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Map 33: Pearl River (Intermediate)

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Dr Bodge #1 Posted 01 June 2016 - 04:28 PM

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Dr Bodge’s Guide to Pearl River (Intermediate)



Map Overview

While on paper this map doesn’t look that good it plays surprisingly well. Despite the narrow, constrained valleys and wide open spaces somehow the gameplay is sufficiently variable to remain interesting. I feel this is probably because the key areas where fighting occurs offer no direct strategic advantage beyond eliminating enemy tanks. Furthermore, in order to expoit your victory in one area of the map requires you to fight through open terrain against enemy tanks in strong defensive positions offsetting their inferiority of numbers. In effect it is a map you have to win twice to carry the day which is what keeps it interesting even if your team start badly.


The Bases

Both of the bases are wide open and overlooked from at least two directions. As such you shouldn’t expect an easy time if you try to cap.



As you climb the tiers progressively more top tier heavies go here to fight. There is nothing inherently wrong with this, if only because you can get kills in an area which provides cover from SPGs and supporting TDs. However even if you do happen to win you have placed yourself a long way from anywhere and the journey back to relevance is across open ground. Expect to take a lot of damage before things get any better. Your best strategy, as is so often the case, is not to push forward but to relocate to the Maze area and along the N (or S) Road to consolidate your control of the centre of the map.


The Maze

This area of narrow winding corridors is often the site of fierce fighting. You can expect all classes of tanks to come here and with good reason. This is probably the most valuable area of the map, giving vision into both Bases, and helping secure the Roads (N and S) for your team. This allows you to move your tanks much more quickly around the map than the enemy while pinning the enemy along the edges of the map. If this only part of the map you control is the Maze you aren’t out of the game. It is close to all the important areas of the map and there is plenty of hard cover to exploit in your final stand. The downside is that it can be a very dangerous place to fight, especially if the enemy SPGs take an interest.


The Town

This is not a very significant area in the standard game type on this map. It is an easy way to get yourself into trouble if you aren’t careful and, while you might be an irritant to the enemy, it is difficult to convert a presence here into something more strategically conclusive.


S.W. Flank

This whole flank is a big red herring. By the time either side get far enough forward to even see each other the fighting in the Maze is sometimes already reaching a climax. Even then the fighting is slow with a distinct advantage going to the defender. Unless the enemy forget to defend this flank don’t expect much return from an investment here. On the rare occasion that the final push comes from this flank it only succeeds because the enemy have lost so badly elsewhere so they can’t respond. Much more common is to rush over to this flank searching for the one, or two, enemy tanks left alive while your inconsiderate (or perhaps slower) cap the Base.


The Field & River Valleys

Stay out of these areas for the most part. They are wide open and overlooked on all sides.


Optimal Strategy

Win the Maze. Secure the North and the Roads.


Biggest Mistakes

  • Failing to send tanks to the Maze. There isn’t any rush to win the Maze but you should make the enemy pay for taking it.
  • Send too many tanks to the S.W. Flank. It is rarely an important part of the map. A couple of tanks is plenty.
  • Pushing forward too early. Trying to attack before you have control of the centre of the map is foolish. It works sometimes but only when the game is already won.


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