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Map 19: Murovanka (Intermediate)

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Dr Bodge #1 Posted 31 May 2016 - 06:00 PM

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Dr Bodge’s Guide to Murovanka (Intermediate)



Map Overview

Murovanka is a pretty flexible map, offering something for most tank classes. This map favours ridge-line warriors, mobile tanks with good gun depression and strong turrets. The two flanks offer different experiences, a predictable by the numbers affair between the Hills in the West and a much more volatile close quarter scrap in the Forest. Both flanks offer the chance to turn the game in your favour but, as is so often the case, the team winning one flank frequently choose to throw away the advantage this gives them. More often the West flank is the more important, largely because TDs located on the reverse slopes make short work of any push by enemy tanks threatening the friendly Base. The Hills give an excellent field of fire and the ridgelines provide immediate hard cover when spotted. Both these features are missing from the Forest where foliage obscures outgoing vision but not incoming fire.


The Forest

This is definitely an important part of the map. At the very least you need someone nearby to spot enemy tanks pushing through this flank. If the enemy are allowed to push North into the NE corner (or South into the SE corner) they are difficult to remove and are in a position to provide flanking fire on the Base area and the centre of the map. The ‘correct’ play after winning there is to use this position to secure the flank and support moves into the centre of the map. Since pushing along the West side of the Hills is very dangerous it is much easier to exploit the West side but to do so you need to first secure the centre and East of the map, hence the relevance of the Forest.


The Town

This is a dangerous place to fight and best avoided by most players for most of the game. The cover is patchy and unless you control the Forest and are sometimes in danger of fire from three directions. The sunken area between the Town and Forest can provide good scouting and harassing opportunities for Light and Medium tanks but you need to be careful and know when to fall back.


The Hills

These are the key to this map, offering good sight lines and lines of fire across most of the map. There is also some hard cover provided by the ridgelines, but it isn’t all that effective against SPGs who can have a field day in a stalemate. Both sides usually set up a fairly strong defence relying on support fire from the reverse slopes and northern edges of the Hills and the corners of the map. It is normally a slow business breaking down the opposition forces and the Forest frequently falls before this happens. This isn’t necessarily a deciding factor since the usual response to winning the Forest is to push into the enemy Base which, conveniently, opens up their side armour to damage-hungry TDs on the Hill and corners who are more than happy to satisfy their death-wish.



Both of the Bases are fairly wide open and easy to defend. Combining this with the fact that the tanks fighting for the Hills are so close to the Bases means that fast capping is rarely an option.



The four corners of the map offer positions from which to provide defensive support fire.  None of them provide enough cover for tanks here to survive long once the main part of the flank breaks. Should this happen it is much better they fall back into better positions, if any still remain.


Optimal Strategy

Win the Hills. Remember to defend if you lose the Forest.


Biggest Mistakes

  • Failing to prioritise the Hills. They are the most important part of the map, allowing you to dominate the Town and cover your Base.
  • Completely ignore the Forest. It isn’t hard to defend this flank. All you need is a spotter or two in the right place and you should be able to punish anyone trying to push out of the Forest.
  • Losing your scouts fighting for the Forest. Throwing away your Light/Mobile tanks early on fighting over the Forest is an easily avoidable mistake. If the enemy want it that bad let them have it, keep them lit up when they try to leave and rack up the assisted damage.


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darrenv64 #2 Posted 01 December 2017 - 09:48 PM

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Perfectly explains why, on two occasions, after winning in the Forrest from the NE, myself and two other tanks, hungry to hunt down the red artillery and exploit our breakthrough, approaching from the SE corner, ended up exposed and receiving a withering amount of fire into our flanks. Tracked, damaged, and exposed, the artillery we were hunting easily picked us off.

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