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Map 16: Malinovka (Basic)

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Dr Bodge #1 Posted 18 April 2016 - 01:25 PM

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Dr Bodge’s Guide to Malinovka (Basic)



Ah, Malinovka. This map is a true classic but very divisive. The meta changes significantly as you climb the tiers but it is most commonly decided by the fight for the hill. Despite this being well known, the map is still subject to some appallingly poor strategic choices.


Good For: Scouts, snipers, mobile tanks of all persuasions and SPGs.

Bad for: Very slow tanks, especially if they have very poor camo.


The Hill

This is probably the most important engagement on the map, partly due to the ridgeline dominating half the map but also because it is likely the location of up to half of the enemy team. Mediums and mobile heavies will race up here with the slower tanks and TDs creeping along after then. Go here and you are guarenteed a good scrap but expect artillery to be watching your every move.


South West Flank

There are a number of players who feel that an aggressive push along the edge of the water at the far S-W end of the map is a good strategy. You will occasionally see groups of mediums (usually platooned) attacking along this flank. The risks are considerable though, since all the really slow tanks on either side (who don’t fancy the journey to the hill) line up and snipe at each other across the open field and they are quick to spot a soft target.


Lake Edge

Sometimes light and medium tanks will push through the middle of the map, sometimes right along the lake shoreline. This is high risk, death of glory stuff and best left to the more experienced players.



Oh yes. There are glorious camping opportunities on Malinovka. The map is so wide open that it is possible to engage targets right at your maximum view range with little chance of being spotted in return. It is testimony to the camping opportunities on this map that Scouts can frequently rack up huge figures for spotting damage, (second only to Prokhorovka).


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