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Map 13: Komarin (Intermediate)

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Dr Bodge #1 Posted 15 May 2016 - 05:30 PM

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Dr Bodge’s Guide to Komarin (Intermediate)



Map Overview

Another map that might as well have a big neon sign saying ‘Control the Centre or Lose’. And yet a significant proportion of players seem obvious of the fact. Let’s consider the evidence. Most of the map, including both Bases, is open country with little cover. A scout on the Island with binoculars can see anyone moving on 90% of the map. There is more hard cover on, and around, the Island than almost anywhere else.


The Island

This is the only really valuable position on the whole map. Nowhere else gives half as much strategic benefit. It can be a brutal place to fight with attention from SPGs and camping TDs, which perhaps puts of some players, but this is precisely because it IS important. The Island is only really powerful once you control it, and by control I mean you have cleared the surrounding area of enemy tanks. Once this happens you can operate without being spotted and it is a hugely powerful location enabling you to shut down attacks on either flank, decap if necessary and extending your vision right into the enemy Base. As is so often the case, though, I would not recommend pushing directly from the Island towards the enemy Base. Once you control the Island you should use the strategic advantage this gives to clear out the map, win one of the flanks and then push into the base safely.


East/West Flank

Both flanks have much in common. Both flanks have low ridges offering cover from direct fire, but the entry and exit from the flanks are exposed meaning that once you lose the Island you are trapped here. The Flanks are of secondary importance to the Island in all respects. In the early stages of the game tanks here should try to interfere in the skirmish on the Island. In the late game they should never push forward unless they also control the Island.


The Bases

Both bases provide just enough cover for campers to remain hidden, at least during the early stages of the game. Many tanks, particularly ‘glass cannons’, have little option but to remain here due to lack of cover elsewhere. They should prioritise finding sight lines that allow them to get shots into tanks on the Island since this skirmish will determine the result. Both cap circles are too open to allow quick and easy capping, particularly if the opposition control the Island.


Optimal Strategy

Take the Island. Clear the map. Win!


Biggest Mistakes

  • Not committing sufficient forces to the Island. If you take your top tier heavy to the flanks when nobody goes to the Island you have no right to criticise your team however bad they are. You are worse.
  • Pushing the flanks while the battle for the Island is still on-going. Your priority should be providing support to you teammates there this fight until it is won.
  • Pushing the flanks after losing the Island. While it isn’t hard to win the flanks without Island control the moment you try to push over the river and into the Base you will (predictably) get murdered.


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