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Map 24: Redshire (Basic)

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Dr Bodge #1 Posted 23 April 2016 - 11:56 AM

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Dr Bodge’s Guide to Redshire (Basic)



A great map that contains something for everyone. There are at least two good places for Heavy tanks to fight, plenty of scouting and spotting opportunities, camping spots and ridgelines galore. What’s not to like. Despite starting positions being rather predictable the game can develop in a number of ways since the lack or impassable barriers or restrictive terrain allows teams to respond to the changing balance of power.


Good for: Everyone but even better for mobile tanks.

Bad for: Nobody, not even base campers.


East Valley

Heavies will go here to fight, with the occasional medium and armoured TD. Be careful of being sniped on the way to the action. The fighting is intense and face-to-face and the lack of a safe escape route means the losers get annihilated.  Winning here is good, but does not inevitably lead to victory as the routes to the enemy bases are exposed.


West Flank

Sometimes both sides will attack along the sunken road on the far West of the map. While this can allow flanking shots to the centre it also exposes you to a cross-fire making it difficult to recommend.


The Hills

The large hills in the centre are very important and will always have a mixture of snipers and scouts on them taking advantage of the soft cover. The positions here are good but not overpowered, since they are difficult to exploit safely and can quickly become exposed as the front lines move around. Go here with your lights , mediums but be cautious, harassing the opposition but be careful about committing to an attack.



Camping here is fairly good. There are plenty of good positions but the lines of sight to the really valuable targets are often blocked. If the opposition push carelessly onto ridgelines you can rack up a lot of damage.


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