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Map 10: Highway (Intermediate)

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Dr Bodge #1 Posted 08 May 2016 - 04:19 PM

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Dr Bodge’s Guide to Highway (Intermediate)



Map Overview

I feel personally that this is an under-rated map. As well as giving the heavy tanks somewhere to go there is some great terrain for medium tank action. Both groups can share the earnest belief they are crucial in winning the game. In practice the West flank tends to resolve itself more quickly and the East and so is more often the key to winning the game but, once lost, the Town provides an easy back door into the enemy base. Once the enemy are in your base you normally don’t have the time to dislodge as the bases are on raised ground and contain sufficient cover. If you don’t pay attention to the mini-map you only have yourself to blame when you get capped.



The town is the key to the South and East sides of the map. Once you win the Town you have a relatively easy walk-in to the enemy Base. In both cases the undulating terrain gives you plenty of dead ground to exploit on your way in and a Ridge protecting you from flanking fire. If you can win the Town quickly you have probably won the match and that brings us to the main problem. Unless the enemy are thoroughly negligent you won’t win the Town quickly and you will end up getting capped out as the other flank falls. That this happens so frequently is a testament to how negligent both teams commonly are. This is definitely an important area of the map but unless you pay attention to the other flank you are going to lose more matches than you win.


West Plateau

This is, in my opinion, both the most interesting and most important area of the map to fight. The gently rolling hills feel hideously exposed to flanking fire but, fortunately, tanks on the other flank are out of view range and trying to snipe from the centre is death on a stick. Aggressive players in medium tanks can blast through this flank, in both directions, if the opposition are complacent. After this it is very hard to stop them pushing into the Base and capping. The terrain around both Bases doesn’t give much of an advantage to the defenders and by this time the defenders have lost their scouts. If the enemy try to break off from the Town fight to defend the base they risk either fighting on two fronts or trying to pin down a much more mobile force on terrain than does them no favours.


Both sides need a convincing presence at opposite ends on the West Plateau, with the NE team staying under the Ridge and the SW team using the hills in the Farm area to provide cover. If one team loses their end of the Plateau the game is up and all they can do is provide spots for supporting TDs, playing for time and hope the other flank caps first.


Field and River Valley

If you are smart and lucky there are opportunities here, but I can’t help feeling that any player with the acute judgement and skill needed to thrive here could be making a much bigger impact somewhere else.


Optimal Strategy

Win the West Flank quickly. Hold the Town. Cap or encircle, your choice.


Biggest Mistakes

  • Failing to realise the importance of the West Plateau. Unless you have no mobile tanks you need to fight for this area.
  • Failing to pay attention to the map. Getting capped is THE major cause of avoidable losses on this map.
  • Failing to commit forces to the Town or losing it too quickly. You don’t need to win the Town but you should try to avoid losing it. Often this will be a consequence of pushing against a superior force when you should hold. Know the difference between pushing and holding.

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