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Map 13: Komarin (Basic)

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Dr Bodge #1 Posted 18 April 2016 - 01:21 PM

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Dr Bodge’s Guide to Komarin (Basic)



This isn’t a very popular map. The wide open spaces and wide river renders most of the map unusable. To make matters worse if your team don’t control the centre it is hard to exploit either of the flanks. Given such a restrictive map you would think that most people would work out how to play it. Sadly this isn’t the case.


Good for: Top tier heavies.

Bad for: Anyone whose team chooses to ignore the Island and lemming train a flank.



The small ‘island’ in the middle usually sees a close range tussle between heavy tanks, with occasional support from Assault guns and mediums. The fighting here is awkward and ugly and under the constant threat from snipers and SPGs on overwatch and mediums on the flanks. This isn’t a front you push so much as endure and survive. As long as you can maintain a presence here though, it is difficult for the opposition to win either flank.


The flanks

Despite the importance of the flanks, the game often sees the main fighting on the flanks with one side or the other pushing on a flank. There is nothing wrong with joining in one of these moves as long as someone on your team is challenging for the Island and you don’t forget about the other flank. Even so this game is very rarely won on the flanks alone. Any tank can take part in these flanking moves, but mobility helps.



The wide open spaces in this map make camping almost compulsory for squishy TDs. Unfortunately the areas most conducive to camping are the bases, so even though campers may end up racking up a lot of damage in the late game, they are almost irrelevant to the outcome of the battle.


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