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Map 8: Fisherman's Bay (Basic)

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Dr Bodge #1 Posted 15 April 2016 - 03:04 PM

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Dr Bodge’s Guide to Fisherman’s Bay (Basic)



A good map with varied terrain with opportunities for most tank types. The map is well balanced, with neither flank being dominant and ridgeline, which is vital to the endgame, is exposed and vulnerable to flanking on both sides.


Good For: All tank classes.

Bad For: Nobody really.



Both sides will almost always send a small to medium force of heavier tanks to the town, where the plentiful hard cover and good side-scraping positions ensures the battle is usually a slow grind. The battle here is fairly self-contained but you may occasionally come under flanking fire from the centre of the map.


West Valley

The valley at the West end of the map is protected from flanking fire by a ridge allowing aggressive attacks by mobile tanks along this flank. While both sides will usually station TDs to defend the flank they are usually insufficient to stop a determined push.


Central Ridge

This feature is usually fought over by light and medium tanks. Heavy tanks tend to struggle here as they crest the ridge as they are unable to spot the opposing gun line to return fire.



There are reasonable camping spots here for both teams but good hunting is not guaranteed. The sniping spots are too far back to be of much use when your team is on the offensive and the lack of really solid cover at the back of the map means they become exposed too quickly in defence.


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Mr Hecklez #2 Posted 15 April 2016 - 05:41 PM

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Thanks. Really appreciate these.

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