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Map 3: Arctic (Basic)

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Dr Bodge's Guide to Arctic (Basic)



Good camping opportunities on both sides with open ground between them can create a stalemate. Good opportunities for all classes of tanks since vision and scouting are important. Both sides have good opportunities for a fighting retreat which can easily lead to teams overextending leaving themselves vulnerable on the other flank.


Good for: All classes, especially those with good view range.

Bad for: Over aggressive players.



While usually the largest engagement this is rarely conclusive due to the slow resolution of the combat. Both sides have the potential to pull back into strong defensive positions with supporting fire. Aggressive play in such circumstances can be fatal.



A more fluid situation than the other flank but also prone to getting bogged down due to good opportunities for supporting tanks.



A very dangerous place in the early game. As play develops you can use vision to drive the enemy tanks back and take control of the centre of the map. If you achieve this you can get flanking shots on either of the flanks and resolve them in your favour. Good place for careful LT/MT drivers but be very aware of enemy TDs.



Good opportunities for camping on both sides. Each team needs to push through open ground against enemy in cover to reach the bases.


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