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Map 29: Steppes (Basic)

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Dr Bodge #1 Posted 02 May 2016 - 01:24 PM

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Dr Bodge’s Guide to Steppes (Basic)



An interesting map, in the sense that it is generally played quite poorly. It provides something for most tank classes but can be quite unforgiving if you over-extend or fail to pay sufficient attention to the map during the game.


Good for: Mediums, mobile heavies, SPGs. Especially good for ridgeline warriors with good gun depression and view range.

Bad for: Tanks without good view range or gun depression. Lethal without Sixth Sense.


West Flank

On the West of the map are a series of shallow valleys that provide cover from TDs on the higher plateau. There is also some cover from artillery here, which probably explains why almost all the slow heavies will flock here. The fighting is medium range and depends on penetration and frontal armour. Mediums and TDs will also join in, but with mixed success. The down-side is that the fighting here is often inconsequential.


East Valley

This is the key battleground on the map. Light tanks and mediums will rush here but be careful not to overcommit as they will often be followed up by reinforcements. Once you commit to the lower ground it is hard to extricate yourself from the combat and getting outnumbered here is usually fatal. Meanwhile on the higher ground there is a cross-fire between hull down mediums and heavies aided by artillery and TDs. If your team fail to compete for this flank you will lose, but don’t make the mistake of going here alone. Brawling tanks do well here but the team with the numerical advantage usually wins here as long as they are aggressive.


Central Road

A large scale attack along the central road is suicide. It means drawing tanks away from the flanks and, once you get bogged down in the centre, your fate is sealed. A Light or Medium tank or two can exploit this road to spot for TDs camping at the back and if they find it undefended this can be exploited. Be careful here though.



This open area offers very little in the early and mid-game. Don’t bother to try to push this area unless you are a Light tank expert in a turbo-charged AMX ElC.



Deceptively bad. There are apparently strong defensive positions along the ridgelines just in front of the bases but they provide few targets except the opposition campers. Worse still once you lose either flank your ‘strong’ defensive position quickly becomes exposed and dangerous. You will often rack up the most damage after the game is already lost.


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