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Map 15: Live Oaks (Basic)

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Dr Bodge #1 Posted 18 April 2016 - 01:23 PM

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Dr Bodge’s Guide to Live Oaks (Basic)



Another typical WoT map, all flank and no middle. At least this one gives reasonably reliable action on both of these flanks though, and easily defendable cap circles frequently lead to exciting end-games. Unfortunately with such a small amount of the map is usable for most of the game it can be a little predictable.


Good for: Heavies & Mediums, especially those that are good on ridge lines. Tanks with good view range.

Bad for: Nobody really but it helps to be mobile.


East Flank

Almost without fail the North side will try to rush down the East flank, get halfway and then engage in a gunnery duel. If the South team also push here you will see a tense close range standoff next to one of the bridges. This favours all-rounders tanks with good guns and good turret armour as the fighting is more about movement and snapshots than trading. Both sides tend to have support fire from behind.


West Flank

Both sides have the change to rush over open ground to establish a forward position in the town. Once engaged it is difficult to withdraw across open ground so it tends to be a fight to the death. Side scraping heavies do well here, but the town is far from saturated so there are good flanking opportunities for cheeky mediums.


West Ridges

On the west of this map are two small hills overlooking the town. You will always find a handful of (South team) TDs and lower tier tanks here providing overwatch on the town and trying to snipe any Northern reinforcements. This is a strong position since if the East flank falls you are in a good position to defend the cap circle without having to move.


Map Centre

Soft, slow and strategically worthless.



There is good camping on this map, primarily due to the wide open cap circles. If either side win a flank and try to cap the other team, if they are paying attention, will make them pay dearly for their ambitions.


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