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My Radley-Walter's medal got stolen away!

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Ethan-Wolfcat #1 Posted 03 June 2016 - 01:32 PM


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I am not blaming the person who did the last kill 0.1 seconds before I could. Here's why: Because it was my fault. Why it was my fault? Well here's the deal.


This match was the very first match I was playing in the GuP (Girlz und Panzer) tank and I did not realized it. So my first mistake is that I totally forgot to set the ammo, consumables and equipments.


At the end of the match, there was 2 tanks left. One AFC (Away From Controller) and a living enemy GuP. Here's my second mistake. Tunnel Visioning on the AFC tank. The enemy GuP was not so far back and he managed to damage my ammo rack and it was only then that I noticed him. Third mistake: I did not run after him....  Well I did but too late.... So after shooting on the only enemy left (the AFC tank), I managed to bring him down at very low health. It was then that someone shot him and get the kill 0.1 seconds before I had the chance to throw the final blow.


Well... Lesson learned... I guess I did not deserved the medal after all. :P





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