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Map 12: Karelia (Basic)

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Dr Bodge’s Guide to Karelia (Basic)



Karelia is usually seen as a one-dimensional map, with good reason, since the valley to the East frequently draws in most of the tanks on both teams. However this leaves the other flank wide open to (slightly risky) aggressive moves which result in cap wins surprisingly often.


Good for: Heavy tanks, tanks with good frontal armour.

Bad for: Bottom tier tanks who get stuck covering the empty flank. They tend to either have uneventful games or get overrun by top tier medium platoons.


South East Valley

This is the site of the dominant confrontation on this map. A handful of light and medium tanks will rush for the raised plateau in the middle of the valley while heavies and TDs will line up at opposite ends of the valley and trade shots. There are a number of other advance positions in the valley floor that can be rewarding but are best avoided by new players as they are very committing.


The Middle of the Map.

Death on a stick. Until you have amassed enough experience to know how and when to exploit this area avoid it like the plague.


North-West flank

This flank tends to be fairly open, with oases of cover behind rock outcrops. You should expect a TD or two covering this flank and proceed with care. If the opposition become established on the plateau above the valley this flank can become very exposed as you are permanently in a cross-fire. However, if the enemy commit too few tanks to this flank a win by quick-capping is very feasible, particularly for the South team.



The sniping opportunities are fairly meagre. In the valley it is hard to snipe without exposing yourself to fire and on the other flank you are limited to tend to survive on scraps unless the enemy are aggressive and incompetent.


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