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Map 6: Ensk (Intermediate)

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Dr Bodge's Guide to Ensk (Intermediate)



Map Overview

Ensk is very small map, and therefore one that does not lend itself to long drawn out games. The plentiful cover has two important effects; it encourages aggressive play by both teams and also means that you often don’t know how strong the opposition force is until it steamrollers you. The game is generally determined by the team that wins the Arena, but this has little to do with it giving any inherent advantage. It is the simple consequence of both teams sending their top tier heavies to this location to fight for supremacy. The map is then usually too small and built up to allow the survivors on the opposing team a second chance.


The Arena

The fighting for the Arena is normally pretty brutal and tends to go to the most aggressive team. Again I do not believe this to imply any inherent advantage in attacking. It is normal for the team who knows they are probably under strength to play a more defensive game. The main advantage of winning in the Arena is the destruction of the main opposing force. A secondary advantage is that you now control the Square and therefore can move freely across the West side of the map.


The Square

This is a difficult place to fight. You cannot control it, since it is an open space. The buildings provide some cover but your position is never secure. It provides useful risky opportunities for flanking while there is still fighting for the Arena, but the moment this battle is over it ceases to be either a useful position or indeed a safe place for the losing side to remain.


North and South Fronts

These are the starting positions for the two teams. In order to push across the enemies Front you effectively have to neutralise them as a force and so this marks the end of the main fighting. If the enemy look likely to breach your Front you are better off falling back towards the Base and setting up a second line of defence here or risk being surrounded and executed.


The Rail Tracks

This is not a very useful area of the map. The chance of making it all the way into the opposition Base without being spotted is small, once you get above the lower tiers. There is no cover for your retreat and should you make it you are completely unsupported. There is almost always a more useful way to throw away your tank than going down the tracks. The uninterrupted lines of sight can give scouts brief sniping opportunities though.


The Field

This is a deceptively dangerous place. Light tanks and Mediums will attempt to exploit the wide-open space but generally find that the lack of cover leaves them exposed. Controlling this area doesn’t provide any strategic or even tactical advantage. If you must push on the East try to do so through the Sheds and the Yard and leave you TDs covering the Field.



Both teams can push safely into their respective Sheds. From here you can push forward into the Yard area where you can close with the enemy while remaining shielded from much of their support tanks. Once you have won this area and driven the enemy out of their Sheds you control the East, for what it is worth. It is easy to retreat safely from this area so pay close attention to your map in case you need to fall back to defend your Base.



Both bases are deceptively sheltered and so quick-capping is a serious danger for both teams. Ignore the capping warning at your peril as it is the single biggest cause of avoidable losses on this map.


Optimal Strategy

Win in the West. Hold in the East. Fall back to base and clear East flank. Crush survivors.


Biggest Mistakes

  • Failing to commit sufficient forces to the main skirmish in the West.
  • Failing to return to Base to decap when your East flank falls.
  • Trying a big push in the Field.

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