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Gannonator 777 #1 Posted 04 November 2016 - 01:59 AM

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So, Personally, i think a campaign would be a fantastic idea. But, you can't just slap together a good campaign. But, WGW might already have a form of gameplay figured out for a campaign but they might not realize it. So, we just had that krafts panther thing were it doesn't have a tag, which would be GREAT for a "historical" battles. This would enable you to have to look for the tanks rather than be behind a hill and have them show up. Maybe light tanks or something could call targets out, in a function similar to "requesting fire!" So, that would be a nice touch, but, how do you make historical battles, well i say, its all in the name. If any of you guys played PC tanks or Watched QB or Jingles around 2 or 3 years ago, WG had a mode called  Historical Battles. This mode Pitted tanks that would've seen each other in real combat with historical ammo load outs, equipment, and guns/radios/turrets. Now, this mode was an utter failure, mainly due to the fact that, it was really hard for some forces to win against against others, namely, Pz. III vs Matildas and Valentines, or Easy 8s, Jumbos, Jacksons, and Hellcats against, tigers, panthers,and Tiger IIs. BUT, you wouldn't have to worry about losing in a Historical campaign, as it would be just that, historical. US and British forces lost early tank battles, this would show, but maybe your commander escapes, gets in a new tank, and you can learn the tactics of your enemies. Than, you would progress on, say, if you were an American tanker, start in a stuart, than a lee, a sherman, maybe culminating in a pershing. or a Pz. II to a tiger II for germany. I honestly think this would be great for the game, as there were a ton of tank battles in WWII which would increase replay ability of the game. Do you guys agree?

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