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STA-1 is a cursed tank

STA-1 Win Rate Cursed

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sumo1234 #41 Posted 24 January 2018 - 06:04 PM

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I just started this grind and so far I agree that it is not at all what I had expected at tier 8,it is slow,low pen,I get spotted before I even leave the cap circle when the game starts????????    ........I think it has a large arrow over it saying ....here he is shoot him now.........I have a good 10 skill crew in this thing and the tank still needs help to compete and /or protect itself even at tier 8,tier 10 ,what a joke............I am getting penned by tier 7 tanks .I am hoping this is like the leo ,where there is a biggggggg performance improvement.I have all my other Japanese tanks marked and I thought this would be a great addition,but now I am not sure.I started to get the Sta-2 and just be done with the line all together after hearing the chi-ri was such a horrible tank,but sucked it up and went on up the line with great expectations of a better tank only to be disappointed right away. I'll continue to the final gun since I am this close,but if it doesn,t pan out then I will not hesitate to sell it and move on to greener pastures.

Godroyah2000 #42 Posted 06 May 2018 - 04:27 AM


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My experience with it has been that it’s got good pen and tank traverse... and that’s about it. It’s not very fast, it may be low to the ground but this hampers it’s gun depression (which sucks considering it’s armor is trash, so your ability to use cover or hills is compromised). And god forbid if someone gets behind you. I know supposedly the camo is decent but I honestly wasn’t feeling the benefit much. Accuracy is mediocre combined with cruddy gun handling. It does nothing particularly well, and can be outfought by a Pershing, Centurion, Panther II, or T-34-2 in any of the comparable roles those tanks would fill. Frankly it’s a garbage tank, and if not for the 219 pen it would be virtually unusable. It really needs the Type-61s ROF + gun depression, and a vastly improved engine/top speed to be able to perform comparably in a role that is unique unto itself and actually useful.

DoomPanzer #43 Posted 18 August 2018 - 12:12 PM

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I love the sta, with vents rammer and food it has a great rof to tear the reds apart. The sta is a great ridgeline tank and should be played accordingly.

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XT356 #44 Posted 31 August 2018 - 12:54 PM


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I like it. Its gun can pen and since it is low, it can hide WAY better than the panther II. Rate of fire is not bad and all it really needs is more accuracy. Now the chi-ri on the other hand, may that tank live in infamy. 

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choppermeir #45 Posted 01 September 2018 - 03:19 PM


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As funny as it sounds I am in the same boat as the OP. I don't have the STA-1 fully upgraded yet and was genuinely looking forward to it but now I just don't seem able to buy a win in the thing. I like the tank and have been playing it like the previous tanks in the line. Hold back support your heavies and do not try to brawl but I just haven't found my mojo in the thing yet. I'm using vert stabs, rammer and vents. Crew has SS BIA and repairs right now while I grind them up a bit more with the chi nu Kai. I even tried like the op to use prem food and spam heat but this just bleeds silver and nearly every game had been a loss. It may be down to the school holiday teams, I really want to love this tank but it hates me.
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