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A Guide to the Light Tank Contest

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Brayan Johnes #21 Posted 26 February 2016 - 01:19 AM


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So ... you are new to WOT and you want to be a light tanker. Don't worry light tanks are the first tank type you will face in the game. The only exception is the British tank tree. In any case there are at least few light tanks you can choose from in any nation. Choose your start tree wisely. Some tank lines offer lights till tier 8. Others only to tier 4. If you really want to master light tanks it's better to start with a line with a longer row of this type. German, American and French tech trees offer light tank lines from tier 1 till tier 8 without interruption. I'm recommending you to start with one of this lines.


OK. Next thing you expect from me is to give you an advice how to play with this type of tanks and to explain what's your role on the battlefield. Well ... it's not that easy. There is no universal rule. Each tanks is unique and have it's own combination of characteristics. In general light tanks are usually weakly armored, have low hit points and inflict small damage. Sounds not very promising at a first glance. What they lack as fire power and protection they compensate with speed, maneuverability, camo factor and view range. Have in mind that there are some exceptions. For example Cruiser Mk II can knockout with one shot almost all tanks of the same tier or Valentine light tank equipped with excellent thick armor can make some heavies jealous.


Have also in mind that the matchmaking for scouts is different from the other tanks. Other types normally play against tanks max 2 tiers higher, but lights play against tanks up to 3 tiers higher. Your primary role and tactics will vary depending on the opponents you are facing. There are big differences between games in lower tiers and the ones in higher tiers. I personally separate the games in 3 groups:


Tier 1-3
Most of your opponents will be light tanks like you. Try to outrun and outgun them. Dodge behind cover and try to shoot without been hit. Move constantly and shoot a lot. Reloading times are usually low on this levels so even if you miss you will have another chance in 2-3 seconds. Try to be close to your team members so you can support each other. If tracked use repair kit quickly. Being spotted and stationary is equal to death.  Best skills and perks here are Smooth Ride, Off-Road Driving and Adrenaline Rush. Best Equipments are Vertical Stabilizer and Enhanced Suspension.


Tier 4-6
On this tiers there are more tanks of different types. Trying to outrun and outgun them will end in a disaster. Your role shift from "run and gun" to spotting and flanking. Try spot the enemies first and leave it to your team members to deal damage on them. Avoid frontal confrontation and find a way to flank the enemy when they are busy with your team members and shoot them from the sides or from behind. Move constantly and try to avoid taking any unnecessary damage. You HP points are lower then that of heavies and mediums. 2-3 shots can be fatal. If you can isolate slower tanks you can circle around them. Usually towards the end of the match you can find one or two enemies low on health. Use your speed and fast rate of fire to finish them. Best skills and perks here are Smooth Ride, Off-Road Driving, Recon and Situational Awareness. Best Equipments are Vertical Stabilizer, Coated Optics and Enhanced Suspension.


Tier 7-10
Most of the tanks on this levels are slow heavies, slow TDs and mediums. You need to leave the task of flanking primary to the mediums and put most of your effors on spotting enemy tanks. Тhe key is to see the enemy without being seen (Passive scouting) or to be faster that them (Active scouting). It's very important to use the terrain in your advantage. Hide behind bushes without moving or shooting. Use rocks to popup and hide. You need to memorize all suitable bushes to hide and ridgelines you can patrol in key locations on the maps, close enough to the enemy line but still far away to keep you save from detection or enemy fire. Try to stay alive as long as possible. You are the eyes of your team. Without you they are in bad position and enemy will have the first shoot on them. Depending on the map or what's happening during the match you can change from passive scouting to active scouting or to flanking and support. Best skills and perks for Passive scouting are Sixth Sense, Camouflage, Signal Boosting and Green Thumb. Best Equipments are Camouflage Net and Binocular Telescope. For Active scouting best skills and perks are Recon, Situational Awareness, Clutch braking, Offroad driving. Best Equipments are Coated optics and Additional Grousers.


Special roles

There are few other special roles light tanks can do best on the battlefield.

The first one is arty hunter. Pay attention on the minimap how enemy is positioned. If they push to much in your territory leaving gaps from where you can sneak in undetected into their base take the risk and use your speed to catch their artillery unprotected and vulnerable to your attack. Removing artillery from the game gives a huge advantage to your team. You need to know where artillery usually hides and check that places first. You can't afford  to loose time. Eliminate enemy artilleries and withdraw to safety if necessary. Sometimes one or two tanks stay far behind to protect the base and artilleries. In this case just spot them and leave to your team arty to finish the job. Don't forget to mark them of course.


Second special task is spotter hunter.

In games where there are only 1-3 light tanks, spotting becomes critical. This is especially valid for big open maps like Prokhorovka. If a team loose all of their capable spotters their chance for victory drops dramatically. Your task is to eliminate quickly all enemy spotters early in the game. Not all light tanks are suitable for this job. You need quick tank that can cause a lot of damage in a very short time. It's a risky move so waiting for the right moment is critical.  Hide behind a rock or the ridgeline and when the enemy spotter is close rush out of your hiding place, unload your deadly clip to the victim and run away back to safety. The moment of surprise is critical, so try to not show your intentions before taking the actions. 


There are some niche light tanks that can offer a unique playstyle. Here are some examples:
French AMX 12 t, AMX 13 75, AMX 13 90 and American M41, T-71 are fast and autoloaders. You can use them to harass enemies with quick raids, shooting on the move at high speed and quickly returning to safety. Even if you are not inflicting much damage to the enemy your move will distract them. Very few will stay passive if they know that autoloader with a 5-6-7 round clip is behind them. This will give time to your team members to shoot at them without taking damage or to break through a defensive line. This tanks are also one of the best for arty hunter role.


American T-49 with its 152mm gun and fast acceleration can deliver 683-1138 damage quick and deadly. You can use it to finish wounded enemies. Stay behind cover or behind friendly heavies. When the time is right quickly rush to the enemy and deliver you deadly blow without giving him a chance to react. Then quickly go back behind cover to reload. This tank is also one of the best available for spotter hunter role.


As you can see the variety of gameplay that the light tanks can offer is very broad. In the timespan of one match a player can switch between different roles several times. From spotter, to flanker, to finisher. It's up to you to respond on the situation and choose the right move.


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CosmlcOstrich #22 Posted 26 February 2016 - 04:12 AM

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Light tanks are the class in the game that require the most finesse in your playstyle. 
There are several things you must know to be a successful light tanker, I'll list them and go over each one individually.
  • Scouting

You must know how to scout both actively and passively in order to have the best chance for Victory

    Active scouting- This is the scouting you see most light tank drivers doing. It involves running around the battlefield spotting tanks yourself while also being spotted, this is the least effective method and will normally only land you back into the garage faster.


    Passive Scouting- In passive scouting you are normally situated inside a bush or fallen tree and holding your fire on the enemy avoiding detection, this minimizes your chances of beings spotted and is the most effective spotting technique.


  • Dealing with enemy light tanks

 ​Fighting enemy light tanks can be tricky if you are new to the game only makes it more difficult. If you use Auto-aim quite a lot then here are a few tips to help you land more auto aim shots while in light tank fights.

Being straight behind your enemy when in a chase is your best chance to hit and penetrate your enemy, try not to waste shots while both of you are trying to circle each other you will most likely just miss and waste your ammunition. On the other side when fighting enemy lights you want to be moving as much as possible swerving side to side and circling them will give them the best chance of missing and only increase your own chance.


  • Bush Mechanics

This is a big one and very important, this knowledge is what separates the new players from the veteran tankers.​

If you go into a bush until it is transparent than you will be able to see through the bush and spot tanks on the other side knowing this alone can help you spot and help your team out tremendously, however, if you pull back about 10 meters to where the bush is no longer transparent then you can shoot the enemies on the other side with a very tiny risk of being spotted yourself. You won't be a master the first time you try it so just practice being a master of bush mechanics and you will be able to topple any opposition in your light tanks.


  • Knowing when to be aggressive and when to run

 There is always a time to take on an enemy and a time to run. Knowing the difference is what will make you a great tanker,

Sadly I cannot describe in great detail when to and when not to, it comes with experience, however a good rule of thumb is that only attack an enemy Medium, Heavy, or Tank Destroyer is when you know you will not take any damage in return either due to them shooting at your teammates or not being able to react quick enough to deal with such a speedy attack.


  • ​Taking out Artillery


As a light tank your main prey are enemy artillery, to take them out quickly make sure you know what kind of armor they have and if you are able to fire HE and penetrate it to end the opponent as fast as possible. Also if you find an enemy SPG aiming at you when you are approaching drift to one side and then at the last second turn the opposite way and get around so that they have already overturned the wrong way and stand no chance of catching you, this can also be applied to enemy Tank Destroyers without turrets.


I hope this helped, Happy Tanking and hopefully the PlayStation will become just as good as your Xbox Tanking Brothers!

Happy Light Tanking!

LIGHTHOUSE26 #23 Posted 26 February 2016 - 01:21 PM


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where are the leaderboards/ results to mid tier mayhem, artilleries, tank destroyers, lights, heavy, competitions, very hard to find in this minefield you call a forum???????

emperordennis #24 Posted 26 February 2016 - 01:49 PM


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View PostLIGHTHOUSE26, on 26 February 2016 - 01:21 PM, said:

where are the leaderboards/ results to mid tier mayhem, artilleries, tank destroyers, lights, heavy, competitions, very hard to find in this minefield you call a forum???????



they post these things in the notification and announcement forum. PS4 scores are in that subforum too.

Very good guide: Beta582's Guide to Everything


All WoT Console tank characteristics (including hidden stats): WoT Console Encyclopedia


Pacestick68 #25 Posted 26 February 2016 - 05:14 PM


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Instead of a light tank guide a quick tutorial on passive spotting (can be used extremely effectively with a light tank)


Pace’s Guide to Passsive Spotting


First a quick background on me. I am an adult gamer who is employed in the Infantry of the Canadian Armed Forces. I tend to attempt to transfer my real life experience into gameplay on tanks. I take my time spent in our Battalion Reconnaissance Platoon to good work in World Of Tanks. 


                                                                       Outline – I will briefly discuss – Tactics 

                                                                                                                      Basic Tactics

                                                                                                                      Tiers & Tanks

                                                                      Skills & Perks



First a quick spotting explanation.


Active spotting is when you use your fast tank to run around finding targets. Equipment and perks are picked to ensure best speed and maneuverability of your tank (off road driving, clutch braking, torsion bars, octane fuel, etc.) Passive spotting is using your tanks optics, comms gear and camouflage to spot targets for supporting tanks to engage. This is easier to accomplish at higher tiers but can be done at all levels. Both are useful but are two very different types of spotting. 






First and foremost remain unseen. Yes this sounds basic but it is really hard to do. You must have patience. When you find a good spot try to remain motionless, if only to keep your equipment activated. Above all only shoot when ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. When you fire your camouflage factor takes a big drop and you can be seen easier. My rule of thumb is only fire when detected to cover your escape or to kill a tank that is the only one there. Resist the urge to engage an easy kill. You are more valuable to your team alive and spotting than dead with one kill.


Placement of your tank is vital and has to take two elements into account

  1. Likelihood of enemy advancing on your axis. You are no good covering an area where bad guys do not usually go

  2. You must be in radio range with fire base. If you go so far ahead and spot guys that supporting tanks cannot engage then it is oif no use. Learn your tanks view and spotting range and use that to ensure your back up guys can shoot. You also have to review the overhead map to see how your team in deploying. Going to your one favorite spot may not work if no one is covering you. 


If ground permits have an area you can back down and into cover. If not you may want to back into the position. This will aid in your escape since most tanks go faster forwards. This does have the major drawback of having your rear armour exposed to the enemy. Take care when doing that.


So the best place would be on a slope, behind a bush looking right down their approach route. Problem with that is that the enemy will know that also and might blind fire into it looking for a hidden scout. So try to vary your placements up. Do not become predictable. 


Once you determine the area in front of your tank is clear move forward slowly. I will usually move about 40-50 m at a time stop and then let my binos kick in. This usually will spot any supporting tanks the enemy has. 




You must be prepared for a couple of problems. If a fast light zips by you he has BECOME YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to pursue and kill. The havoc he can create in the rear is not worth you remaining in your concealed location. DO NOT ASSUME someone else will be able to take him out.


In addition you may find yourself alone on a flank (the rest of the team drove the other way) This leads to two situations.

  1. No enemy seen in front of you – Move forward to scout their supporting line. If nothing develops move to engage their arty, move to cap, or move to engage targets in the rear.

  2. Enemy is sighted in front of you- best thing you can do is keep them spotted. You may slow down the advance enough for our guys to flank them. This is easier to do than you think. When guys get spotted they tend to move to cover. If they press forward start engaging them. But do not focus your fire on one target. Spread it out to different targets. People also tend to stop and head to cover when getting shot. You may not get many damage points but you may SAVE THE BATTLE.


Tiers and Tanks


Now you may hear some people say that passive spotting is harder to do at the lower tier levels. This is based on the amount of low tier light tanks that are fast zipping around the map. I would tend to disagree. I have scout medals (win and detect at least 9 enemies) and patrol duty (assist your team in damaging the enemy by spotting them) in almost all of my low tier tanks. I just change up my spotting position. I will deploy closer to my lines and spot the enemy and they rush us. I will also be more liberal with my open fire policy.


Also there is nothing saying that only light and medium tanks can spot. I have all my tanks equipped the same (see below.) I detect targets and get assist damage in every game I play. I have all my tanks set up as a spotting tank because I never know if anyone else on my team can fulfil this task. If I am bottom tier and I realize that I will have trouble doing damage then I know to spot. I have been the only Tier 6 tank in a Tier 8 game in my KV-1s. I know I can still contribute even if I cannot dish out the damage


A good example of this is my KV-1S or my T-29. If I am on the front line brawling with a RED heavy or td like 30 feet away, you could argue I do not need binos. However, there have been many times when I have been tracked and my binos have turned on while I was repairing my tracks. This allows me to detect their supporting line, usually of tds that are outside my normal view range. This has saved, not only my tank, but many battles as the supporting line can now be fired upon and even spotting them forces them to cover.


Another example is my T69 Tier 5 US TD. It is fast, agile and when equipped with binos this is an effective scout. 


Skills & Perks


You will need to decide early on how you will be playing that crew. What I mean to say if you are planning on going up a heavy tank or td line the following suggestions may not be good choices. However all my light and medium crews I have used this set up and it works well for me, in this order.




Brothers in Arms – increases all crew skills

Situational awareness – increase view range

Recon – increase view range

Sixth Sense – allows you to know when an enemy is looking at you or the piece of cover you are about to go around 

Camouflage – cuts down on your detection range (makes you harder to spot)

Green thumb - cuts down on your detection range (makes you harder to spot) within or behind brush

Muffled shot – in effect a silencer for your gun

Signal boost – increase your radio range

Relaying – increase all other’s radio range within yours 


Now I have emphasized spotting range over cover. Basically I do this so I can out spot other guys. In my experience when guys get detected they stop and head right to cover. 




I have the same three pieces of equipment on all my tanks (except artillery)


Coated Optics – increase view range 10 % all times

Binoculars – increase view range 25 % after being motionless about 5 seconds (turn on)

Cam Net – cuts down on your detection range (makes you harder to spot)


Now the best thing is two of the choices are free to dismount. If you do not wish to use gold I would recommend a toolkit instead of optics.


There is always a lot of debate about equipment. I have this set up not for speed or for maneuverability or for lying on target but just spotting. Again I emphasize spotting over everything else.


However equipment is something you can toy around with at the lower levels.


Hope this helps, this is what works for me, see you on the field 


Have fun 

The army cannot make you do anything.  It can only make you wish you had done it.


Pacestick68 #26 Posted 26 February 2016 - 05:16 PM


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Posted mine then read through the thread


really good work everyone

The army cannot make you do anything.  It can only make you wish you had done it.


Schneller WGA #27 Posted 26 February 2016 - 05:38 PM


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Thank you all for participating! I'll review them all and have winners after I've gone through them

Please read the WoT rules: 
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Schneller WGA #28 Posted 29 February 2016 - 07:27 PM


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Here are your winners for the light tank guide contest!


1) ZambieSlayer28

2) Pacestick68

3) Akherousia6

4) Brayan Johnes

5) CosmlcOstrich



Look for you prizes to be paid out later today (if you pm me today). Thanks everyone for participating see you all in the TD contest.

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Schneller WGA #29 Posted 29 February 2016 - 07:29 PM


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Note: Winners please send me a PM with which console you play on thank you. 

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