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Map 28: South Coast (Basic)

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Dr Bodge #1 Posted 02 May 2016 - 01:22 PM

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Dr Bodge’s Guide to South Coast (Basic)



South Coast can be a very frustrating map to play for all classes. The main offensive routes require passing through exposed flanks but also deny those forces the opportunity to respond to events elsewhere. Light and Medium tanks are always in danger of finding themselves trapped or ambushed. TDs are forced into a relatively limited range of good firing positions. It can be very hard, even for an experienced player, to know where to go and what to do to ensure you make a meaningful contribution.


Good for: Brawling tanks. Autoloaders. Top tier heavies.

Bad for: Light tanks. Bottom tier tanks.


East Flank

This flank commonly sees a handful of heavies and some mediums from the North team pushing into a smaller force of TDs and heavies from the South. There is a slight advantage here for the North, due primarily to the strong support for base camping snipers. Despite this the North team sometimes don’t bother to attack here, preferring to remain glued to the plateau around the base.


Central Valleys

This is generally a poor area to try to exploit unless you have already won the West. The tightly constrained corridors make ambushes and counterattacks a very real danger. Mobile tanks and mediums from the south often try push into this area but tend to come unstuck when they run into dug in Heavies or TDs.


Map Centre

The low lying ground including the town and adjoining plateau are not a good place to be for either side. There is little solid cover from the opposition snipers so all you are doing it acting as a bait to draw enemy fire.


The Beach

The south side, who tend to be the more aggressive on this map, will usually rush the beach. All this usually achieves is to leave a significant part of the attacking force trapped halfway along the flank with little hope of influencing the rest of the map in much the same way as happens to the North team on the East flank. On the plus side if the enemy fail to robustly defend the flank you can slip into the base and it is hard for them to stop you. The South will normally commit more mobile tanks here while the North will use slower, defensively oriented tanks.



The opportunities are not great for the South team, who tend to be the attackers. Their input rarely extends beyond trying to drive the defenders out of their camping spots. The North has better returns on camping  as long as they are  prepared to utterly give up the initiative, which is a fairly negative strategy.


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