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Map 8: Fisherman's Bay (Intermediate)

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Dr Bodge #1 Posted 06 May 2016 - 04:59 PM

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Dr Bodge’s Guide to Fisherman’s Bay (Intermediate)



Map Overview.

A good map with varied terrain with opportunities for most tank types. The map is well balanced, with neither flank being dominant and ridgeline, which is vital to the endgame, is exposed and vulnerable to flanking on both sides. Furthermore it is quite an interesting map in that both teams can compete for the most valuable real-estate (the central ridge) but it is difficult for either to hold as it has weaknesses on both flanks.



Both sides will almost always send a small to medium force of heavier tanks to the town, where the plentiful hard cover and good side-scraping positions ensures the battle is usually a slow grind. The battle here is fairly self-contained but you may occasionally come under flanking fire from the centre of the map. Winning or losing here is important but not necessarily terminal since both cap circles are exposed and difficult to hold. The main advantage of the Town, and what makes it so important, is that it secures the east flank of the central ridge, giving you freedom to exploit the vision and firing arcs that it provides.


West Valley

The valley at the West end of the map is protected from flanking fire by a ridge allowing aggressive attacks along this flank. While both sides will usually station TDs to defend the flank (at the Windmill and in the Village respectively) they are usually insufficient to stop a determined push. However, as with the town, winning here does not inevitably lead to a victory as the attacking force then find themselves pushing out into a cross-fire in open ground. The weakness of the West Valley is that is less dominant over the centre of the map than the Town so, while easier to take initially (than the Town) you gain less strategic advantage from controlling it.


Central Ridge

This feature is deceptively important, acting as a high point with lines of sight to all areas of the map. In the early stage of the game both sides can compete for this area due to the ample dead ground on your side of the ridge. Support fire from the back of the map prevents you from being rushed by over-eager mediums allowing you to (safely) remain in quite a forward position. Should you overcommit and lose you presence here you are severely weakened. As with a map like Prokhorovka once you have unspotted tanks with good view range located along this central ridge there are few places the enemy can hide and they become trapped in the corners of the map. You do not need to take the ridge but you must not let the enemy take it either.



The bases are poor defensive positions and if you find yourself trapped there you are not likely to survive long. If you still have active forces in the centre of the map, however, enemy pushing along the map border will find themselves in an unpleasant crossfire and you can sometimes hold out against the odds.


Optimal Strategy

Win either the Town (preferable) or West Valley. Win the central ridge. Dominate the rest of the map!


Biggest Mistakes

  • Leaving a flank undefended. It is very hard to hold the centre once flanked.
  • Not competing for the Central Ridge. If the enemy exploit this your support tanks are dangerously exposed.
  • Trying to push into the enemy base after winning a flank. You should first clear out the centre and secure your base.

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XboxBeanie #2 Posted 10 June 2016 - 11:43 PM


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In the Standard Game, War! map it seems unbalanced. The North spawn can take the the Town much quicker and get into cover than the South spawn. The South can gain the Village at A1 but there's no cover there, only distance and camo can keep you safe. All the other game modes seem ok, as you say gaining the middle is actually quite important.

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