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So I think I finally got Trolled


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OuterChimp7 #1 Posted 24 September 2015 - 03:08 PM


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Sandriver, south easternish spawn.


Tier 8 play my gwtigerp arty and my platoonmates playing mediums.


Start, I turn and push forward a bit to where I'm gonna set up.  See a couple tier 5s who fail platooned in with an ELC into the tier 8 match, one looks at me and shoots me a couple times.  No biggy, give him a Great Shot message and then I'm in arty top-down view mode.  Well the game goes south pretty quick.  I Spend the whole game in arty view or looking at the big map so I don't notice these jack arses pushing and shooting me all map.


What the heck.  Not a rage post, but sheesh.  I see you guys complaining all the time about this, now it's finally happened to me.  What idiots.

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