet

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Gun Rammer - Required


Binoculars - For use in low tiers and for long-range playstyles. It gets... complicated

Camouflage Net - Again for the stealth setups. Better before... let's say tier 7. Never awful, but you have huge guns that nuke your camo rating

Improved Ventilation - Replace the camo net/Binocs to maximize DPS

Improved Gun Laying Drive - You have some serious aim time for a TD. This is generally a replacement for the camo net.


Popular setups include: Rammer/Camo/Binocs, Rammer/Vents/GLD, Rammer/GLD/Binocs, Rammer/Vents/Binocs Generally the sniper setup is better on the light TDs than the heavier ones




Carry enough premium ammunition, at the least, to knock out your own tank.

Generally you only need a couple of HE rounds, unless you're using a 152mm gun, in which case a couple more can be used.

Speaking of Howitzers, the HEAT rounds on them are hilarious. Thing about spending some more on them


Fire Extinguisher: Cheap, and never a wrong answer

Med packs and Repair kits are mandatory for all tanks.

Rations are good for maximizing giant shells being thrown down-range, if you can deal with not having a fire extinguisher

Quality Oil: Boosts your engine power, which is important on heavy TDs like the ISU-152


Crew Skills

If you have a decent supply of gold, always train a crew skill and then retrain into the perk you want. That way you get the skill's effect while leveling it (perks have no effect until 100%)

At low tier, you want Camo-Sixth Sense-BiA-Repairs. At higher tiers, you can cut out camo, or delay it if you still want it.


Perks - Sixth Sense is a requirement. Take as one of your first three.

Brothers-in-arms is really good. Suggested to take it early.

Silent Driving. Oh boy is this one hilarious. Lets stealth be more viable even going into high tiers. Especially important on the light TD-line if you want to use it

Muffled Shot. Ditto

Green Thumb. You're actually... generally too boxy to take advantage of bushes on the heavy TD line. Light TDs, it's good though

Track Mechanic. More of a thing for less stealthy heavier TDs.


Skills - Camouflage if you use a camo net. Never really a bad option, but not a high priority if you don't use a net. If you do, one of your first three

Repairs. Really, really, really good. Not as high a priority on TDs as front line tanks, but good.

Clutch braking. Important on heavy TDs, since you have a turning time of "next year, maybe"

Off-Road Driving. Good for higher-tier, heavier tanks. Put it in the "Eventually" pile

Situational Awareness/Recon. Especially useful for winning high tier vision wars

Snap Shot. Something to consider with the BL-10 gun with the high aim time

Pain Tolerance. Starting around tier 7 this starts being good for heavy TDs.

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