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Map 17: Mines (Intermediate)

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Dr Bodge’s Guide to Mines (Intermediate)



Map Overview

Mines seems to be a fairly popular map and this is understandable. Despite its small dimensions it can play out in a surprising number of ways. It can also be frustrating. While on Lakeville a significant (but mistaken) minority argue in favour of the Valley, on Mines there is no dissent; the Hill is crucial. Despite this teams regularly fail to show an awareness of this, both in their initial deployment and their response to losing the Hill. The reality is that the map is very small and once you lose the high ground you are left with few places to hide and moving around the map becomes impossible. Unless you are in a position to push in force on the flanks (around the East side of the Hill or across the Island) you will probably lose. The paradox is that, in order to be in a position to do so, you need to have neglected the centre of the map, which is what got you in trouble in the first place.


The Hill

This is universally recognised as the most important area of the map. Both teams will tend to rush a handful of Lights and Mediums tanks onto the Hill before the opposition get there. Their first job is to secure the hill for their team and then assist their team in clearing the enemy tanks of the opposing ramp. From the Hill you can spot deep into the corners of the map giving your own sides SPGs and TDs a field day. You are also in a strong position to harass any tanks attempting to push either of the flanks. The Hill is very exposed though, particularly to enemy artillery, and you must be careful not to throw away such a strong strategic position for a handful of extra damage.


The Ramps

These areas are important for both sides. In the absence of artillery there will usually be extensive fighting across the ridgeline between the ramps. In the presence of SPGs or once the hill is lost these positions lose some of their value. It is then more about defending your ramp, nestled beneath the cliffs of the Hill, rather than occupying it. If you win the Hill then your Ramp provides a strong hull-down position from which to exchange fire with the enemy Base while retaining the flexibility to respond to problems elsewhere.


South Rocks & North Perch

This is where you can (reliably) find most of both teams TDs. These positions are useful as long as there is fighting between the Ramps or once the enemy push over and onto your side of the Ramps. The South Rocks are important in preventing the North side exploiting the Island. The North Perch is even more useful since it provides strong firing positions against tanks pushing through the Village. Both of these positions can also provide suppressing fire against enemy tanks on the Hill. While both are quite powerful neither are particularly influential on determining the outcome of the battle unless your opposition are foolish enough to drive their top tier tanks obligingly onto your guns.


The Islands

This is almost always a side-show. A successful push here can be very dangerous but usually only because the enemy are already on the back foot. This is an area that you should not ignore, but to place your top tier tanks here would be resigning them to a minor role. One key role tanks here can perform is to keep pressure on the entrance to the Hill, either to defend against a counterattack or to suppress the enemy occupiers.


The Valley & Village

This area has little or no inherent value, but can be an important alternative flank. If you leave this flank undefended you risk seeing your hard work in the centre undermined. It is particularly dangerous if you overcommit forces elsewhere and don’t have a strong Base defence, as might happen in games with few TDs. This is because this approach is generally more exposed to fire from the Bases than from the Hill. You should certainly ensure you know whether the enemy are pushing here before committing your forces to an aggressive move onto the enemy side of the map. It is rarely a good idea to make pushing here your primary strategic aim as it gives up the Hill and reduces you to pushing into the entire enemy Team without support from any of your base camping TDs whose line of sight is blocked by the Hill.


Optimal Strategy

Win the Hill. Don’t lose the Valley/Village. Exploit your superior position.


Biggest Mistakes

  • Failing to fight for the Hill. Unless you are hopelessly outgunned in the fast Medium department you should at least try, if only to extract a ‘damage tax’ from the enemy. Pushing in the East is okay, but not as a primary strategy.
  • Not knowing when you are beaten. If you lose the Hill, stop trying to get it back. You are just throwing away perfectly good tanks. Accept the loss and switch to a defensive game, or move to a flank. The centre is usually well covered by TDs.
  • Getting greedy. Once you win the Hill many players get themselves killed by trying risky shots for damage. Once you have the Hill you have the upper hand. You don’t need to take risks. Secure you flanks and then exploit your advantage. Safely.


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