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Map 5: El Halluf

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Dr Bodge #1 Posted 25 March 2016 - 04:28 PM

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Dr Bodge's Guide to El-Halluf (Basic)


A map with something to offer all classes of tanks. TDs and SPGs will appreciate the long sight lines and Heavies are guaranteed a decent scrap if they go looking for it. While there is a clear route for heavy tanks great care is needed (by light and medium tanks) when exploring the middle of the map in the early stages of the game.


Good for: Most tanks surprisingly, given the wide open nature of the map.

Bad for: Very slow tanks, inevitably restricted to a mostly defensive role.



Most of the Heavy tanks of both teams will make a beeline for this area ensuring there will always be a decent scrap. Hard hitting mediums are also very effective and armoured TDs when they finally arrive. This is usually a slow war of attrition and can be rendered irrelevant by aggressive play elsewhere.


South East

Attacking quickly across the bottom of the map is a high risk move that can be highly effective if backed up by sniping support. Even a relatively small force of coordinated mediums can win this flank if they can get under the enemies guns. Do not underestimate this risk.


Middle of the map

Since most of the map is a sniper dream there is plenty of opportunity for spotters. A careful player can exploit the hill overlooking the beach to rack up the spotting damage. Be careful if the enemy attach in the South though.



Great opportunities for sniping on this map, as long as you have good scouts. Unfortunately winning the sniping game isn’t usually enough to win the game if the North-West is lost.


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