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Map 11: Himmelsdorf (Intermediate)

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Dr Bodge’s Guide to Himmeldorf (Intermediate)



Map Overview

When dealing with city maps it is much more difficult to talk about map control. Since sight lines are short and distances short there are relatively few places that allow a well placed sniper to lock-down a flank. Players focus moves away from the strategic thinking necessary on open maps towards local tactical considerations. The strong and weak points on the map are assessed according to their immediate offensive or defensive qualities rather than their long-term importance on the outcome of the battle. However, it is possible to assign values to different areas of the map although they tend to be more contentious and less clearly recognised.


The Front Lines

The game will usually start with the two teams taking up positions along the front lines (marked in red) on either side of The Park. In this position neither side has a strategic advantage. To win the game you will need to break this stale-mate. This usually achieved in one of two ways, breaking through one of the corners or taking the Hill. One a corner is taken the defensive integrity of the Front Line is compromised and will usually collapse fairly rapidly.


The Corners

The two Eastern corners tend to be well defended by both teams, the West corners less so. Pushing through the East corners is the fastest way to win the game, since it represents the shortest (safe) route from Base to Base. If the enemy commit heavily to the Hill this is a good counter since the tanks on the Hill can’t depress their guns enough to make much of an impact on this skirmish. Leaving this area undefended is pretty unforgiveable as it should be the strongpoint of the Front Line. The West corner is a weaker point and more easily breached. Once the Front Line is outflanked on the West the East corner is trapped in a cross-fire and will usually fall pretty quickly. This is a much safe way of breaking the Front Line but is exposed to fire from the Hill.


The Hill

Much as it pains me to say it but the Hill is one of the two crucial areas of the map, the other being the East corner of your Front Line. Once the Hill is taken, and it will usually be contested, you have control of the centre of the map, including the Park, and firing opportunities along both Front Lines. If the enemy have not already made their move by the time you reach this spot they will be dangerously exposed to your sniping. However, the Hill is not universally powerful. If the enemy move quickly, by the time you have the Hill they will already have broken through your Front Line and will have reached cover among the buildings around your base. If this happens the Hill will provide little advantage and you will have two choices, initiating a cap rush (bad choice) or falling back to defend the base, which sees the time and effort sacrificed winning the Hill wasted.


The Rail Tracks

This area will usually see some action, primarily because it is one of the few places open (and empty) enough for light and medium tanks to feel they have a role. In practice it is rarely an important part of the map since it only takes a TD or two to slow down any advance here. Even if you do manage to successfully outflank you will normally achieve little beyond executing a couple of low-tier TDs or catching the SPGs which, on this map, isn’t a great return. Mobile tanks are generally better off using their view range sniping at tanks on the hill from the East corners and saving their health for the end-game where they can run rings around slower tanks giving capping or flanking opportunities.


Optimal Strategy

Establish a presence on the Hill and East corner of the Front Line. Win one and don’t lose the other. Pay attention to the map and don’t get capped.


Biggest Mistakes

  • Failing to defend the East Corner. It is the fastest way to lose your Front Line and, usually, the game.
  • Allowing the enemy to back-door you via the Hill. All it takes is a couple of mediums applying cap pressure or forcing your Front Line heavies to turn.
  • Not paying attention to what is happening elsewhere on the map. On city maps, more than any other, you don’t get a second chance. City maps are usually won by the most coordinated team. Adapt quickly to the changing situation or lose (quickly).
  • Failing to recognise that your defence is only as strong as its weakest part. It is no good holding a strong defence at one corner of the Front Line if the other is wide open.


"Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent."

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