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How to Scout

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Not that proud #1 Posted 17 October 2015 - 02:57 AM


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Forgive me for being kind of happy with this one.  I was in my AMX Chaffee on Highway and managed over 5200 spotting damage in a Tier 7 match.  44 separate hits that I spotted for.  I started on the south and went to the east side of the overpass in the middle.  Used the ridge to spot the entire red team at their base and I let my team behind me take care of them.  I only had 600 damage or so, early on because an A-44 charged me and then a BDR decided to do the same.  Survived both, though the BDR tipped me up on one track.  Shook it off and we crushed them.  My prior best game in a scout was 8700 spotting damage in a Tier 10 match in the T71, though I think this tops that given that there is less health available at Tier 7. 



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