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The Chinese T-34-1/2/3 Series.

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Corporal Derpy #1 Posted 19 February 2017 - 07:32 PM


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On my way 3 Marking all the Chinese I got Marks on in the past, did the T-34-1 yesterday and started the T-34-2 today which I had left on 1 and 2 respectively for an amusing joke.

The T-34-3 is just there to crew train them back to 100% whenever they switch, I already have that done so I don't have to care about my % on that any more.


The 34-1 game I absolutely spammed all the Gold I had and used up a Large Repair Kit, I was already done for the day so I just wanted to not drop from 94.85% and got that results. Luckily I had a full HP O-Ni who was glad to let me farm him as it was a rather stagnant game for most of it.


The 34-2 I just got back, I was quite surprised to see that the average has actually changed a bit since I last played it hence why it's only 1 Mark on the first game. Rather nice to have back to back 5k combined games in it as that trend wont stick since it's one of the most lacklustre VIII Mediums(adorable as hell looking though).

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