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cheating messages hate mail cheater

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EyeszWideShut #61 Posted 10 November 2016 - 11:39 AM

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Just got accused of cheating today by a kid in a churchill gun carriage, he told me that he reported me  and called me "cheating trash" after I killed a couple of his low tier teammates, he came at me bro, like literally drove at me, so Obliged him, and went to his side and and rear and fired 4 rounds into him, 1 bounce point blank on the side of his superstructure.  I was in a T-34-88.   I filed a complaint on his complaint and wrote to the Xbox Live Enforcement and kindly explained that is Impossible to Cheat at World of Tanks on console and that this is being brought up on the Official Forums, about every other day and apparently people have been getting small suspensions for cheating at this game. I explained that this is a dedicated sever based game and Impossible to cheat.   I advise all of you to Implore Wargaming to contact Xbox Enforcement and let them know to disregard cheating complaints re-WoT's             Thankyou.

onehngloe #62 Posted 10 November 2016 - 12:04 PM

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"Your parents must be very proud of YOU"! "Yeah pic a fight with a smaller tier CHEATER" The guy did sound a lot older than me and I'm 50 years old!

wth? Is all I could think of when I received that hate mail.

oh and as a matter of fact I wasn't even shooting at him until he shot  at me and broke his cover .:amazed:

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