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Map 31: Westfield (Basic)

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Dr Bodge #1 Posted 02 May 2016 - 01:25 PM

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Dr Bodge’s Guide to Westfield (Basic)



Westfield is a very distinctive map, that tends to deliver quite short and sharp games. The clash in the North starts almost immediately and involves most of both teams in a tense fight to the death. It isn’t the only skirmish that matters but it tends to be pretty crucial. The map is far from perfect but it is popular and distinct.


Good for: Ridge-line warriors. Mobile tanks with good turrets and quick aim time do well in the North.

Bad for: Slow moving glass cannons risk either sitting too far back to make a difference or being irrelevant to the outcome.


North Hills

There will always be a big skirmish here. Both teams push up against their side of the ridgeline and take it in turns to get shot in the face. Mobility and side armour are invaluable here, as is a keen awareness of enemy positions. The fighting here is cat and mouse until one side is weak enough for the other to push over the top and annihilate the other. When fighting here try to be aware of the changing balance of power since it is easy to miss the last chance to withdraw.



The town is a difficult place to fight. It is common for both teams to try to push into the town but it is hard to exploit this effectively. Be careful if you choose to fight here as you are acutely exposed to support fire and return fire from the Hills.



The deep valley running from one base to the other is a very dangerous place to explore. Elevated firing positions exist for both teams and the lack of cover make escape very difficult. The Northern team will sometimes try to push along the valley floor but this rarely turns out well.


East Edge

Both teams tend to send forces to the East edge of the map, Light and Medium tanks from the South and TDs and Heavies from the North. Anything more than a token presence here is unwise. The most common endgame on this map sees the dominant team searching for the remnants of the Red team hiding along the East and South map border.



This map, more than other, encourages campers into adopting irrelevant positions. Base campers in the South or bridge campers in the North see little action and drag down their team. To be fair to them though, trying to make a useful contribution elsewhere on the map can be frustrating and unrewarding and these positions represent an apparently safe alternative.


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