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Krampus op map problems

Map variants

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Crookedstyck #1 Posted 14 December 2016 - 12:12 AM


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Been playing Wot for over two years now, and almost always complete the special ops. But when I started "The hunt for Krampus" I notice a problem.  I couldn't get on the maps I needed. I hope they would solve this issue, but as I played thru the rest of the ops (summer, urban, & winter) i noticed i was having the same problem. Summer there wasn't an issue with map variants, 80% were right. Urban on the other hand was 90% winter matches 5% urban 5% other. Even Port (normally urban?) was winter!?!? I also spent 2 hours straight of driving my tank into battle to die faster when I didn't get the right map. DIDN'T WORK!!! ended up quitting. In the end I completed summer & winter and killed a lot of tanks on the wrong maps. Whoever design this op, made it unfair, and should do better. I love playing WOT, and have since it started on X-Box. Until now I haven't had anything to complain about (accept putting low tier lights in with 10's, Stupid!). But this is the worst op ever. Boilermaker was perfect, as long as your a good player you earned points, simple. I just purchased my 2nd year of premium and I hope it doesn't start with Krampus stealing my Christmas gift.. GIVE ME MY MTLS!! TANX

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