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Map 20: Pacific Island (Basic)

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Dr Bodge #1 Posted 23 April 2016 - 11:43 AM

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Dr Bodge’s Guide to Pacific Island (Basic)



I will come straight to the point and say it...this is a bad map! It combines several features that actively inhibit good gameplay and most of the map is effectively unplayable. Rather than clutter up this guide with a critique of the map I will write them up separately. The map is limiting and claustrophobic and the fighting tends to be close range and messy.


Good for: Close range brawlers with good frontal armour.

Bad for: Slow tanks. Snipers/glass cannons. Scouts. Tanks with poor gun depression.


West Flank

The most predictable clash point is on the West Flank, where the front-line heavies from both teams will push forward, hugging the ocean side of the ridge line for cover. There is then a face to face scrap and unless there is a huge mismatch in numbers this is normally won by whoever has the higher tier heavies. The terrain makes it quite difficult to stop the winning side from sweeping through into the opposing teams base.


East Flank

This is a very asymmetric map, and this is very noticeable on the East Flank. The South side will usually push North along this flank in some strength but the North team are almost always entirely defensive. The fighting here is awkward and unsatisfying with the terrain favouring neither side and a constant danger of being ambushed. If the South win here they control the East side of the map and it is hard to stop them pushing into the North base.



As so often is the case, just don’t bother. As if the lack of cover wasn’t enough there is lots of water to slow you down and there isn’t even a guarantee of cover should you make it safely across.



Bad. Just bad. The North team have elevation, but it is hard to exploit if the opposition scouts are awake. The South team have much better sniping spots but no-one to shoot at most of the time.


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