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Map 25: Sand River (Basic)

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Dr Bodge #1 Posted 02 May 2016 - 01:18 PM

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Dr Bodge’s Guide to Sand River (Basic)



This is one of the better maps, seemingly popular with players of all classes. The map is more open than many with the restrictions to movement formed primarily by the lack of cover and elevated support positions rather than physical boundaries.


Good for: All classes. Especially good if you have god view range, turret armour or gun depression.

Bad for: Nobody but definitely harder for slow moving tanks with poor view range.


Northern Hills

More often than not the South-East team will rush directly to the high ground in the North. This can be effective but it can sometimes be a wasted journey if the fighting concludes quickly elsewhere. Lights, mediums and mobile heavies can do well here.


Northern Dunes

This is an area that tends to see a fair amount of action so expect close attention from TDs and SPGs. There are opportunities here for scouting by light and mediums in particular.  Heavies also have some opportunities here but can easily become trapped and unable to retreat.


Central Ridge

There is a long ridgeline running alongside a depression. Light tanks and stealthy mediums can use this area for spotting and flanking fire but it is a very exposed place. Avoid this in the early and mid-game unless you are experienced enough to do so safely. Pushing through here in the early game almost always ends in disaster.


South-West Flank

There is frequently a strong push by the Northern team down the SW flank. The SE team will usually send defensive forces here but the terrain favours the NW team. Both sides tend to send TDs and Heavies here although the NW team may also send Mediums.



There are very good camping opportunities for both sides. After the initial skirmishes, in which campers can often intervene, this becomes a game of attack versus defence with the early winners pushing into strong defensive positions. Frequently the two flanks will be won by opposing sides, which guarantees good sniping for both sets of base defenders simultaneously.


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