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T43 Masters, Radleys, ~12K XP

T43 Radleys

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FolkishNickel27 #1 Posted 16 November 2015 - 02:53 PM


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So I have finally started seriously grinding the Russian higher tier mediums... I like them.


Himmelsdorf Encounter with Flag at top of hill. Swept through banana killing a few. Barely missed the Arty. Drove around and destroyed a few then went up to defend flag. A few kills later I saw a green heavy at bottom of hill that was surrounded by 2 KV-1s and BP was capping. we decided to first go down and help the surrounded green but lost our teammate on way... down to our small platoon, each at 40 HP, and a T1 Heavy..

We went back up to top and decided to pincer the 3/4 health BP around the church and asked Green T1 to help (while, despite cries for help from us to his full health T1 Heavy self, he decided to "flank" by going down banana and around and up) Anyway, we I loaded the only three APCR shells that I would shoot for the entire fight and finished the BP off in the cap with three shots and one from my platoon mate.


 these russian mediums are BEASTS!

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