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Support for Missing PS4 Purchase​

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SecndChance NoO #1 Posted 08 March 2016 - 06:57 PM


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If you have made a purchase in-game or from the PlayStation®Store and had yet to get your purchase, please use the information below to help you with your purchase.


Please understand we do not have access to your personal account information as it is strictly controlled by Sony over the PlayStation™Network.
If PSN is experiencing any type of issue, this can cause purchases made to experience failed attempts after the purchase was completed on the player's side.

This will result in the purchase showing a charge was made and you will still receive a receipt from Sony/Bank/Credit Card. You will not be notified if a refund was applied to your account.


This refund can be seen on your online PSN Account , but you will first need to log into your account to see this information from the PlayStation ®Store.
On this screen, you will use the same credentials you use to sign in on your PSN.  

  • Once you have signed into your account scroll over to your gamer tag and selected "Purchase History."  
  • You are now looking at your Account Management screen and from here you will see the “Account”  Tab which will show you the status of all of your purchases made on your account.
  •  Select “Transaction History” and use the information from this screen to see the status of your purchase


Purchases that were successfully made will only show once.

Purchases that failed after they were made will be listed twice with the refund showing the same charged price as a refund: this will be shown with a ($##.##) or -$##.## as verified by Sony.


If the purchase you have made does not show that a refund was made on your PSN Account, please submit a Support Ticket with information found on this site to us so we can get you your gold. We will use this information to contact our Partners at Sony's Billing department to verify your purchase and credit you your missing purchase.


Generally, refunds will be received within 72 hours, but may take up to 30 days depending on your financial institution's individual policies to show on your account statements. We sincerely apologize for any inconveniences this may cause you.


Please submit a Support ticket from this link and provided us with this information to speed things up if you have yet to contact us or add to your current ticket.


While we are here to help you with this purchase, we will need very specific information from you on this purchase. The information must be given to resolve this matter for you. 

Please cut and paste your response with the information here to your support ticket:              
  •    What did you purchase?               
        (Tank Bundle Name, Gold Amount,)                           
  •    Where was this bought?             
        (In-Game Store, PS4 Dashboard Store or Online Store).                        
  •    What payment type was used to make this purchase?                
        (Credited Card, Pay Pall, Gift Card. please DO NOT give us your credit card number)   
  •    When was this purchase made?        
        (Include Time Zone you are in)                        
  •    The amount paid for this purchase before taxes?       


******Due to changes made with in Sony Billing Team, our turn around time for confirming all purchase will take up to 3 days if a ticket is submitted on Friday. (Sony Billing Team do not work weekends, while we here in Wargaming support are now fully staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week******

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