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Map 14: Lakeville (Intermediate)

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Dr Bodge’s Guide to Lakeville (Intermediate)



Map Overview

So, we finally get to Lakeville. What could I possibly have to say about this map? To make this crystal clear so there is no way I could be interpreted as sitting on the fence, I shall state at the outset that the key to this map is the Town, NOT the Valley. Just because your friend’s brother’s mate won last night by going through the Valley doesn’t make it a good strategy. What is more, rather than just balancing one opinion with another I will spell out exactly why it a Valley push is sub-optimal.


The Valley

So why is pushing through the Valley a bad strategy? It is the shortest distance between the Bases so surely it has some merit? Not really, No. If you lose the Valley and lose the Town you lose the game. Simple. If you win the Valley and win the Town you win the game. Also simple. So whether or not a Valley push is efficient depends on what happens when you win in one area and lose the other. The Valley is soft ground and very easy to defend. This means that a win here will be slow. A win in the Town is almost always quicker than a win in the Valley. Even if you push into the enemy base the tanks in the Town can either cap first or return to (easily) decap since the Bases are wide open on the Town side. Unfortunately you don’t have the same option since, once you pass the mid-point in the Valley, there is no time to return to protect your Base.


I understand that leaving the Valley entirely open does pose certain risks. However there is a force-multiplier effect of the choke-point (in the Valley) and there is normally a residual force of TDs and Lights in the Base and on the Road who can come back to defend. The force in the Valley is isolated and unable to respond to events elsewhere. Taken together over-committing to the Valley is a FAR bigger problem than under-committing.


The Town

The Town is the key to this map, even though it is largely irrelevant in the end-game. This is because the map consists of two parts, the Valley and the rest. We have already established the Valley is of secondary importance so we limit our discussion to area around the Lake. While the Road offers considerable opportunities for extending vision and flanking fire it is not a defensive position. Once the Town falls it becomes extremely exposed. In other words controlling the Town is (ultimately) more important than controlling the Road. Since much of the East side of the map is of limited strategic importance this makes the Town the dominant feature and since the East side is of more importance that the Valley this makes the Town the key to the entire map.



You should never ignore the potential of the Road. It can provide early spots as you extend view range almost into the enemy base. This sometimes dissuades slow tanks from heading for the Town and sometimes even allows you to track and eliminate them when they do try. Given how crucial the Town is, anything you can do to turn the skirmish in the Town in your favour is of great strategic importance. While there is still fighting in the Town you can get flanking shots and should you win the Town the Road delivers you almost into the enemy base without exposing yourself. It also provides the fastest way to return to your base to decap. However, you must never forget that once the Town is lost this position is no longer viable and you should fall back into your base and prepare your last line of defence.


Optimal Strategy

Hold the Valley. Win the Town. Clear the Road. Win!


Biggest Mistakes

  • Committing too many tanks to the Valley. Just because you may sometimes win doesn’t make it a good strategy.
  • Failing to respond when the other flank falls. The Bases are easy to defend from both sides. There is no excuse on this map for allowing yourself to be capped.
  • Joining in a cap race. Just because the opposition are rushing your cap doesn’t mean you should do the same. Defending the cap is easy which turns any cap race into a lottery, which is never a good strategy.
  • Trying to hold the Town when your team over-commits to the Valley. The defensive positions around both of the Bases make holding out here an effective strategy since you can use your slow TDs and SPGs and the enemy can’t.


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