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Map 15: Live Oaks (Intermediate)

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Dr Bodge’s Guide to Live Oaks (Intermediate)



Map Overview

This map follows the standard pattern of making the centre of the map either impassable or unusable. This reduces game play to two key skirmishes, the bridges in the SE and the town in the NW. Each skirmish brings its own rewards, but winning in the East is probably marginally more important. Paradoxically, while both Bases are ridiculously easy to defend this map is often won by capping.


The Two Flanks

The Lake & Swamp split this map into two distinct flanks, West and East. The NE team has a definite advantage on the East, which means they will tend to win here more often. However, this is balanced out by The Two Hills, which are a hugely dominant feature on the West flank.


The Town

The town isn’t important in itself although you need to take it if you wish to push forward on this flank. If the SW team win the town they can then push quickly along the North Corridor with partial protection by a low ridge. If the NE team win the town they can then put pressure on the Two Hills, which are crucially important.


The Two Hills

These hills dominate the map and they are always held initially by the SW team. From here your vision extends into the edges of the Town, across the Lake & Swamp and as far south as the SW Base. In the early game you can harass the enemy trying to push into the Town and in the late game you can pick of enemy tanks trying to push into your Base. It is no coincidence that the SW team will usually make their last stand here and losing these Hills is normally fatal. In order to fully benefit from their strategic value it is important to try to keep the enemy team outside spotting range of these Hills. If you can do this your TDs here can control the map with impunity. Probably the biggest mistake the SW team can make is to fail to take the Town which puts their defenders on the Hills in the unenviable position of having to fight on both flanks while spotted. Not ideal.


East Flank & Bridges

The NE team will normally make a concerted push along this flank. Since it offers a fairly direct route to the enemy Base, with a ridge line to provide protection on your flank it is a popular place to attack. The firing positions on the North side are both better and more spread out giving the NW team a slight, but definite, advantage. Consequently they will, more often than not, win this flank and that is when tragedy strikes. The moment the NE team win this flank they have a crucial advantage and yet, time and time again, they throw it away. I say this for two reasons.


First, the NE Base is easy to defend. There is a nice ridge running N-S which affords you a hull-down position and since the ridge runs so far south you can locate yourself at the appropriate position to reflect your tanks camo value. As the enemy push out of the town you can easily destroy them. All you need is a handful of tanks. It isn’t even hard to get back here after winning in the south. How is it then that teams in this position lose so often to capping or flanking?


Secondly, when you push over the railway line you are pushing across open ground against TDs occupying the hugely dominant position on the Two Hills. All it takes is a small force in or around the buildings in the SW Base, in the depression by the SW Base or a Scout with binoculars on the Two Hills and you will be massacred before you even get within view range of the main enemy force. Why is it then that teams so often push in the SW Base led by their blind heavies and try to cap? All it takes is one Light or Medium tank pushing along the southern edge of the Lake to spot the Hills and this position is compromised.


Lake & Swamp

No. Just no. There are occasionally opportunities for smart scouts to exploit the narrow shores of the Lake but, if you already know how to effectively use these, you don’t need to read an intermediate guide do you?


Optimal Strategy

NE Team: Win East Flank. Defend Cap. Extend View Range. Win.

SW Team: Win Town. Switch to East Flank. Win.


Biggest Mistakes

  • Failing to defend Base. The NE team frequently commit the unforgiveable mistake of pushing ahead rather than falling back to defend.
  • Pushing into an ambush. Both sides commonly push into the enemy Base across open ground against an enemy in cover. Use your scouts to ‘look before you leap’.
  • Take the Town. The SW team should always try to establish a foothold in the Town. This prevents the NE team from getting close enough to spot the snipers on the Two Hills that dominate more than half the map.


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