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T-29 and SU-152 on Abbey

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Chikknsnot #1 Posted 24 September 2015 - 02:03 PM


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I was playing on Abbey in an encounter battle in my SU-152, a tier VII Soviet TD. I went down the valley with a friendly T29. First, we encountered a Panther. We both fired a shot at the panther, but only one was a penetration. The panther ran away, knowing he would be annihilated. I went up the hill in the valley, with the T29 following me. It turned out another heavy had also followed us and was in 1 vs. 3 combat. We both slipped behind the enemies and shot their engines up. The T29 set a  tank's engine on fire, and I took it out. T29: 0  SU-152: 1 Then he took out the next tank, who was completely oblivious to the fact that two tanks from behind were shooting at him.  T29: 1  SU-152: 1  Finally, I take out the last tank. T29: 1  SU-152: 2  We then headed toward the enemy base to take out the two arty. I took out an enemy TD, who, opposed to the three tanks we had destroyed, was actually aware that someone was shooting at him. T29: 1  SU-152: 3  The T29 one-shotted one of the enemy artillery. T29: 2  SU-152: 3 I went up the hill to take out a GWPanther, when the panther came out of hiding and shot me. I went towards the rocks to hide while I killed the arty, but I got there a second too late. Boom. I was dead. The T29 shot up at the Panther and finished him off. T29: 3 SU-152: 3  The T29 climbed the hill to take out the arty, but he got shotgunned. Since this battle was an encounter battle, we had three allies left, two of which were taking the base, the other ally was arty. The enemies had two left, a KV-3 and that lucky GWpanther. The KV-3 came around the bend, trying to reset the cap. Tip: Trying to kill two tanks in a brawl isn't a good idea when you have almost no health left. Obviously, he died, taking no one else to tank heaven with him. Our two tanks just sat in the cap, afraid of moving. The GWPanther started raining down death from the sky at these two tanks, but barely missing each time, really terrifying our allies. Since our allies were total sissies afraid of leaving the cap to kill one artillery, our artillery began to move. This little Lorraine flew through the cap and drove over the hill to where the enemy arty was. The Lorraine crested the hill to fight a GWpanther at close range. From about 50 m, the Lorraine missed. You could tell that the Lorraine driver knew he was screwed. The GWPanther missed as well. The Lorraine tried to ram kill him. It failed, leaving the Lorraine on a sliver of health and the GW on half health. The cap counter is at 5... 4... 3... 2... 1.. The Lorraine reloads and kills the GW with a second left on the cap counter. That was a fun battle.


It's too bad I wasn't recording that one. :( Completely forgot to take a pic of the finish screen.

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