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Map 7: Erlenberg (Intermediate)

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Dr Bodge #1 Posted 06 May 2016 - 04:33 PM

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Dr Bodge’s Guide to Erlenberg (Intermediate)



Map Overview

Erlenburg is a map of two halves. Literally. No matter how you locate the starting spawns the game will usually rapidly polarise in which each side controlling opposite sides of the river. How you feel about this kind of stand-off will dictate how you feel about the map. While the early skirmishes favour mobile heavy tanks and ridgeline warriors this late game is dominated by view range. The game is normally decided according to which side best adapts to this change of pace. For some reason (either lack of tactical sense or perhaps boredom with the stalemate) one side will try to push across one of the bridges towards the hidden TDs camping the opposite ridge. Unless they have overwhelming superiority of numbers or coordinate well this is suicide.


West Bank vs East Bank

The current spawns start teams on opposite sides of the river. While the map is not precisely symmetric it is, in practice, fairly balanced. For instance when crossing the North Bridge there is low grounding to give you cover when pushing West but more hard cover from buildings when pushing East. If pushed I would probably say that the West side has a slight advantage in the early stages while the reverse is true for the end game.


North vs South Bridge

Try to cross either Bridge during the early game effectively throws the game way. The main reason that failing to cross is not fatal is that the opposition were simultaneously failing the cross the other Bridge. Let the enemy be the first to fail, unless it has become clear they are happy to camp. When you do push, do so through the North Bridge, but first control the centre of the map to provide vision and a cross-fire.


Middle Bridge

The area around the Middle Bridge is crucially important if you are considering a push across either of the other two Bridges. From here a scout tank with good view range (especially with binoculars) can spot campers on the opposite ridge. At the very least this will force some of them to fall back over the ridge, which hugely improves the chance that a push will be successful. At best you (and your TDs and SPGs) can decimate them from a safe distance. Once your attacking force has pushed across open ground and is under their guns unless you have an inferior force the game is won.


Optimal Strategy

Win ‘your’ side of the River. Ambush enemy as they try to cross bridges. Extend vision by winning centre of the map. Pick off ridge campers. Win.


Biggest Mistakes

  • Trying to push across the river in the early stages of the game. This is the biggest mistake by far.
  • Trying to push across the river without first getting spotters (light or mediums tanks) into the centre.
  • Letting the opposition across the river through lack of good spotting or excessively passive play.

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Balc0ra #2 Posted 01 June 2016 - 10:54 AM


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Now I'm mainly a PC WOT player. And this is one of the more fun medium and light maps on PC. But here is just the worst. As you have the spawns East/West and not North/South. It's instantly a camp fest as 90% of the teams go to the 9 line and 2 line and wait hill. Thus "win" your side boils down to killing anything silly enough to attack alone in the middle first, then you wait and hope your team push down your side and shot your spotted targets on their hill before the enemy team spots all your campers on your side to do the same.


Sure PC starts with each their side of the river to on the map. North/South makes for more aggressive moves early on vs passive. And thus IMO... keeps the fun for agile tanks to get into bully spots. Here it's just a waiting game sadly. And thus it's such a wasted map for randoms.

Guffenstein #3 Posted 23 July 2016 - 01:17 PM

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First, thanks for all your hard work in putting these guides together. Gold star for you!

That said, I think you've left out one of the more important features on this map, namely the north and south river fords. I have found that pushing across the fords (especially south) is the best way to have success. They provide enough cover to get in a position to spot the red campers for long range fire. This is view range dependent but played correctly the advantages are mostly with the attackng team. Once you are across on their flank the ridge/castle campers don't really have a good fallback position and the tend to either die or flee. This approach also leans on the common psychology found in WOT, in this case, non-TD players who ridge camp are not skilled in reacting to being under fire and tend to fold up when they are forced out of sniper mode.

Again, mad props for the guides. The game needs more folks like you.

CyraxPT #4 Posted 23 July 2016 - 01:59 PM


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I wish there was some air strike when there was 5m left in the clock, just something to motivate the campers on the hills to move into the middle of the map.

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