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Map 5: El Halluf (Intermediate)

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Dr Bodge's Guide to El-Halluf (Intermediate)



Map Overview

A fairly popular map, probably because it offers opportunities to all classes. The battle is generally perceived to be a struggle by heavy tanks in the Outcrops in the north-west but this isn’t true. Since this main skirmish is a slow war of attrition, an aggressive push by either side in the south-east will often result in victory. Leaving the ‘back-door’ open is especially dangerous since it tanks on the frontline frequently don’t respond quickly enough to cap pressure.



There is no question that this is an important part of the map, but it is not the only important part. Both sides will always send a major part of their force to this location and the outcome of this skirmish will determine who has the numerical advantage in the later stages of the game. Most classes can find some way of contributing in this maze of rocks, with opportunities for hull-down, side-scraping and flanking manoeuvres. However, tanks here should keep a close eye on the other flank. If your TDs start disappearing one by one then you need to recognise that time is running out. This is especially true if you are winning in the Outcrops. Once you push further forward there is no way you will be able to respond in time to prevent being capped.


Ridge Lines

These Ridges are generally occupied by a mixture of TDs, camping heavies and lower tier tanks who want to avoid the main body of the enemy force. With competent scouts there are usually enough targets and even a small force can control the open ground from the Basin to the Beach. Any tanks here are filling three roles, denying the centre of the map to the opposition, protecting against an attack in the south-east and acting as a last line of defence should their team lose the Outcrops. It is the last of these three that most often represents a problem. If the battle in the south-east goes well they frequently drop down off the Ridge into the valley to chase damage without realising that the moment they do so they leave the base wide open should they lose the Outcrops.



The beach is itself fairly weak position. If you allow yourself to become trapped here you simply become a hostage to fortune. The value of the Beach is twofold. First, it allows you to outflank and destroy scouts using the Village to spot your team-mates on the Ridge. Secondly it is a staging post on an aggressive push into the dead ground below the opposing Ridge line.



A very good place for scouts to extend view range. The distance between the Ridges means that direct spotting is rarely possible, except perhaps at the far south-east end. This makes the Village very powerful, with hard and soft cover and virtually guaranteed support fire it is a Scout players dream come true. It is vulnerable to aggressive mediums though, so be careful, and remember, it is much easier to get from the Ridge to be Village than vice-versa.


Dead Ground

On both sides of the map there is an area of dead ground below the Ridge line. If the enemy are happy to camp their Ridge it is possible to rush into these areas. Once here tanks are difficult to dislodge without exposing yourself to enemy fire and, at close quarters, will usually get the better of any TDs on the Ridge. It is generally better to anticipate this threat and prevent it than to remedy it afterwards. This strategy can work in either direction but it probably slightly easier for the North team.


Optimal Strategy

Don’t lose the Outcrops. Control Village with Lights/Mediums. Support tanks remain on Ridge unless Outcrop flank is secure.


Biggest Mistakes

  • Failing to recognise the importance of the south-east. Allowing an aggressive push here by enemy Mediums with support is the fastest way to lose.
  • Attacking in the south-east while losing the Outcrops. You are gambling on winning quicker than the enemy, but you have to climb back out of the Valley (to get to either cap) and they don’t.
  • Not paying attention to the map. The Outcrops is a long way from your base and you can’t respond quickly enough once the enemy start to cap. Never enter a cap-race unless you have no choice.


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