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ACE'd on Defeat (MT-25)

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Deuces WiId #1 Posted 07 March 2017 - 03:45 PM


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I got the ACE on a defeat the other day, which is fairly rare for me as it takes way more damage than on a victory (as shown below)


I'm going to set the scene for you. I was loading into Skorpion Pass in my tier VI Soviet light tank MT-25 and wasn't very optimistic that I would have a great game. Skorpion Pass is awful for my light tanks because despite its large size it has very short engagement distances that render scouts borderline useless. To make matters worse I had the NE spawn and knew that I would instantly lose at least half of my team to the lemming train ridge. The battle starts and sure enough the ridge takes half of my team to lead them to certain death. I did have some heavies follow me to the north to cover the flank, but we were outnumbered and they couldn't hang on. I was able to circle a couple of isolated Reds and distract the rest of the Reds enough to win the North with a couple of Greens to spare. I took a look at the map and seen that the ridge was completely lost and a cap was certainly coming my way. I immediately went to defend the base while my "teammates" continued to the Red base. I found the Reds who had a lot of hit points left and more armor than I had penetration, so I was fragged and we lost by cap, yay.


Here is the ACE Mastery from the day before.





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