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Map 19: Murovanka (Basic)

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Dr Bodge #1 Posted 23 April 2016 - 11:40 AM

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Dr Bodge’s Guide to Murovanka (Basic)



This is a very open map with no impassable barriers. As a result this is a map that allows relatively fluid gameplay. As with any map there are conventional patterns of play but these are far less rigid for this map allowing most tanks can play in most locations, should they wish to. There is also a good balance between rolling hills and open sections with just enough cover for a good player to exploit but not enough to make it feel restrictive. Definitely one of the more interesting maps.


Good for: Hull down and ridgeline specialists. Mobile tanks, especially mediums.

Bad for: Super-slow tanks due to lack of solid cover from artillery.


West Flank

This area tends to be the site of the main push by both sides. There is enough cover for heavies to exploit and both sides can give support fire which can result in initial stalemate. Aggressive play can lead to quick breakthroughs but the risk isn’t usually worth it since the bases can be easily protected from these positions should the other flank fall.


East Flank (The Forest)

While definitely the ‘second’ front the fighting here almost always concludes before the other flank. Fighting here can be tricky, partly because the plentiful soft cover hinders seeing out of, but allows firing into, the forest. Mediums and other mobile brawling tanks do well here as long as they are careful not to overcommit.



There is more cover here than it might at first seem but it takes experience and judgement to exploit it effectively. Be careful here until you feel you understand the flow of the gameplay.



There are pretty good camping opportunities on both sides due to the gently rolling terrain. In particular once the initial breakthrough has occurred the defenders have ample opportunity to punish the attacking team.


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