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Looking for advice on playing the SU-122-44

SU-122-44 Soviet Tank Destroyers Soviet TD

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VNinjaShmugV #21 Posted 03 March 2016 - 09:01 AM

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train camo. I tend to head for good, forward sniping spot - in Westfied, west of the bridge, say, and I can usually hold or open up an entire flank. Use your camo against something like a Jagpanther 1 or II, as they can outbrawl you. Don't get caught in the open - but if you're in town, feel good about nipping around corners, blasting them, then retreating.


At long range, wait for the targeting reticle to shrink, as it will miss otherwise. It's not that accurate, so aim for the centre of mass of a vehicle where you can. But quite often I've killed scouts trying to circle me by using target lock and blasting them soon as the reticle goes red.


I run rammer, GLD and binos, as i'm generally reasonably far forward. I think a GLD is vital as that reticle bloom is huge and it takes so long to aim, I don't want them to miss. Camo and vision skills. Don't think I have repair, apart from training it up then constantly replacing it, as the HP pool means you get taken out in a couple of hits anyway. I just added clutch braking and it makes a fantastic difference, as altho it's fast it's not agile, this way you get back into cover more quickly.


I don't think wiggling deflects a round any better than angling, but it makes it harder to hit cupolas etc.


I neglected mine for a while as I enjoyed the E25 more - but the E25 can't win a game for me, whereas the 122-44 can. When I was needing a Top Gun for the premium day I tried in my Su85b and failed - and got one by accident in the 122-44.

TancDeCurseRO-p #22 Posted 03 March 2016 - 10:56 AM

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When top tier: be agressive

When not top tier: you don't have any armor so watch out!



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mockney_piers-p #23 Posted 03 March 2016 - 02:15 PM


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apart from the weak spots thing, wiggling increases the chance of a bounce because you're baiting the shooter into shooting the bit furthest away from his tank where the angle is highest. and/or the side of your tank at full auto-bounce angle.

It's not full-proof by any means, but anything that helps, especially agasint an auto-aimer...well...helps.

As a general principle, though works better in some tanks than others, combine with juking (moving backwards and forwards at an angle) for maximum enemy confusion.


Same thing here happened to me as in Blitz many many moons ago.

I got the thing, I had  3 good games as top tier, bouncing everything, averaging about 2k damage, then over-confidence led to a catastrophic run, even in top tier games.


Things now improving bit by bit, it's a great flanker, harasser and brawler. Depending on team make up either go for it as top tier or go wolf pack. Tier VIII games go second line, bottom tier a more cautious 2nd line/flanker/sniper, have an escape route handy and move when spotted.

Traverse is actually pretty good, but fearsome with clutch breaking; mediums learn the hard way, especially the Type 59 i ammoracked last night :)




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rhymeswithN00bs #24 Posted 03 March 2016 - 07:38 PM


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View PostMrTrollPacMan, on 02 March 2016 - 02:47 PM, said:

Wiggling makes it hard for the reds to target weak spots. You can angle and wiggle at the same time


Thanks, that makes sense.


XOXO, Noobius Y

MrTrollPacMan-x #25 Posted 03 March 2016 - 09:28 PM


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View PostrhymeswithN00bs, on 03 March 2016 - 11:38 AM, said:


Thanks, that makes sense.

I can't tell you how many times I've killed E-75s in my super pershing because they didn't wiggle and I did.


Even if they're perfectly angled, I can spam APCR into his top hatch, which would be near impossible if he was wiggling. While a spershing would normally be an easy kill for an E-75, if I'm wiggling, there's a decent chance he'll bounce off my spaced armor, because it's far harder to accurately hit weak points if I'm moving.


That's a pretty specific example, but the concept is the same.



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