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Map 32: Widepark (Basic)

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Dr Bodge #1 Posted 02 May 2016 - 01:27 PM

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Dr Bodge’s Guide to Widepark (Basic)



Widepark is a low to mid-tier map, defined by the railway embankment running across the centre of the map. This raised ground has the effect of preventing direct fire between the two sides of the map. You have three choices, preventing the Red team pushing over the railway line or joining in pushing over one of the two flanks. Get your flanking move right and you win. Get it wrong and you get annihilated.


Good for: Top tier tanks, particularly heavies and armoured TDs. Tanks with good gun depression and short aim time.

Bad for: Snipers and support tanks.


Railway Embankment

Mobile, lighter tanks will tend to congregate here and are stuck in a stale-mate until one flank collapses. A conclusive early win here is rare but there is usually plenty of action to keep you busy. Be acutely aware of the progress on the flanks or you will suddenly find yourself flanked with no escape route.


West Flank

This flank tends to attract the slower, heavier tanks. Well armoured tanks trade fire under the bridge until one side risk pushing over the top. If this attack is successful it usually determines the outcome. If you wish to make this attack do it quickly to minimise exposure to flanking fire.


East Flank

This flank tends to attract more mobile tanks and the partial cover provided by buildings and railway carriages allows good initial progress. This flank is deceptively exposed though and these attacks frequently end in disaster, particularly for the South team.



The central embankment severely restricts sniping opportunities. Apart from tracking and destroying tanks pushing over this obstacle there is little to do until one of the flanks falls but this tends (particularly in the West) to represent a catastrophic failure usually leading to defeat.


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