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Map 2: Airfield (Intermediate)

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Dr Bodge #1 Posted 28 March 2016 - 01:03 PM

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Dr Bodge's Guide to Airfield (Intermediate)



Map Overview

Airfield isn’t terribly played as a rule but for the wrong reasons. It rewards following convention (fighting over the Outcrops) and is camping friendly with long lines of sight across much of the map. Unlike many maps it is usually easier and safer to win through the middle than to push the flanks. The key to the map are the Outcrops, in particular the West and East Perch which allow you to dominate most of the centre of the map. However it is also a map which carries a high risk of being fast capped.



The Outcrops are usually the location of the main clash between opposing heavies. To complicate matters both sides have good positions for support fire from both TDs and SPGs, although the East side have a slight advantage. Once this area is taken you can control the Perch on the opposing side of the Outcrops. From here you should be able to dominate the game.


West/East Perch

These are the most valuable parts of the map. You have clear lines of fire to the Lagoons and the Airfield itself preventing you from being outflanked. Your view across the South of the Map allows you to dominate the Plateau and hence control vision. Once the enemy are trapped in their Base victory is inevitable.


West/East High Ground  

There are good positions on both side to provide support fire for the battle for control of the Outcrops. However you should not sit too far back as you may miss the chance to influence the outcome. Once you have lost the Outcrops you have lost the North of the map and probably the game.



This is very open and overlooked from both ends. Occasionally light tanks will try to exploit positions along the North edge. These positions are high risk and although sometimes useful are rarely decisive.



Controlling this area gives you deep vision into the enemy Base. It is precarious to stay here while the enemy still occupy their Perch but you can use positions here to try to harass enemy tanks involved in the fight for the Outcrops. If you are losing in the North you have little option but to fall back into cover on your side of the Plateau or even fall back to the Base.


Beach Path

Most maps have a red-herring, a patch of fool’s gold to lure in the unsuspecting. This is no exception although the Beach Path is not a universally bad approach. Pushing along here initially offers some promise, providing cover and protection but a successful push brings you out into the opposing Lagoon. At this point you suddenly become exposed to fire from three sides. If the opposition are careless enough to leave this back-door open you can push into the base and quick cap. However, if not you have just thrown away several tanks for no gain. Distinctly sub-optimal.


Optimal Strategy

Win the Outcrops. Occupy the Perches. Don’t ignore your cap. Clear the Plateau. Win.


Biggest Mistakes

  • Failing to keep you base secure. Plentiful cover makes being quick-capped a real risk if you don’t pay attention.
  • Camping. Top tier heavies and TDs sniping from the back, particularly in the North, throws the game away.
  • Trying to push early in the South. Regardless of where you push (Beach Path, Main Road, Plateau) this is usually a recipe for disaster. Success is an indication of weak opposition more than anything else.


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