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Map 11: Himmelsdorf (Basic)

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Dr Bodge #1 Posted 15 April 2016 - 03:10 PM

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Dr Bodge’s Guide to Himmelsdorf (Basic)



A city map, so life is hard for SPGs and Scouts. A fairly symmetric map which tends to see predictable play. As with any city map, quick capping is a constant danger due to very short lines of sight.


Good for: Anyone with high penetration and sturdy frontal armour. The hill provides some hull-down positions too.

Bad for: All tanks that rely on staying hidden to avoid taking damage. Bad for scouts and very bad for artillery.


The Hill

Two areas of this map are predictably the scene of a protracted and bloody fight. The hill is one of them and for good reason. It is appealing to mediums, who can get there quickly but also run away if things go badly, and also to heavies, who can’t. Sending too few tanks here is generally more of a problem than sending too many, mostly because the losing force is usually exterminated completely.


The ‘Banana Road’

The curves road below the castle is the second inevitable clash, also with good reason. Failing to secure this area allows the opposition to break through your front lines without exposing themselves to fire from the hill. It is an area only really suited to tanks with strong frontal armour and good penetration though.


The West of the Map

There are more opportunities for mobile tanks here but it is a risky business as TDs like to exploit the long lines of sight on this flank. It is worth sounding out the enemy strength here before fully committing yourself to the offensive. Be aware that this area can become very vulnerable if you lose at the other side of the map.



Camping is pretty poor on this map. If you have a line of sight you are probably going to get spotted. If you don’t have a good tank for trading your options are limited


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