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Map 17: Mines (Basic)

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Dr Bodge #1 Posted 18 April 2016 - 01:27 PM

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Dr Bodge’s Guide to Mines (Basic)



This is one of those maps you will play again and again as you rise through the tiers. It is small, which makes the central plateau even more dominant, as if it wasn’t dominant enough already. Having said that, control of the hill isn’t a guaranteed win although it definitely gives you the advantage.


Good for: Hull down specialists, fast tanks with autoloaders, brawling tanks.

Bad for: passive scouts.


The Hill

The moment the game starts light and medium tanks from both sides will race to be the first to cross the short, exposed section at the entrance to the hill. There is a slight advantage for the North team and as long as their team has a presence in the middle they can seal off the hill to prevent the opposition from displacing them. Heavier tanks will tend to congregate just below the hill and trade hits under the constant attention of supporting TDs and SPGs.


The Village

The main alternative conflict zone is the fight for the village in the North-East.  A strong push here by heavy tanks backed up by mediums can be extremely effective. Once you get close enough to spot the base camping TDs this attack can become very dangerous if left unchecked. However, if the attack stalls and the enemy control the hill this flanking force can become trapped in a cross-fire from in front and above.


The Island

This is definitely a side-show, compared to the other flank and the centre. There are possibilities for flanking fire, but the positions are tenuous and exposed. Worse still are pushes through the water beside the island. Progress is slow and the attacking team usually end up stalled and hugging the cliffs in search of cover.



There are good, albeit limited camping opportunities on both sides. The areas behind the bases are elevated and there are good lines of fire across the map. However, once the opposition reach a forward position and properly exploit the hill the map is too small to leave many hiding places. Once in a while though, both sides are so focussed on their dog-fighting that they forget to play safe and then you can rack up big damage scores.


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