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Return of the Heavy Tank Guide Contest

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Schneller WGA #1 Posted 04 March 2016 - 11:38 PM


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Hey everyone, so this is the final guide contest in the series (for now). 


During this month, with been asking you to help new players with guides and tutorials on how to play the different classes of tanks. We've covered the Light tanks and Tank Destroyers, and now it's time for the Heavyweight Champions of the Battlefield.

Your task for this contest is to write a simple tutorial on how to play with Heavy Tanks. Give the players some very useful tips like:

  • What's the role of Heavy Tanks in a battle.
  • Which are the weaknesses and the strongest characteristics of a Heavy Tank
  • Which is the best strategy for this type of vehicle

How to join the contest:

- Write a simple guide on how to play with Heavy Tanks. Your guide must be suitable for the absolute new players 
-  Post it on this thread



 - All players are welcome to join the contest, but each player can submit only one entry.

- Your text should have a minimum of 1000 characters (including spaces) and can also contain images.

- Remember to keep it simple and easy to read; your guide must be directed to players that are brand new to the game.

- Please avoid using any political or religious references in your text and pay attention to grammar and orthography (guides with too many errors will be ignored)

-  Entries will be judged on the theme and creativity

-  Reserving spots in the thread is not allowed. Reserved spots will be deleted.


DEADLINE: March 11th, at 9am PT



1st place - 1,000,000 Silver + 2 weeks Premium Time

2nd place - 900,000 Silver + 2 weeks Premium Time

3rd place - 800,000 Silver + 2 weeks Premium Time

4th place - 700,000 Silver + 1 week Premium Time

5th place - 600,000 Silver + 1 week Premium Time

Please read the WoT rules: 
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Templar Wyvern #2 Posted 05 March 2016 - 02:13 PM


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A Guide to Heavy Tanks


Heavy Tanks are the fronline on the battlefield, using their firepower, armor, and health pool to carve away at any tank that stands before them. But not all heavy tanks are equal in this regard. In this guide, we'll be taking a look at the basics behind the heavy tanks, the different kinds of heavies out there, and where to put these monsters to get the best effect. First of all...


The Basics

Heavy tanks, as stated above, are the front line on the battlefield, and if they aren't dueling with other enemy vehicles, they're looking for them. Heavy tanks tend to have good firepower (Superior to lights and mediums, inferior to TDs and artillery), good armor protection, and large health pools. In fact, Heavy Tanks have the largest health pools of all vehicle types in WoT. Your task is to batter the enemy into submission...or just destroy them...that works too, using your firepower, and ability to soak up damage. However, not all heavies are built to sustain a fight. There are 2 main categories of heavy tanks: Frontline Heavies and Support Heavies.


Frontline Heavies

Frontline heavy tanks, also known as Brawlers, are just what they sound like. They are the frontline. These heavy tanks have very large, sometimes relatively inaccurate guns, and solid armor to withstand damage. They are very good on city maps and maps with lots of choke points, where the enemy can be funneled in and forced into a close range engagement. However, brawlers also tend to be slower, heavier, and present more inviting targets to the enemy. It these tanks, it's best to move with other brawling heavies, or a couple of support heavies, as a lone brawler will easily succumb to persistent enemy attack. Cover is also extremely important with brawlers. This allows you to cover your weakspots, and gives you a place to retreat to if the fight gets too hairy, or something critical becomes damaged.


Examples of Brawling Heavies you might see:



Black Prince






Support Heavy Tanks

These heavy tanks make up the majority of heavies you will encounter, and most that you will come to use. Support heavies are usually lighter that their frontline brothers, sport less effective armor, and may have slightly lower HP. They have the benefit of being more mobile, allowing them to be more versatile on the battlefield. These tanks are meant to support the frontline heavies, or roll in groups to maximize damage output, and minimize damage taken. Most support heavies do have a good amount of armor and health, and can lead the charge if need be...but you should never do it alone. As with brawling heavies, you are very vulnerable when left on your own. Support tanks can also be separated into various categories, depending on their ability to stay at the front. Support heavies with good armor and HP are designed to stay with each other, and larger heavy tanks, right at the front lines. There are also support heavies that have minimal armor, but very high speed and mobility. These are known as "Fat Mediums". These tanks cannot stay at the front and duel with other heavies, as they lack the armor to do so. Instead, these tanks should work in close proximity to allied light and medium tanks, using their superior firepower and damage output to bolster the strength of the group, and flank enemy brawling heavies and TDs.


Examples of "Close Support" heavies you might see:

T1 Heavy/M6


Pz.Kpfw. VI Tiger I




Examples of "Fat Mediums" that you might encounter:

AMX 50 100

AMX 50 120


Special Notes

Heavy tanks from different nations will have very different characteristics. These are some of them:


American Heavies


Russian Heavies


British Heavies


French Heavies


German Heavies


Chinese Heavies


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Modern_Ricky_25 #3 Posted 05 March 2016 - 08:34 PM


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Can we do a contest for the best Medium Tank? Mine would be the E-50M Auf

Pacestick68-x #4 Posted 07 March 2016 - 08:59 PM


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Pace's Guide For Heavy Tank Tactics




Your tasks for driving a heavy tank are as follows


1) Lead or directly support the assault

2) Lead or directly support the counter attack

3) Directly support enemy thrusts

4) assume blocking positions to prevent enemy breakthrough


points 1 to 3 require you to do the same things.


1) move to the known enemy location or likely enemy location and engage them close in in a knife fight.

        -there is a school of thought that some heavy tanks are support heavies.  I do not believe this, no matter what tier your HP pool and armour are needed at the front.  If you are sniping in the back the lesser armoured vehicles will most likely get destroyed and then you will be overrun.  Move up.  Engage.


2) destroy tanks,  keep moving and exploit breakthroughs


point 4 above is different


if you notice you have went where you thought the enemy was going to come but everybody else went the other way.  DO NOT abandon your position.  You are needed to stop any enemy advance.  Your mere presence may stop guys.  I cannot count the times I have been running along a flank, thinking it is clear, then I run right into a heavy. Often that alone will stop me and I will decide to see what the other side of the map looks like


So General tactics are easy and deviate little from tier to tier and from map to map.


What I will cover now is specific individual tactics that will help you when brawling I will use diagrams for ease of learning


Ammunition, Penetration, Armour Angles






Now you may have heard of this. It is basically using the side armour to its greatest potential.  Try the following next time you are fighting a corner.




















Hope this stuff helps you.


If not you can always use Pace's Alternate guide






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NC Mountain #5 Posted 07 March 2016 - 09:57 PM


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Guide To Heavy Tanks







As a heavy tank, you are expected to be a "brawler", a "bruiser", a front line butt kicker! Too many times I see players in heavy tanks set up in the back, sniping. A heavy tank is completely wasted in that role, and may even harm the teams chances of winning. Lets look at the techniques that should make you a better heavy tanker, and an asset to your team.


1. Before the game starts have a clear plan of where you need to go!

  A) On city maps, you should be inside the city. In the middle working through to the other side. Trust in the medium tanks and destroyers to cover your flanks and rear. Use your superior armor and heavy gun to fight the enemy head-on (at a slight angle for greater incoming shell deflection of course).

  B) On more open maps, cover the chokepoints on major travel corridors. More than once, I have seen two heavy tanks hold the entire opfor in the valley on Lakeville. This allowed the rest of the team to sweep through the town and clean up from behind.


2. Work with teammates, instead of against!

Because of your long reload times, you need to practice alternating fire against enemy tanks. What this means is: You pull up, aim, fire, then retreat out of the line of fire to reload while a teammate pulls up and fires. By the time your teammate retreats, you should be reloaded and ready to fire again. This will usually stop any rush by higher tiered tanks. A friend of mine and myself used this technique, in two KV-4s, to bring down a Maus!


3.If you must retreat, do it wisely!

If things start going badly and you need to retreat, remember you are probably slower that the attacking force. Retreat at an angle. This will cause your armor to deflect more shots. Also, try to back into cover before turning. Anything that will buy time for teammates to possibly bail you out. Do NOT try to turn around and run. Most heavy tanks have very weak rear armor.


4. You are a heavy tank, not a sniper!

With very few exceptions, heavies are not accurate at distance. They are not designed to be played at distance. If you want to play at a distance, take a destroyer or arty. Too many times , I see players in heavies sniping in back like a destroyer. When the game engine chooses teams, it tries to balance them. If you enter the game as a heavy, chances are your team will need you up front, playing as a heavy.


5. Load-out

On my heavies I usually run Coated Optics, Gun Rammer, and Binocs. I want every chance to see the opfor before they see me. Sometimes I use GLD instead of Binocs. And I always have sm Repair kit/ sm Med kit/ man Fire extinguisher. I carry mostly AP shells, but I always have a few Premium shells and a few HE shells.


6. General Tips

    A)  Take the time to aim. I know that in the heat of battle its hard not to take a snap shot, but one well aimed shot from your heavy is a lot better than the high odds of a bounced shot.

    B) Learn the other tanks. Even the tanks you don't personally use. Every tank has weak spots. Some have faster turrets than others. Which are auto-loaders? Etc.

    C) Check the mini-map frequently. Watch the flow of battle. You may have to make a drastic move to another part of the battlefield or you may need to run around a building to flank an enemy and help a teammate. Just don't get tunnel vision and miss the enemy flankers who are moving around behind you.

    D) If you get tracked early in the game, don't use your repair kit. Let the crew repair it, and save your kit for an ammo rack or turret repair.

    E) Don't lose your cool. Have fun. Remember: No matter how bad the last match was, there is another one coming up in 5 minutes or so. lol


Hope this helps. Have fun.

NC Mountain


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Schneller WGA #6 Posted 09 March 2016 - 07:04 PM


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2 days left people! Where are my Heavy Aces at?

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theflash52 #7 Posted 09 March 2016 - 07:12 PM


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View PostSchneller WGA, on 09 March 2016 - 07:04 PM, said:

2 days left people! Where are my Heavy Aces at?


If you made the top prize 1000 gold you would have more responses.



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theflash52 #8 Posted 09 March 2016 - 07:17 PM


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Here is my entry.




Heavy tanks are strong, drive at enemy, make their mothers cry under the weight of your tank, ?, profit.


Looks like there are more than 5 entries now.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

There are over 1000 spaces in here.

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tanair-x #9 Posted 10 March 2016 - 03:24 PM

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Ok, I honestly admit that my TD guide was bad. I'm not a TD player. But this time, I spend much more effort in my guide:

(and damn students stop submitting your guides in last second! You give us hope to win something before you submit your marvelous guide in last second!)


Heavy tanks



Heavy tanks (HT) are the frontline warriors in WoT. They are mostly very well armoured and have a larger HP (health point) pool than other tanks. However, there are also slow and not as manoeuvrable as mediums or light tanks. HT have the worst camo values in the game. So they can be easily spotted.

However, there are some advices beginners should keep in mind:

  • Don’t rush to forward alone
  • Don’t stay in an open field – your are slow and huge and therefore an easy target
  • Try to take cover on rocks and buildings
  • Inform yourself about your tank before driving it! Some tanks need to be angled right; others should be played hull-down.
  • Train your crew with repair first. Enemies will often try to track you.  
  • Also train sixth sense, track mechanic and brothers in arms.
  • Equip gun rammer, gun laying drivers and vertical stabilizers.





Soviets have two heavy tank lines. One leads to the IS-7 the other to the IS-4. The soviet heavy line is usually recommended for beginners, as this line has no “weak” (or difficult to play) tanks in their tiers.

You will meet the first heavy tank in tier 5 with the KV-1. Before that you have to play light and a medium tank. The KV-1 is a quite good tier 5 tank, as it is well armoured, very bouncy on front and has a good fire rate.

Afterwards you have to decide if you want to go for the IS-7 or IS-4 line. The IS-7 line tanks are in general faster and more mobile than the IS-4 line tanks, while the IS-4 tanks are better armoured.

All KV tanks need to be properly angled, whereas the IS tanks need to be played straight due to their pick-nose shaped hull.

I already researched all tanks in the IS-7 line, so I can share some information with you:

The IS-3 is one of the best tier 8 tanks. If you watched the Wargaming league (WGLEU), the IS-3 was the preferred tank when it came to tier 8 battles. For a heavy tank it is quite fast and manoeuvrable and has an excellent gun, which can even penetrate tier 10 tanks. Also it is quite bouncy especially on the front.

The IS-6 is similar to the IS-3, but with a weaker gun. Nevertheless, it just sees up to tier 9 tanks and is a good silver generator.

Some say that the IS-8 is the worst tier 9 tank. However, you should drive it more as a medium tank. It is very fast and manoeuvrable for a heavy tank and can be a good supporter.

The IS-7 is just bad [edited]. One of the best tier 10 tanks, or even more of the best tanks in the game!




American heavy tanks are the hull-down kings! Until you come to the first heavy tank on tier 5, which is the T1 Heavy Tank, you have to play three medium tanks, in which the M3 Lee at tier 4 is one of the most difficult to play tanks in the game. You should definitely watch some YouTube videos on how to play it! The tank is quite huge and has weak armour. Also the turret is fixed! The camouflage values are weak, so you can be easily spotted. Don’t play the M3 Lee hull-down, since the turret is not well armoured and can be easily penetrated. However, once you suffer through the M3 Lee you have left the worst behind you!

The T1 is very well armoured for a tier 5 tank. Also the gun is quite good. The M6 armour is not as good in its tier as it should be, but you can play it hull-down, due to its small turret.

However, the real fun starts with the T29. One of the best tier 7 tanks in the game! You should try to find hills on the map to play it hull down and only show your turret, while covering or hiding your silhouette. Use wrecked tanks to take cover for your silhouette and only show your turret. It is almost impossible to penetrate for your enemies, especially if you are top-tier. The gun has an excellent penetration and is the same one, which is used by the T32 a tier 8 tank! You should research the top-turret and gun as fast as possible (even save up some free-xp) since the first turret is easier to penetrate.

T32 has a smaller silhouette than the T29 and even stronger turret. You can play it in the same way as the T29. One of the only cons of the is that is uses only the T29 gun.

The T34 premium tank is pretty similar to the T29, but has a better gun, which can make over 400 DP. However the silhouette is quite huge and can be easily penetrated from the sides. When properly played the T34 is an amazing silver generator.  



British tanks are usually slower than the heavy tanks of other nations. Therefore you can say that they are an arty magnet. However, they have a good gun, which has a faster reload and less aiming time. The Churchill line should be played almost the same as a tank destroyer.

The first British heavy starts with the Churchill I. For some the Churchill I is seen as the best tier 5 tank. It is well armoured and has a powerful gun, with a good rate of fire. When top-tier the Churchill I is a tank you will enjoy. However, as all British tanks you should research the higher engine as soon as possible. By stock, the tank is just too slow. Also as you will see in the pictures the tracks don’t have any protection, which makes the Churchill I easy to track. Also it has almost no gun depression, so you can’t play it hull-down.



The Churchill VII is better armoured than the Churchill I. Also the tracks have some protection now. However, the gun is not very good for a tier 6 tank.

The Black Prince is the most improved tank in the Churchill line. The armour is very strong, especially from the front it is almost impossible to penetrate. You have to angle your tank!

With the Caernarvon the British heavy tank line changes for the better. You should research the new turret as soon as possible, because the stock turret is the one from the Black Prince. With the new turret it is very difficult to penetrate. The top gun of the Caernarvon has a good penetration and a good rate of fire compared to other HT.

The Conqueror is seen as one of the best tier 9 tanks. It has an incredible gun and which is fast, has a good gun-depression and good penetration. The FV215b is also seen as one of the best tier 10 tanks.

With the TOG II and the Excelsior you have two premium British tanks. The TOG II is a tank most of the players make fun of, because it is one of the largest and slowest tanks in the game. Every arty player will cook-a-hoop if he/she sees a TOG II in the enemy team. But for a tier 6 tank it has a large HP pool, even larger than some tier 7 tanks.



Germans have two heavy lines: one leads to the Maus and the other to the E100.

To get to the Maus you have to play mediums until you get to the Tiger (P) at tier 6. The Maus is one largest tanks in the game with the largest HP pool.

To get to the E100 you can either go with the Durchbruchswagen 2 and the VK 30.01H or you take the same line as the Maus until you reach Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf.H. and then go to the VK 36.01H. If you want to research both lines, this is an efficient way to do it.

The Durchbruchswagen 2 is one of only the tier 4 heavy tanks. However, for a heavy tank it has a really poor gun and it’s quite easy to penetrate.

The VK 30.01H has quite a good gun and can be played almost as a medium tank. Researching the top gun will cost quite some XP.  

I honestly have to admit that I don’t have much experience with German heavys, yet. That’s why I don’t want to go in detail with this line.



French heavy tanks in general have an awesome gun, are good in ramming and usually faster than other heavy tanks. However, their armour is not as strong as it should be for a heavy tank. With tier 8 French tanks get an autoloader, allowing you to shot couple of times in a row, before reloading for a long period. Therefore, if you see an enemy tank wait and hide until he/she shoots first, go out and shoot couple of times in a row and then hide again.

The first heavy at the French line starts with the B1. Together with the German DW2 it is one of the only tier 4 heavy tanks. It has the most HP out of all tier 4 tanks (430 HP). When top-tier the B1 is quite strong. For tier 3 tanks it’s almost impossible to penetrate and the top-gun of the B1 has a fast rate of fire. However, the silhouette is quite huge and long which makes him easy to spot.

The BDR G1 B has an excellent gun with great penetration. The armour is quite good, especially on the front. Also it is one of the best non-premium credit (silver) makers in the game.

When you reached the ARL 44 you should definitely save up some free-XP to research the top-turret immediately. The stock turret is a huge squared box, which not only looks ugly, but is easy to penetrate. The top-turret is also not difficult to penetrate, but it is at least smaller and more bouncy than the squared box. The top-gun of the ARL 44 has one of the best penetrations of all tier 6 tanks. The cons of the ARL 44 are its weak armour and slow turret.

With the AMX 50 100 you get a 6-round autoloader, which allows you to take out a tier 8 heavy tank completely (if you shoot and hit well). It is very fast and mobile for a heavy tank, however the armour is weak. The AMX 50 120 and 50 B are similar with a 4-round autoloader.



The few Chinese heavy tanks are pretty similar to the soviet IS-7 line tanks. You have to play couple of light and medium tanks before you finally get your first heavy tank with the IS-2 at tier 7. The IS-2 is similar to the soviet IS with 50 more hitpoints. The 110 is similar to IS-3.

After tier 9 is where it gets really interesting and what makes Chinese tanks so attractive. The WZ-111 model 1-4 on the contrary is seen as one of the best tier 9 tanks with a gun comparable to the IS-7, which is a tier 10 tank! It is one of the best tier 9 tanks. The 113 is a medium-heavy tank. Fast as a medium, strong as a heavy. When you watch the WGLEU tournament you will see that the 113 is used in almost every battle.



“Wait a second, there are no Japanese heavy tanks! You are kidding me!” – Well, not yet. However, they are already introduced on the PC and we can hope that they come soon to our consoles.

If they come the Type 91 heavy will be the first tier 3 heavy tank. With the O-I one of the largest tanks of the game will come. There are a lot of jokes around the web about it.



i wil lockyerup #10 Posted 10 March 2016 - 03:46 PM


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The role of heavy tanks
Most heavy tanks thrive in a position where they are getting stuck in with the enemy at close range, using their armour and health pool to take hits for the team. There are exceptions and I will go over these in due course
The strengths of heavy tanks 
- Good armour 
- Large amount of hit points 
- Big guns well suited to close range generally with high penetration and damage
The weaknesses of heavy tanks 
- Heavy tanks tend to be slow
- They have poor camouflage
- The guns are often less accurate than other types of tanks and in general reload slowly
Types of heavies
Big fat slow heavy brawlers
Examples of tanks like this are the KV Soviet line of heavies. With these you'll want to be in the frontline stopping the enemy from advancing by creating choke points with your excellent armour. Make sure if you have the option of going into a town or city, take it, this is where those tanks excel.
Hull down monsters 
These are some of my personal favourite tanks in the game because they are invincible in the right position. Examples of these are the T29 and T32. With these you want to use your gun depression and hull armour to only expose your turret while being able to shoot your enemy tanks with ease. Because your turret amour is so strong it will be very difficult for the opposition to fight back apart from artillery fire.
Auto loaders 
French heavies from tier 8 upwards all have auto loaders and require drastically different tactics from the other heavies. Other than the T57 the autoloaders move swiftly and have paper thin armour, not what you'd expect from a heavy eh. On the other hand they can unleash a huge amount of devastation incredibly quickly, proceeded by a lengthy reload process. This means you have to be an opportunistic predator in your autoloaders, seeing when you can secure important kills/damage and take as few hits as possible before bugging out for a reload.
Medium heavies 
Examples of these are the VK 4502 A and the T110E5, these move quicker than a traditional heavy and have guns which you might expect more on a medium tank. They have faster aiming times, more accuracy, and less damage per shot than other heavies. The main drawback is worse armour than their peers, however tanks like the T110E5 still have excellent frontal armour just abysmal side armour. Because of all these characteristics, it makes these tanks very versatile and it's hard to put a finger on the single best strategy to employ in these. They can act like traditional heavies if the situation calls for it and they can also act like surrogate mediums in a pinch. The main thing to note here is that because of their versatility you have to be aware of where you tank is needed most as you are not restricted to one play style.
Strategies to employ in your heavies 
- Side scraping is a method of reversing out of a corner only exposing very angled side armour and your turret. This tactic is great for tanks with a rear mounted turret like the VK4502 B
- Face hugging is where you push up right next to an enemy tank making it difficult to aim at anything other than your turret. Best for Chinese heavies like the 113 and ones with good frontal and turret armour
- Ramming, don't be afraid to ram your opposition if your tank is a big fat heavy. This is great for finishing off targets that are lighter than you with low health so you don't have to waste a shot
Thanks for reading and good luck out there future heavy tank drivers.

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DStegCat #11 Posted 10 March 2016 - 11:46 PM


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A Keeping It Short n Simple Heavy Guide.....


Just Remember ....


He's not Heavy, He's My Brother” by The Hollies



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“When the situation is obscure, attack!”
- General Heinz Guderian (1888-1954)


“Sturm, Swung, Wucht” “Stress, Attaswing, force.”
Erwin Johannes Eugen Rommel



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Bashful-x #12 Posted 11 March 2016 - 09:05 AM

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Big Gun? Check! Lots of Armor? Check! Puts the fear of God into Medium and Light Tanks? Check!


Well, then, you must want to play as a Heavy Tank!


Getting Started

If you are reading this, hopefully you've already purchased a Heavy Tank for your garage. If not, look at the tanks available for you to purchase and for tanks with the diamond that has two lines thru it. Heavy tanks become available for purchase at Tiers III and IV.


There are several others steps you should take before playing your first match with a Heavy Tank


Research Your Heavy Tank

This is a critically important step. Just because your tank has the Heavy Tank icon doesn't mean that it should be played as a front line brawlers. Some Heavy Tanks are actually more suited to roles designed for Medium Tanks. The best place to find out about your tank is to look at the player edited Wiki at http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/World_of_Tanks --- look for the player pros and cons and read the detailed descriptions.


The other locations to find information about how to play your particular are YouTube videos from the player community. Two well known contributors are:


The most important to learn about your tank is whether or not it is acceptable for front line service --- some Heavy Tanks, notoriously the French Heavies as they are tanks with paper thing armor.


Equip your Heavy Tank

Before you even consider heading out with your tank, there are a few Garage tasks that are highly recommended:

  • Select a Package - Normally, the Stock Package for any Heavy Tank will leave you at a significant disadvantage when fighting same or higher level tiers. Consider using Free XP to unlock a package that has a better gun. Even a better engine can improve your battlefield success as it allows you to be a more maneuverable vehicle.
  • Equipment - The Wiki and YouTube channels will usually give advice as to the recommended pieces. The Gun Rammer is usually a safe bet to select as is the Vertical Stabilizer. Crew Ventilation and a Spall Liner are other common choices
  • Ammunition - Carry a variety of shells with you. Tanks with very large caliber guns (122 mm+) are advised to carry HE shells. Premium shells are also useful for when your shot absolutely has to count
  • Consumables - The standard Repair, Fire Extinguisher, and First Aid kits are the bare minimum recommended for combat. 


Crew Your Tank

You won't be allowed to take the tank to the battlefield without a crew, so at the bare minimum you must recruit one.


Unless your ability to earn silver is extremely limited, it is strongly recommended that you don't take the free crew but instead take the crew from the Regimental School which costs an amount of silver proportional to the tank's Tier. Using real money to pay for the Tank Training is not recommended as the amount of experience required to go from 75% proficiency to 100% proficiency is low (about 25,000 XP).


Having a 100% proficient tank crew is not the end goal for crews, rather it is the beginning of the crew's progression thru the Skill and Perk system. A detailed explanation of that system is too long for this guide. What you need to concern yourself with is which skills and perks are best suited for a heavy tank.


The best place to find that is on this forum under the nation-specific tanks folders. Several people have created guides for various tank lines and provided detailed information as to which skills and perks are important. The Wiki and YouTube channels will also have information, but because those as are PC-based, they don't have quite the same crew mechanic as the console players do


If all else fails, the skills and perks that most players would get include:

  • Repair - Your tank gets damaged a lot. Being able to repair faster is a good thing
  • Brothers in Arms - This is a 5% boost to your core skills. Useful
  • Sixth Sense - Not a front line heavy? Worried that Arty has got a bead on you? If so, this is the skill for you
  • Smooth Ride - Helps with those shots on the move
  • Snap Shot - Helps with improve accuracy while moving the Turret


Understand Angling Armor, Side Scrapping and the Proper Way to Turn a Corner

Heavy tanks play significantly different than other World of Tank vehicles. The primary difference is that they are expected to take a beating so they have a tendency to play at the front of the battlefield.  Even though some Heavies might not have sufficient armor to be at the absolute front line, they generally have enough to be part of the second defensive that prevents Light and Medium tanks from breaking thru and wreaking havoc behind your lines.


There is a key difference between being hit and taking damage from being hit. In order to become a successful Heavy Tank driver you must understand when and how to allow your tank to be hit. 


This YouTube video does a good job of explaining the concepts of why armor angling is good you, when it is not, how to take a corner, and how to sidescrape.



The content and delivery is rather dry. 


This video uses diagrams and gameclips to illustrate the same concepts


The most important thing that you can learn from these videos is that being tracked can be a good thing as it means that the enemy is wasting shots that doesn't actually lower your tanks health


Entering Battle

You've done the homework. You've geared your Tank. You've put your best crew into your Tank. You understand how to make enemies bounce shots off your tank. Congratulations, you are now ready to roll out and enter battle.


You should think of the battle as being divided into the following distinct stages:

  • Loading Screen 
  • Setup
  • First Encounter
  • Advance or Retreat
  • Cleanup


Loading Screen

You entered the queue and waited for the matchmaker to put you into a game. You are now looking at the loading screen that is telling you what the map you are about to play and what the match type is. There are several important things that you can do here to improve your chances of success


Take a Deep Breath

The first thing you should do is try to calm yourself down --- the game might have selected a map or a match type that you don't like, but getting angry will only result in you making poor decisions down the road. Instead, take a deep breath and tell yourself to you will play your best possible game


Understand the Dynamics of the Map

Each map and encounter type has a specific way that it should be approached. Recall what they are and plan for what you are going to do when the map has finished loading and you know which side you are playing.


Your goal is to imagine your first and second choice destinations once you know where exactly you are starting. This also gives you the advantage of imaging where the red team players might go.


Look at the Red Team Members

Once the map has loaded, you should perform a quick scan of the red team members to see what you will be facing:

  • Are you top tier, middle tier, or bottom tier? How you play the match depends mightily on the answer. If you aren't top tier, you should consider relegating yourself to a support role
  • Number of Red Artillery Tanks - Heavy Tanks are prime shell magnets for Artillery, so knowing that the Red team has many should mean that will play a more conservative style and avoid getting tracked in the open. Fewer Artillery means that you can try tactics like Side Scrapping
  • Platoons - Large Platoons, particular those with the same clan tags tend to play wolf-pack tactics that are usually extremely effective against non-platooned opponents. The best way to defeat this groups is to travel with large groups and/or ensure that you cannot be encircled (eg: back into a corner)
  • Light Tanks - The more of these there are, the more likely that one will try to break thru your lines in order to go on a rampage against your Artillery tanks. These should be left mostly to the support tanks, but early in the fight, you can focus on immobilizing them in order to take them out of play quickly


Look at the Green Team Members

After you have an idea of what you are facing, look at your own forces to see if you need to adjust your roll any:

  • Are you the best tank on your side? If so, odds are that other players on your team will want to follow your lead and so it is your responsibility that you position yourself where the most good will occur
  • Are there large platoons on your side? If so, they will likely try wolf-pack tactics as well and you need to make a decision as to whether or not you follow them or not. If you follow them, you might leave an entire flank exposed for an easy cap by the enemy. If you don't follow them, they might not have firepower to overwhelm the flank that they do attack.
  • Number of Light Tanks on your side - Sadly, there are players who believe that doing a YOLO and immediately heading back to the Garage to play another tank is the best XP/hour. It isn't as throwing your tank away rarely gets you more XP than having a solid match. You'll want to keep an eye for these players as the only saving grace to their action will be give you an overview of the Red Team deployment. You'll want to use this information to adjust where you go in case one side is going to be overwhelmed.



This is where your actions as a heavy tank driver can end up costing your team the match. Let me emphasize that point: Poor decisions here can cost your team the match.


For most typical maps, there are at least two principal lines of attack. If Green Team overly commits to one side or the other, then that allows a Red Team that did commit evenly to have a completely free line of advance. It then becomes a race to see if Green Team can overwhelm the Red Defenders or if the Red Attackers can get to the flag/capture point and take a cheap win.


Your responsibility as a Heavy tank is to make sure that there is proper representation along both attack lines. So your default behavior should to want to head where the fewest number of tanks are heading. Now, because of split spawns and the like, it might be possible for you to do so, in which you'll have to resort to clicking the map or speaking on the microphone to get your team to do the correct thing.


The exception to this rule is if the number of people going the "other" way is very small. In this case, actually meeting the Red team will usually result in you being annihilated due to the superior numbers on red. So the correct play is actually try to play a rear guard force that is close to your main group of tanks.


As an example, consider the El-Halluf Map:

El Halluf

This map is famous for the fights that occur in the NW corner of the map. Failing to send a sufficient force there will lead to defeat the majority of the time. The reason why this is so strategically important is that the remaining tanks around H4 and D8 respectively, and advancing from the NW corner will typically put you at a flanking position to those tanks.


Once you have decided where you will setup, you will want to take a defensive position that minimizes places where your armor can be penetrated. This is why the earlier tutorials on armor angling and side scrapping are so important.


One of the ways that you can cost your team is by being overly aggressive here. Crossing open ground to encounter multiple enemy tanks hidden in cover will result you being swiftly killed. Let me repeat that for emphasis: Attacking a numerically superior enemy without cover is a bad idea. Don't do it.


Note: Heavy Tanks by their nature prefer city fighting over anything else. Cities have plenty of nice flat surfaces that make it easy to Side Scrap. So, if given the choice, go for the city.


First Encounter

This is the moment in the battle when you meet the Red Forces.


Your number one priority here is to not die. Your Heavy Tank represents a substantial threat to the enemy and they will not want to advance from cover until you are dealt with. Do not make it easy for them.


In lower tier lobbies, where there is a higher likelihood of less experience players, you will frequently encounter a player, typically with a microphone, that will attempt everything in order to convince that moving forward and attacking the enemy is the only thing to do. Do yourself a favor and mute/ignore them.


The correct play is to use the strengths of your Heavy Tank to your advantage and allow the Red Team to make mistakes that will get them killed.


Advance Or Retreat

No matter what, there will be eventually be a winning force and a loosing force from the First Encounter


Red Team Won First Encounter

Bad things happened. It probably wasn't your fault. Some player didn't less to your expert advice and charged forth to get themselves killed. How it happened doesn't actually matter, Green Team lost a bunch of tanks and now Red Team is advancing with you squarely in their sights.


Your options at this point, are to say the last limited. You might be able to retreat some --- especially if you are in a city. However, the odds are that rest of green team are too far away to come to your rescue so you are about to die a lonely death.


You best play in this situation is to move to the most defensible area around you --- you'll want an area that forces enemies to come from a single direction only --- wall corners are for this if you can put your back to the corner. Alternatively, areas where you can exploit gun depression (or elevation) also work. In either case, pick a ground and prepare to fight to the last. 


Your best bet is to focus on a single enemy in the hope that if you can finish them off, that will reduce the number of attackers against and allow Green Team to come to your rescue.


Green Team Won First Encounter

Congrats! Your accurate and deadly fire froze the enemy in their spots long enough that your team could sweep in and finish them all. Time for you to move onto the mop-up part of the match.


What you want to do now is look at the map and determine what happened in the other fight. If Green lost that fight, then Red is either heading for your base or for you. As a heavy tank, your best is to find a defensible position so that if they come, you'll make them eat shells. Leave the flag defense to the faster tanks.


If Green won the other fight, then Red team is probably failing back towards their spawn. The faster tanks on your side are probably sprinting forward trying to find them. Your job at this point is to follow them and be prepared to deal with an ambush.


If your faster tanks do get ambushed, then they hopefully lived long enough to tell you where the enemy is. You'll want to find a line of advance that doesn't take you into the kill zone so that you can deal with those stragglers.


Otherwise, Red team might be in so much disarray that they haven't had a chance to setup an ambush area. Since you are following behind the your scout tanks, you should shortly be in a position to fire upon those poor red tanks, so finish them off and then move on!


The Cleanup

At some point, its just a few tanks left on a side. Since you are a heavy tank and your mobility isn't the greatest, that simplifies your decision matrix significantly


Red Team Winning

There are more Red than Green, so cautiously advance towards your flag and try to find a position where you can ambush the fast Red tanks. Don't be too far from flag so that you easily reset the capture and deny them an easy win. Flag spawns rarely have good cover, so if there are Medium and Light Red tanks there, you can make quick work of them.


Green Team Winning

Winning by Flag Capture isn't the best possible outcome, but since you are slow, going back across the map to find and deal with an enemy light or medium tank just isn't worth it. Park yourself in that capture spot and either the enemy will come to you or cross into the path of your teammates. In either case, as win is a win.


General Advice

  • There are more advanced concepts such as hull down, turret down, fighting up/down a slope that you should research
  • Patience is a Virtue. Being in the open is a death sentence. 
  • Patience is a Virtue. This is a game where strategy and tactics matter so make sure you use them.
  • Patience is a Virtue. Ammo is expensive. Taking a snap shot isn't as smart as waiting for the aiming circle to be as small as possible.
  • Premium Rounds exist for a reason. If you are having trouble damaging something, and it isn't due to armor angling, then consider switching over to Premium Rounds.
  • No matter how thick your armor is, there is a shell that can put a hole in a it.
  • No matter how thick your armor is, your rear armor is vulnerable, so don't travel alone
  • If you encounter a tank that you can't seem to damage, look it its weak points. There are several apps and websites that will give you this information



I hope you find this guide helpful and enjoy playing the Heavy Tank Class.


Roll Out!

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